My Darkest Days - Still Worth Fighting For Lyrics

So hard to let go
And I still hear the sound
Of your voice singin’ in my head
I can’t surrender
‘Cause the rope’s slowly coming apart
But hangin’ by a thread

It’s gone on
For too long
And this is it

So take a look into my eyes one last time
So we never forget
The way we were before
When we came alive at the moment we met
This is still worth fighting
Still worth fighting for

A glass that’s half empty
Won’t wash away the mistakes
It only makes a mess
It’s worth defending
A tiny glimpse of what it would take
To make us better yet

It’s gone on
For too long
And this is it

So take a look into my eyes one last time
So we never forget
The way we were before
When we came alive at the moment we met
This is still worth fighting for
A love that wants to live
I’ll give you all I’ve got to give
So let’s try one last time
So we never forget
This is still worth fighting
Still worth fighting for

Now that we know just who we are
Now that we’ve finally come this far
I’m ready for one more battle scar
‘Cause this is still worth fighting for

So take a look into my eyes one last time
So we never forget the way we were before
When we came alive at the moment we met
This is still worth fighting for
A love that wants to live
I’ll give you all I’ve got to give
So let’s try one last time
So we never forget
This is still worth fighting for
(I’m ready for one more battle scar)
This is still worth fighting for
(I’m ready for one more battle scar)
This is still worth fighting
We’re still worth fighting for

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My Darkest Days Still Worth Fighting For Comments
  1. Secret Darkness

    Who is listening to this in 2020?

  2. Sabrina McClaren

    Who is listening to this in 2020????

  3. Mazen Jubran

    She is so far away.. I don't know if we ever will end up together at the end

  4. Kimberly Wax

    Can not find this on Spotify. Is this the correct title?

    Nick da Boss

    yes its correct but sadly only on youtube😫

    Kimberly Wax

    @Nick da Boss Thank you, Nick. Yes, very disappointing.

  5. Noorjan Hashim

    I sorry to you,i love you so much

  6. Noorjan Hashim

    🙏🙏🙏 i afarid my son see

  7. YaBoiMatt

    Anybody 2020 still hangin this shit ?

  8. TravelTheWorld94

    I can't find this on Apply music and my heart sank a little. :(


    2020 IS HERE!

  10. Victoria Lea

    No point fighting it if it never goes down.

    -Quote I was gonna use in 2019

  11. Ziggy P

    Matt walst
    My darkest days: AMAZING VOICE
    Three days grace: Why do you sound like shit dude what happened to you

  12. INCEPTION 25

    any miracle fanboi here?

  13. cr!ss yoongi

    who's listening to this in 2020??🤍

  14. The Smiling Dork

    2020¿ 💙

  15. Cassy Lynn

    I will never ever forget, the day I looked into Jake's eyes!

  16. Cassy Lynn

    Reminds me of Jake the great!😘

  17. Prophecy Paladin

    Idk what to do anymore, she says she loves me and tells me that she wants to see me happy but the moment I do anything that makes me happy she gets upset and thinks that she’s being a bother and that I should get rid of her. I love her, but sometimes I feel like she only loves me back when I’m her lap dog 24/7

  18. Meldy Luova

    Still here in 2020 ?

  19. Blake Daniels


  20. Esmë

    This is my first time listening to this song :(

  21. GoingUpwardGaming

    Who's listening to this in 2020? ^^

  22. Hellow There


  23. GhoulHunter : Conor Smith

    I shall be the first. 2020 anyone? 😆

  24. Autumn Ebert

    When U truly ❤️ someone it's worth the fight

  25. Brian Metts

    I think this song us about a relationship that is coming to an end and this is his plea for one more chance which I can really relate to right now this song kinda gives you hope

  26. Mohd Azfar

    underrated song

  27. Attixus

    I got all the fight in the universe that is capable of holding . I’ll never give up on you ! I need your heart and love and all you have and what you showed me . I’ll fight to my last breath because to me your woth forever , and all I have

  28. That Guy Joe

    That moment when you realize this song could be about a relationship or about yourself

    Szilvia Nagy

    Wow...U're very true...I dropped now few tears...

  29. Angel Feliz YO

    2019 2020???????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  30. Madison Hill

    Why is this so relateable😭

  31. KaydenIsEmo

    I wish my relationship didn't end with the love of my life. I think bout her every time I listen to this song 💔

  32. get scared_ at my chemical_disco

    I love it 🖤🖤🖤

  33. Neptuned 220

    So beautiful. Reminds me of the guy I fell in love with that I let go, purest love of all ❤️

    Nick da Boss

    why let him go?😭

  34. Annsley Kast

    Anyone else here because they didn't think it was still worth fighting for?

  35. Pingu Comunist

    Any one here could say me if there is a video of this music ?


    still worth fighting 2020. :)

  37. Noob Maru

    It's almost 2020 and I'm still into this.

    ameer wahhab

    Discovered it 5 hours ago, 5 hours still listening to it.

  38. Mayhem Modder

    This song reminds me of the 1st time I found my best friend, wish he was still alive 😔

  39. CJ 420

    Makes me think of my ex wife who I still love.She may be crazy but she was a good wife at one point

    Cassidy Nichols

    Going through the same thing right now. This song hits hard.

    wtf ftw

    Let me guess she was gut in bed am I right?

