My Darkest Days - Stutter Lyrics

My dear my dear my dear you do not know me
But I know you very well
Let me tell you that I c-c-c caught you caught you [x2]

Talk to me and tell me where you were (late last night)
You just told me you're with your friends hanging out (late last night)
You are lying, cause you're stuttering
Now where were you? (late last night)
Stop lyin' to me about where you've been cause you're tickin' me off (t-t-t-tickin' me off)

I can see you're lyin', cause when you're replyin'
You stutter stutter
You stutter stutter

I smell cologne, damn it's strong
How'd you get it on? (I'm not dumb)
The mess of your hair, makeup's everywhere
Oh yea (I'm not dumb)
You're crying cause you're lying
To my face (I'm not dumb)
Stop lyin' to me about where you've been cause you're tickin' me off (t-t-t-tickin' me off)

I can see you're lyin', cause when you're replyin'
You stutter stutter
You stutter stutter

My dear my dear my dear you do not know me
But I know you very well
Let me tell you that I c-c-c caught you caught you [x2]

I can see you're lyin', guessin' you'll be cryin'
You stutter stutter
You stutter stutter

I can see you're lyin', cause when you're replyin'
You stutter stutter
You stutter stutter

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My Darkest Days Stutter Comments
  1. Roberta Luchey

    "BON.JOVI ",

  2. Russell Mize

    I would like to see them in concert

  3. Nemesis wesker Burns

    stuttter stutter……. i love that song

  4. Subscribe2 Pewdiepie

    Interesting how you put ads on something that is not yours.

  5. pain Inside

    God damn love this song

  6. Stella Ercolani

    To whom it concerns: you know diddly squat, where the fuck where you? Step up or step off, okay!

  7. الحارثة السابع عشر Aretas

    awful song

  8. Marc Webster

    Great music! God I love these guys

  9. Caitlin Colgan

    That intro tho 😍

  10. Black Dragon

    i can't stop myself form saying this but... the font is shit! usually i don't care about what the shape the font is but, God, did my lower eyelid cringe at such a horrid sight!!! i wanna take out my eyeballs and replace them with new ones, then bury the old pair in the nearest desert then nuke the entire area!
    - takes a deep breath - phew 'kay i'm done.

    Caitlin Colgan

    Black Dragon duuuude 😂

  11. Serguéi Ignacinsky Benitóvich

    I want my girlfriend to dance to me with this song.

  12. Connor Gordon

    i know this feeling all to well

  13. Mary Stinnett

    I love all of My Darkest Days song🙊🙈💕💞💞💘💘💘💚

    soldado hyliano

    Me too!

  14. Benjamin Carmine

    this might not be the right lyrics but this better lyrics than the original song

  15. Ignacio Rodriguez

    the best version so lower ur voice


    my dear my dear my dear you don know me but i know you very well" was copied from the song "The Pharcyde - Passin by""

    Mason Cook

    RIGHT! Lol i just played passin me by and my girlfriend directed me here aha

  17. Jacob Anderson

    Lyrics are wrong wolf. Try again.

  18. Princess SaraFina

    this band is perfect

  19. Princess SaraFina

    I love this song :)

  20. Ignacio Rodriguez

    my darkest days

  21. Ignacio Rodriguez

    my darkest days

  22. Chengfu Saechao

    luv this cover..but....... band doesnt write their own music!!??

    Chinky Wings

    who originally wrote this song?

    Chinky Wings

    +Chengfu Saechao OMG THANK YOU!!!

    a cockroach

    they've only done like two covers, almost all of their music is written by them.


    "The Pharcyde - Passin by"

    Mary Stinnett

    Chengfu Saechao they do write there on music by someone changed most of the words

  23. Kathleen Horwood

    why do I like so many cheating scam songs???? XD

    Force and Wreckin

    Kathleen Horwood
    Because chicks are scandalous lol

  24. Derek Tracy

    saw this band in person they were amazing lead singer is retarded for leaving

    Nikki Minhas

    Derek Tracy he's probably making more money by being the new lead singer of Three Days Grace, that might be why.

  25. Alberto Gaziano

    Beautiful song!!
    ps. I sing rock :)

  26. Greg

    so hard to read !!!

  27. ltskullcrusha

    hey man i think the lyrics are wrong

  28. djeroid2000

    I of course love the original version of this song by Joe, but it's interesting to see it converted to a rock song!

  29. Gina Marie

    Lyrics Are wrong but great version

  30. brokenlonewolf

    This is the last time I'm saying this. I KNOW THE LYRICS ARE WRONG. Where I got them from apparently it was wrong there as well. If you don't like the video, song, front, words. Then feel free to not come to my page. ^^ Have a wonderful day.

    Cadan Asche

    @brokenlonewolf this is for the people that can relate to the song


    I made it for that very reason.

    Marcelo Marques

    +brokenlonewolf I see not difference, cuz i search this music in Lyrics i will not found the music correct

  31. Vanessa L

    Wah, this one takes me back!
    Joe feat Mystikal - Stutter
    Funny that I had this song stuck in my head today(Joe's) and had no idea MDD covered it!


    You know what, thank you so much for having something nice to say. as I've continued to tell people; I get it. The lyrics are wrong. The page I got them from were wrong. But it's still a great song. ^^ So thanks for this comment.

    Vanessa L

    @brokenlonewolf  Awe, sorry to see that (now that I've read some of the previous comments). There are A LOT of videos made on YouTube that have misspelled or wrong lyrics...I guess some people just feel the need to be important and point it out, like it'll change anything lol! There are either those people or keyboard warriors who love to start fights over just commenting with an opinion which is why I sometimes choose to not post what I want to haha. 


