My Darkest Days - Perfect Lyrics

I was fine right before I met her
Never hurt and nothing could control me
You know I tried but I can't regret her
She's the first, ask anyone who knows me
Terrified that she'd find my heart and break it
Paralyzed by the thought of her with someone else

I wish I would've known
I shouldn't have fallen in love with her
It's been nothing but trouble till now
I shouldn't have fallen in love at all
But I couldn't stop myself
What gives you the right
To tear up my life?
How dare she be so perfect
What did I do to deserve this? (woooh)
(I'll never let her go)
How dare she be so perfect
(You started in the fire)

I haven't cried since the day she left me
Cause that would mean that I admit it's over
I tell myself that she's tryin' to test me
She'd never leave, she still needs me to hold her
Horrified cause she found my heart and broke it
Mortified when I picture her with someone else

I wish I would've known
I shouldn't have fallen in love with her
It's been nothing but trouble till now
I shouldn't have fallen in love at all
But I couldn't stop myself
What gives you the right
To tear up my life?
How dare she be so perfect
What did I do to deserve this? (woooh)
I gotta let her go
How dare she be so perfect

Tell me why
You started the fire
And played me like that [x2]

[x4] Ooooh
I shouldn't have fallen in love with her
It's been nothing but trouble till now
I shouldn't have fallen in love at all
But I couldn't stop myself
(I gotta let her go)
Who gives you the right
To tear up my life?
How dare she be so perfect
What did I do to deserve this? (woooh)
(I gotta let her go)
How dare she be so perfect

Tell me why
You started the fire
And played me like that [x2]

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My Darkest Days Perfect Comments
  1. Ellef Henry

    I love her so much, she knows it, but she doesn't care 😫😫😫😫

    Baby Wilson

    We FBI always watching you and It's hurt 🌻

  2. Dani Bronco

    Just came across your guys music so far really good keep it up.

  3. Ruckus Chevrolet

    Good fuckin song. IDC what you say

  4. Bone Daddy


  5. Sadman isCrazy


  6. gunny bunny

    Girl I'm in love with is gonna die soooo this song relates really really strong

  7. Sengra

    i'm over my depression but i still come listen to this song

  8. Taylor Mcgarry

    This song is me to a think you won't fall completely in love when you start out but you always end up in to deep to fast and leaves you fucked up forever.

  9. Ellef Henry

    This is exactly my feelings now. I love her but she doesn't care...

  10. mahi nahar

    In love with this song 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  11. Sarah B

    I wish I would’ve known, I shouldn’t have fallen in love with this band because it’s dead now

  12. Sarah B

    Why is this band dead. If only Adam stayed in 3dg and this band kept going

  13. James Davis

    It would be awesome if they made a video for this song i love this song but i would love to see the choreography

  14. Jack Noire

    This is turely how I feel

  15. Im idiot zzz

    Im sorry i can't be perfect

  16. Kathy Pederson

    This song really hits it to where I’m going thru now. I totally luv ya music it rocks!

  17. Twisted Minds

    This fits so well with me and my ex friends breakup....that damn hoe broke me heart..

  18. Uzi Kalashnikov

    Who else is here after listening to the Toontrack Rock Solid demo?

  19. Joel Lastimoso

    Story of my life... Nuff said. 😑

  20. Emily Alison

    I'm still here

  21. K Sal

    All your jams remind me of my stripper ex gf lol we had a good run

  22. Nicholas Tevlin

    She made me love her more than anything and she abandoned me

  23. thy unknowing serenity's

    who was where who and what trip and ride never forgotten

  24. Elias Rocha

    2019 💔

  25. jeffery thomas

    2019? 🤔

  26. Stuart Mcadam

    So relatable

  27. FBV

    Worst thing is experiencing love, wanting love, but gets rejected all the damn time.

  28. Max Stories

    Love it

  29. Damion Richter

    This is perfect

  30. Elin B

    Borde sjungas av en tjej. Speglar mina känslor.

  31. The PalidinGaming

    This reminds me of my first relationship.
    she "was my first" relationship cuz of my horrendous bullying and i had a HUGE CRUSH on her for 5 years i finally got to ask her out and in short... She never loved me back she used me for 6 months and lied to me and this song describes exactly how i feel about her i used to think she was "so perfect" but after she did what she did i just thought "tell me why, tell me why" "tell me what did i do to deserve this"...

    (Its been 2 years but the emotional abuse still really effects me)

  32. ElectricSox

    Why is all your music off of iTunes??😭 ur my favourite band will u bring it back?

  33. bary the pilgrim

    Well that hit rather hard

  34. Hamza Masood

    Let's live it up to 2019 :3

  35. dania camille yanez elizalde

    alguien mas de 2019?
    anyone else from 2019? xdxd

  36. Ϛօմɾąҍհ Ϛҽէհì

    Finally Found It 😏🤜🏻🤛🏻😎

  37. Cherie Wiehahn

    2019 💕

    Been listening to this song for 4 years now

  38. Cam Bryan

    Just waitin for all the attention seeking "helped me not commit suicide" comments........