  40. dreameR


  41. Kc Belgarde

    This song gets me cuz I think of my wife

  42. Wizurino

    Whos listening this in 2020?

  43. SonicAdventureX06 The Hedgehog

    Even tho I'm depressed
    My life friends and family are still worth fighting for

  44. Gina Stumpf

    I didn't want to think about the bad times with my boyfriend and I, but we can relate to this song very well. We always either fought or argued about dumb and sometimes unnecessary shit. However, in the end, one of us would always wind up coming back to each other and crossing paths again. Although this song does tug on the heartstring a bit. And yes, we are still together.

  45. slimy gamer

    why is this not on spotify (or can't i find it?)

  46. Rct 0813

    It’s unfortunate that this song isn’t available on iTunes and other such means of download.

    Lunar Aurora

    Rct 0813 its called YouTube to MP3, honey

    Rofl Doffel

    Rct 0813 you profile pic hit me with nostalgia

  47. Plasma Snow 2nd account

    When Hiccup and Toothless save each other. *Inserts tears*

  48. Mario Maselli

    This is fire

  49. Her 90 günde 3 ad değişikliğine izin verilir.

    n happy with the help of our lives, but the fact that you have to do with my wife and children are not going anywhere else in mind that you can be used to be able. The other side of the day of the most important thing in the world. The only thing that is a little bit more about this is

  50. pizza life

    I listen to this in 2019

  51. Johnny Trip

    listening to this song makes you want to shout out the lyrics. but then you remember the neighbors are gonna complain and its 2am.

  52. Zoltán

    These days are long gone... 4 years... she has made new memories with someone else. All I am is just a reminder of her depressing past. Despite all those horrible things we both had to go through, Réka, I hold you dear to my heart. I am so sorry we met under the worst circumstances, and I am so sorry it all turned out to be this way, but I hope that you have found happiness, that you are surrounded by people who truly love you, and who understand you, who see you the way I did... I wish nothing but the best for you, you little weirdo! <3 :) I am still hoping that we will reconcile one day.


    It's ok bro, focus on the things you like doing

  53. ριsςεszz Dяαgσηταмεя-

    Anyone else still fighting in 2019 for the one you love?

    Lost Souls Gen Zero LSGZ

    I sure as hell am i won't let my own greed get in the way of protecting the ones i love that includes my fam and if i ever meet the one then ya I'll take care of them to as doom wold put it fight like hell for the ones you love


    Yes, still, and I will continue!

  54. Kristian Klafstad

    Why issent this on Spotify?

  55. Her 90 günde 3 ad değişikliğine izin verilir.

    Banu berberoglu

  56. Xenaku

    Whatever happened to music like this I miss these days

  57. Jubayer Refat

    I rlly underestimated matt.He is rlly a good singer.Not as Adam.But still good

  58. superman742 ?

    This band's awesome

  59. Itz Yøur Girl Arianna

    For some reason this Song sounds like it's for the Millitary or something..?

  60. Avo Cado

    Wtf like is many form subrek 😂😂😂


    #cherokeerecordings 38

  62. Lesly Lodbrock


  63. Mathieu Favron

    This pretty much sums up my situation damn

  64. GamingFur Life

    When your trying to get over your insane ex and you hear this song.


    don't be such a fucking pussy.

  65. Muhammad Khatami A

    Let's play at speed ×1,25
    Like nightcore.

  66. lilitui

    i miss them

  67. Nicolas Roberto


  68. Oli Murray

    ‘I’m ready for one more battle scar’ The whole song is really deep but that lyric definitely hits the heart.

    Montell Mingo

    These are true songs that represents life man that is for sure.

  69. Cat Women Boo

    How about listening to it because you like the voice.....lalala

  70. darkcode99

    This song always hits deep in my soul

  71. Xblackwindhowls

    nobody cares about the year! Enjoy the song rock out to it and rock like a legend 🤘

  72. Diamond Heart

    Never forget

  73. love me

    The way we were before 😔❤❤❤

  74. Victoria Perkovic

    God sake, STOP.

  75. slimjim 1

    Yo anyone see the Mario cart mobile ad and then saw the phones drag on the floor? Damn those screens must be gone

  76. Gamer81

    songs like this is what makess the world of music so beautiful.

  77. David Bomber

    Now THIS is real good music

  78. Jean Pierre Fadel

    Recommended 7 years later... no regrets

  79. Joey Hazelwood

    This song hits hard. A relationship fell through recently, I tried but it just wasn’t meant to be. It’s a really good way to put the end of any relationship into perspective but sometimes they just don’t last and that’s okay.

  80. Charlotte Cannon

    This sounds like a Ash Fur X Scourge song, SOMEBODY MAKE THAT A MAP!

  81. angel c.

    year 934050399494838 anyone?

  82. Lawlykilla

    can some body tell me what happened to this band?


    They are not active anymore. Although, the lead singer is in three days grace now.

  83. Bro KanDy

    2020 already?

  84. Andrew Sathern

    Rebekah lopresto..

  85. Husky

    Parece o Matty

  86. Xiaoo Aii

    Cant find it on spotify 😩