    @Jacqueline Vargas

    April Mcwillams

    i been hurt aot by man :(

  32. Memento Mori

    "I can see you're lyin', 'cause when you're replyin', you stutter, stutter, you stutter, stutter". (X4)


    Memento Mori Nope

  33. Taylor Isaacs

    i love this song well i say that about pretty much all mdd songs.i love mdd they are the best band =)


    font is awful and lyrics are wrong. try again

    Joey !

    DRUMMABOY51 Full time savage

    just adude

    DRUMMABOY51 shes only a human. If you dont like it princess, go post a better one.
    Ill be waiting. GL

    Ethan Roach

    DRUMMABOY51 you are not a very kind person for sure. I wouldn't be surprised if you're entirely family is depressed and you're a person that hates the self. The way your acting to everyone and telling them to kill themselves and not supporting them. You obviously have some personal problems. Get some help my man 😂

    Ethan Roach

    Hate yourself* sorry. Messed that up 🙄😂

    Ivy Izora

    I don't even care about the lyrics, it's the full song and it's good quality. I'm satisfied. Everything else isn't worth paying any mind to

  35. David Lott

    That font sucks and you got the lyrics wrong.

  36. Daniel Shutt

    they got the lyrics wrong

    Jose Rodriguez

    She knows

  37. Michael Jones

    This song is personal

  38. TitontronprimeX Gaming

    this would make an excellent montosh song

  39. Lacie Lima

    then keep moving on there is no need for negative comments

  40. Lacie Lima

    sorry that bitch cheated but epic break up

  41. Brin Toland

    I like it, i don't see why people have to be so rude about it...i'm just happy it's here..wish though it could be mobile. Nice job otherwise. :3

  42. Premus101

    Was lookin for the original but this version is a awesome!!

  43. Csilla Borbély

    I love this song! replay, replay, replay, replay...

  44. ndobbins81

    I can tell you're lyin' because
    when you're replyin, you stutter...

  45. Emily Winkles

    kool vid, and you chose one of there awesome songs

  46. Bjoe

    One of the ten WORST covers of all-time

    Quinton beck

    lol what this is one of the best

  47. DraculaGabriel


  48. brokenlonewolf

    -_- People, for the thousandths time I know it's wrong! The place where I got the lyrics from I'm supposing isn't reliable, so can we move on to other things than keep commenting about how the lyrics are wrong and blah blah f-ing blah. I got it the first time. No need to continue

    Mary Stinnett

    brokenlonewolf its pretty amazing I like the font and everything thanks so much😊

  49. AngelLove80

    at 1:19 "Your messed up hair, Make-up's everywhere"...... not make it stay everywhere, that doesn't even make sense.

  50. anylec rainbows

    not matter what every song will have those miss heard lyrics lol

  51. DrRisk01

    it wasn't's RNB

  52. EmmieLoveish

    I love this song, and band. <3

  53. 0501Bodyguard

    This is actually a remake of an older rap song by Joe..."Stutter"

  54. JIm Bob

    cause when you're replying not cause you are crying

  55. Dante Sparda

    You're right, its "I can see you lyin cause when you're replyin you stutter stutter"

    PimpDaddy Raul

    Dante Sparda shhh

  56. Celticin

    Cause when you're replying you... that's what I'm thinking

  57. Alek Smith

    better than the orginal<3

  58. Nathan Hall

    it is still good what is everyone fussing about

  59. brokenlonewolf

    :D Thank you Kyleigh Richards!

  60. Kyleigh Richards

    I don't know why everybody keeps obsessing over the lyrics, i came here purely to listen to the song, what do i care if the lyrics are wrong

  61. brokenlonewolf

    TT~TT I said sorry for not getting them right v.v

  62. Brittany Azzarello

    yeah its a cover of an r&b song from the 90s i think by joe but its i can tell your lying cuz when your replying you stutter

  63. brokenlonewolf

    Sorry that happened to you, but glad she didn't get things out of it ._.

  64. Samcro16 LexxiClark

    nice what a way to let someone go down, high 5 :)

  65. Samcro16 LexxiClark

    you're see you can't even get it right there chicky

  66. darkestvoices

    dont even bother with them i mean rly, you still did a damn good job and their just being pissy because yours turned out alot better then anything they could do ( good job bro)

  67. Tayla Drago Hester

    Awesome version! ^^

  68. Lovelace0420

    and its makeup everywhere

  69. Lovelace0420

    the real lyrics are: i can tell youre lying, cause when youre replying you stutter stutter stutter stutter

  70. Lexii Charms

    Badass. ♥

  71. AsylumsFavorite

    Me: We're done you cheatin bitch!!!
    Her: What? Why?
    Me: Bitch did I stu-stu-stutter? YOU ARE A CHEATIN BITCH

    yep how it went down

  72. Fallingforeverinside

    i dedicate this to my ex best friend whos a fuckin asshole!!!!!!!!

  73. Lacey V

    its based off the song stutter by joe

  74. Lacey V

    go to a to z lyrics and look it up. the right lyrics are there

    found the right lyrics first try with Google pops right up.

  75. Tyler M.

    I first heard them do this and was like... "How the hell do I already know the lyrics?" and I remembered I knew it from the original version xD

  76. brokenlonewolf

    All you people who say the lyrics are wrong GIVE ME THE ACTUAL LYRICS SO I CAN FIX IT! I looked at three different websites for them and they all have what is in the vid

  77. Shane Nichols

    Lyric fails everywhere. Example: You for got "Caught You" in the beginning after "That I"

  78. guardiangarasu

    I can see you're lying

  79. guardiangarasu

    The chorus is "I can tell you're lying. Cause when you're replying" you have "Guessin you'll be crying."

  80. brokenlonewolf

    Guess that's what I get for looking up didn't help me much did it

  81. clintsbabygurl48

    your lyrics are wrong on a lot of the song