  39. bLaCjAcK Daniels

    Omg NOT the song to listen to after your ex broke your heart. I want to kill Myself right now.


    bLaCjAcK Daniels Life is rough. Love is rough. But life will get better in time. I know it may be hard to see it that way in this point in time. But everything happens for a reason. Hang in there bro.

    bLaCjAcK Daniels

    LostInReverence It’s over for me..thank you for the response. I appreciate it, but trust me it’s over. I will never go a single day without this pain. 6 months and I think about it every minute of every day and every night in my dreams (nightmares)..I’ve been to therapy, psychiatry, hospital, meds..nothing..I’m done. The only thing that that could save me is her and she’s gone and off with someone else. My life is fuckin over..and in no kid with my whole life ahead of me.
    Fuck this shit

  40. John Coffman

    Great band! Got the sabotage by Nickelback during tour! Sorry fellas! Great music! You need to dick punch Chad Kroeger!

  41. Thomas Edison Valladolid

    2019 anybody?

  42. Brett Linteau

    5,000,000th viewwwwwwww

  43. Giavonna Vessels

    2019 and I'm still here

  44. Angel Tylli

    My recent ex just tore up my life and I'm getting this shit back together for my kids and my new boyfriend I shoulda listened when everyone else said I was too good for him.

  45. Serguéi Ignacinsky Benitóvich

    "I wasn't fine right before I met her.
    Always hurt
    and everything could control me"*.

  46. Dim Pap

    Great sound! One of my favorite MDD's songs! 🎤 🎶 🎼

  47. Kass 501

    2019 anyone???

  48. felicity proto

    I'm sad that i just found this song

  49. Nathan McCrary

    In my opinion its us men that are the evil ones we are the demons that are saved by an angel aka women and when they break our hearts we turn back into that demon we once were well that's just my opinion

  50. NotoreaG

    2019 boys n girls!

  51. Zacky Senpai

    2019 and I am still here...

  52. Justin Day

    Great Job Matt Walst

  53. Lankaster EUW

    I am here once again though it's 2019

  54. RealisticAizen

    one of the best songs ever

  55. Jesus Mara

    31 December 2018

  56. Daniel Wonser

    Happy Birthday Matt!

  57. Danny

    December 24th Christmas Eve and still raging to this....

  58. Nobody's Dream

    I was walking and i found your album in the floor meanwhile i was going to the school

  59. Jhone Hey

    Rip dad I miss you mom did you rong

  60. Ace The Not So Great

    I can relate to this
    What? No, I didn't have an ex or anything.
    My rabbit ran away from me ;_;

  61. Lyric Smith

    Does anyone else feel that Matt is better here than with Three Days Grace??

  62. Matthew Bryant

    This song speaks about what a lot of women do to good men that society wants to ignore. WAKE UP!!! A lot of women play with and use men just like a lot of men do women.

  63. Martain Ishler

    Perfect is a good song

  64. Alejandro Michelena

    this is gold

  65. shawn fuller

    Love this song 💯

  66. STI828

    perfect, sad, and then its over. life continues..right? right...?

  67. Daniel Wonser

    Listened to this with my friend over the weekend. Didnt realized she loved it as much as i do.

  68. Md. Masud Rana

    Such a good song ❤

  69. Brady Argo

    theme song of elliot rodger

  70. Michelle VanDeWalle

    A kid in the town I'm from actually committed suicide after posting this song because his girlfriend broke up with him

    Jonathan Panetta

    Michelle VanDeWalle that’s so sad 😭

  71. NightWalker 66

    I can relate so goddamn fucking perfectly

  72. Chode Henson

    I shouldn't have fallen in love with her...

  73. Raptor hunter 05

    I feel like an outcast in the comments because me and my girlfriend just started dating after a while of us like each other and I'm listening to this song and hopeing next Time I come to this song I won't be listening to it just because its a good song but that we broke up I love her and everything about her even though I haven't told her I love her yet so losing her would be like losing the better parts of me

  74. Joker TheSarcasmGod

    I get mixed messages from this song. And Im probably the only one.

  75. Manwhochangedhisnameonyoutube

    This is Matt Walst's best song. Period.

  76. Warren Wilkie

    I'm broken now!

  77. Artic Appel

    I can relate to this song😕

  78. Sanjeet Gaonkar

    any chances this band will reunite ?? :( I fucking miss Sal costa

  79. Andreas Malmflod

    I was togheter whit my ex for 9 years and have 2 kids whit her she broken up whit me 1 month ago told me ewrything was dead.... This Song realy hits The nail on how i feel....

  80. Shay Sauls

    God I will never get over this intro ugh

  81. Brandy Brantner

    They shud make man version been hurt one to many

  82. Xbox Freaks

    Not saying all of girls cheat but a lot do. I dated 9 girls. 8 out of 9 cheated on me

  83. Shannon Lafrance

    Never like this song someone gave it to me when they were the one that broke up with me all the time

  84. Prithvi Belki

    You played me like that 😶😶😶

  85. Yunus Erga

    my head can't stop shaking XD

  86. william yearian

    This song cuts deep....

  87. Alejandro Tovar

    I shouldn't have fallen in love with my best friend

  88. Lovin Courtney

    2018 people

  89. Heather Motionless


  90. Lolestars king

    beautiful song

  91. Manolis Kalogerakis

    is this really the guy thats now in thg his voice is so different

  92. Sky Dalbah

    Although I've never had a heart break (thankfully haha) i feel so heartbroken and angry when i listen to this song. it's so good tho!! also,My Darkest Days are so underrated:(

  93. Noble6

    2018 where you at!

  94. oslo 2000

    Who is still lisning in 2018

  95. TheProjaCraft Reloaded

    #2018 and still amazing song!

  96. Neon Player

    Anyone listening to this in 2011