My Darkest Days - Gone Lyrics

You're out all night
How long can I wait?
To justify another cold embrace
Your love is a lie
And I can tell by your face
I've made up my mind
And I've accepted our fate

(So long) I can read between the lines
(Two wrongs) couldn't ever make it right
Now I'm gone, gone, I'm gone
Yea, I'm movin' on
Ooon, I'm gone
Yea I'm movin' on

{Where did our love
Where did our love
Where did our love go?}

You won't pick up the phone
When I know you're with him
And you smell like cologne
It's all over your skin
You keep looking away
When you're talking to me
And you said you would change
But I just can't believe

(So long) I can read between the lines
(Two wrongs) couldn't ever make it right
Now I'm gone gone I'm gone
Yea, I'm movin' on
Ooon, I'm gone
Yea I'm movin' on

You will never break my heart again
You said forever and you'd always be there to the end
You will never break my heart again
But you'll come running when it happens to you in the end (the end)

When he's out all night
How long will you wait?

(So long) I can read between the lines
(Two wrongs) couldn't never make it right
Now I'm gone gone I'm gone
Yea, I'm movin' on
Ooon, I'm gone
Yea I'm movin' on

{Where did our love
Where did our love
Where did our love go?}

You're out all night
How long could I wait?

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My Darkest Days Gone Comments
  1. Omar Yañez Zavala

    So beautiful😍😍

  2. Roadmaster '93

    I need more of this band

  3. btbutterflywings6

    Sometimes we love those that are not good for us, and it only gets worse the longer in a toxic relationship. I love this song, it expresses the point a person comes to and time to move on. Leave it behind you and don't look back cause nothing changes with them. You deserve better! ❤️

  4. Raptor hunter 05

    Anyone still her in 2018 haha

    Omar Yañez Zavala


  5. Gian Zambrana

    I want MDD back!

  6. Aarron Black

    im sorry mikayla hardaway...
    im done.. you stole my heart then leave 4 to 5 times even tho i loved you....
    i...cnt anymore..

  7. • blue angel •

    Great song

  8. Jess S

    When Matt was in MDD he was great. Now 3DG sucks. All because if him. Stay in your own lane man.

    Mohamed Amhal

    Jess S nop matt is amazing in 3DG

    Ryan Miller

    I don't like the new 3dd


    This song is real life...

  10. Infinity Percival

    Pretty underrated tune

  11. Abzxo95

    Reminds me of my former best friend I've loved him for 3 years, he promised we'd be together always & forever but he walked away and I don't understand how he could walk away when I was always there for him and every phone call we had lasted 6+ hours and now he's gone and I just don't know how he could forget about me and leave and how could 3 years of friendship and love mean nothing to him, he made me feel special safe loved wanted but I guess I was never good enough for him I guess loving him completely and being there for him whenever he needed me I guess it wasn't enough I guess I wasn't enough or something :'(


    Abzxo95 You were lucky to had such an amazing person by your side, its almost impossible to find a person like your former bestfriend in this world. Three years of happiness, joy, sadness you both went through together should be an amazing memories.. you're very lucky, some people just desperate finding such people in their life.

    Erika Aleksandra

    I am with you bro

  12. Terry Kennedy

    Oh fuck me, I hate songs like this but this is a damn good song....even though it reminds me of that fucking bitch!

  13. love mee

    so my life

    Thomas Webb

    love bug u beautiful js

  14. gwendolyn leivdal

    thanks brandon kopf this ones for u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Samuel Magee

    love this song

  16. Daniel Tomczak

    this song is great but it sucks that I can relate to it

  17. Lani T

    love this

  18. Jonathan Wayne Williams

    this is a god song

  19. Austin Toohey

    Fuck this songs good. Thanks for making it btw

  20. Kaylee Sheppard

    Good band


    +Kaylee Sheppard Let the ocean take us!

  21. SWITCH2213

    I love this song.... Perfect song to send to an somebody who cheats on U.

  22. Aanew

    My god, horrible font choice

    Jo N.

    @Kindred S I know, it sucks. But it looked good to me 3 years ago. And now it makes me cringe


    +Jo Nikolaeva We've all been there bro

    Harlee Votra

    +Pacino88 Why? BC u can read it??

    Ashley Fox

    +Harlee Votra I can read it just fine.

    Tyler Guilford

    Aanew a

  23. Luigi Torres

    fucking love it!

  24. Shivam Sharma

    Brise Flores u should listen to "dear professor by the deans list"

  25. Tyler Dunkley

    What sucks is i can relate to this exactly like not even three weeks ago and it sucks cuz im actaually done with her after fighting for her ever since her and i were done :( even tho i still love her

    The Kxng Con

    @Tyler Dunkley I know that feel bro.. I literally just got over mine, three months ago. Today would've made one year, and that's why i'm listening to this song now.

    Tyler Sosnicki

    Ya i feel ya man same shit just happened to me the girl I was wit completely fucked with my heart and head and in listening to this song and try stop myself from texting her after everything I did

    Manda H.Funkhouser

    I feels the same today seven years wasted on his ass

  26. Taylor Isaacs

    love this song

  27. Emily Mangus

    I love this music, it's music I can relate to :3


    absolutely terrible font

    Chris Tinker

    Who cares


    @Chris Tinker i obviously do

  29. IceyMew AJ

    oh my gosh, this song is great! 

  30. Ice Lolly

    Who wouldn't love this song? C:

    Isaac L.

    Arctic Fox Like the people or...? Because I like it loo

  31. Victoria Lomax

    This is my favorite song from "Sick And Twisted Affair" but all of their songs are amazing! Chad Kroeger discovers the most amazing bands/artists.

  32. Bartosz Solecki


  33. mister fiero


  34. Booshie Clementine

    oh hell no.....this sounds like some boy band bullshit

    Erika Aleksandra

    Haters gonna hate. You don't understand the message so GTFO here

  35. abdulazeez alhithame

    215 like with no 1 dislike ! FUCKING AMAZING!

  36. abdulazeez alhithame

    this discribes my YESTERDAY!.... we have to keep moving

  37. Epilogue

    Erm, do you know a lot of guys that would have bloodyRedSandGirl as a username? ........

  38. TheSquall998

    Matt's not with TDG, he's only covering for the current tour... Matt's official Facebook page just earlier said he was working on recording a new MDD album with the others...

  39. AaronB

    you know sal left and matt is with tdg now right?

  40. Skylar Pedersen

    Canadian band, ftw. <3 I love MDD. Can't wait 'til they come home and serenade my eardrums on stage. Great video, creator! (:

  41. BIrendra shrestha

    the more i listen the more this band sweetens my ear.really.

  42. Kitara Schroeder

    hey this song gose out to my ex boyfriend whos STILL around just go away i'm gone!

  43. Tha Prince

    this is cool ! i love that song ! ♥

  44. Jem

    i hope so

  45. tcfreestyler123x

    it's true they always come running back