MxPx - Inquiring Minds Want To Know Lyrics

how you fell depends on what you think about
what you need depends on what you can't live without
how you act goes right back to the way you feel
what you see isn't always what is real
so where do we go? and what do we do?
you're asking me and i'm asking you
to be real with yourself and don't play the game
of daily life, it's all the same
the way you think depends on what you're going thru
what you create comes from deep inside of you
what you know makes the difference in what you hate
what you love depends on how you relate
inquiring minds want to know.

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MxPx Inquiring Minds Want To Know Comments
  1. Vini Lopez

    1:42 i want a full song just of that

  2. tokoli matthew

    I like mxpx teenage bicas he is good in politics