Mushroomhead - The Need Lyrics

Anything you need
I cant be anything you need
Now i walk alone i find a way
All of my prayers unanswered
All of my careless actions
Failures catastrophy
This is killing me
Somewhere in here
Kindly nail yourself
Upon your thoughts

Yourve never had enough
Pain to feel at all
Its coming up now

Fade the cross from my memory
What part of this is saving me
And what exactly is it saving me for
I dont need to believe
I look back upon my life
I find it hard to find
The right words that wont hurt
And brings me back to my knees
Nail yourself upon your thoughts

Close your eyes
If you want to be blind

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Mushroomhead The Need Comments
  1. Airik Luna

    Sociopaths, hello.

  2. Ninon Lee

    Top song

  3. Johny knows

    the best ever song

  4. matthew larsen

    no matt,you cant leave feedback on you tube that was a kick in the face, i own boots.

  5. Robert Detrick

    absolutely the best song in the world

  6. Johny knows

    slipknot sucks

  7. Longpig

    After discovering these guys I now almost expect piano/keyboard in every other song I listen to, even listening to other bands I'd wonder - how can this guy's piano work improve what I'm listening to... Tom Schmitz, incredible musician. Pity many people would be put off by the pageantry and would probably miss out on some of the best piano work in the business. I sometimes fantasize that Tom and Mat Belamy are having a piano off live in concert., sneak something in at a festival, like back in the days when Ariana Grande did not headline Woodstock.

  8. Sayid of Reach

    I know. I've always wanted to hear it in concert.

    Adrian Roberts

    Fortunately I have one time! Won't find on YouTube live tho! So unfortunate!

  9. Jr. Vargas

    this album helped me to overcome life hard situations, my savior sorrow

  10. Dvs_rocker dude

    barbieee omg hey

  11. Daniel Diaz

    can't seem to find it so I can download it and enjoy, can anyone help me find out what album its from.

    Alisson Saggiorato

    It's from Savior Sorrow

    Bryan McIntire

    Savior sorrow bro

  12. The Modern Satanist

    this song is still beautiful to me after 10 years

    Guy Watts

    The Modern Satanist after 10 years its still awesome

    Johny knows

    awer beautifull

  13. walter gutierrez

    this song puts me to tears 😢
    Cuz it makes me think of my girlfriend who left me 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔


    walter gutierrez hahaha

    G Thegrimreaper

    cute. Insertesunombreaqui. Way to be a fucking dick head

  14. Максим Росколий

    Пиздец, ну и как они божественные треки вроде этого без Вейлона то делать будут ?

    Чувак ниже правильно написал - песня как будто с небес играет ...

    Сука, я готов всем грибам подрочить за такие хиты !!!


    Максим Росколий cyka blyat

  15. Zamek2004

    beautiful song

  16. aw55550

    this song comes straight out of heaven

    Iron Adversity

    Except for the part talking about fading the cross from his memory...I guess that means they're not a religious band?


    @Iron Adversity no, they have always been an anti-religous band. I guess they´re nihilists.

    Iron Adversity

    +aw55550 thanks always wondered that

  17. Anthony Haller

    @John Divine Fuck off douche bag.

  18. Robert Adams

    yes way better than shitknot.

    fuq off mah screen boi

    fuck you

  19. Alex E

    Don't get me wrong, I know for a fact mushroomhead is far better than slippussies.. But for once I'd just like to go on YouTube and look up mushroomhead without the whole "slipknot this, mushroomhead that, " crap. Let's just savor this righteous music 👌

    Anthony Haller

    +Alex E Don't compare the two different sounds. They both are great.

    fuq off mah screen boi

    lime I said to a guy up there fuck you

  20. Craig Kehler

    its all fan created  they cant tour together because of the fan BS

    Rob D

    Craig Kehler not true, most fans like both bands, I always have

  21. Luke Crompton

    "I look back upon my life , i found it hard to find, the right words, that won't hurt and brings me back to my knees" that shit is deep

  22. Anthony Haller

    @John Divine Immature child.

  23. nightmarenate97

    Can we stop with the "slipknot sucks" comments and try to not sound like idiots and just enjoy the music at hand? 

    Anthony Haller

    So do you.


    @Anthony Haller you do to 

    Anthony Haller

    We all suck yay.

    Hofciu c

    I want to suck too

    that chanel

    nightmarenate97 hell yeah man

  24. ashley richards

    Who else didnt want this song to end??????

    Psycho Vampire

    ashley richards me


    Now I walk alone..... iiiiiiiii find awayyyy

    David J

    I never wanted this era of Mushroomhead to end.

    matthew larsen

    repeat,insane to sane.....just sayin

  25. redneck7381

    fuckin A , 20yrs 10/23/93 to 10/23/13 & still going fuckin strong like Waylon said @ the Blackstock in Knoxville before never let it go , have something hold on to that shit & never let it go!

  26. john divine


  27. Крис Фен

    slipknot sucks[2]

  28. john divine

    slipknot sucks

  29. Billy Wheeler

    tihs song is eye opneing to this bande is kickass but this shit with slipknot need to stop i mene woop de do lets enjoy wat mushroomhead is giving all of us and lit this shit goooo....plz

  30. Metal Leo

    I can't be anything you need

  31. Metal Leo

    I can't be anything you need

  32. Punk rock In the wrong hands

    @Tr0m0sainT Meshuggah is the most unique metal band hands down. Korn? really? You think Korn is? Top 10 maybe but i would put many bands over them.

  33. Tr0m0sainT

    im sorry ... i really like MH...but i cant share the opinion that this is the most unique metal band of this generation ... ill have to say KoRn holds that title ...

  34. Mindroach

    nothin w.o jmann

  35. Malcolm

    @Iggi138 Clearly you haven't listened to alot of Slipknot. Not that I blame you. It's not for everyone.

  36. sean clark

    @everybodydies9192 right muroomheads new stuff is a bit soft but they pulled it off

  37. John Milam

    Nail yourself upon your thoughts...

  38. Kala Kristine


  39. ScudnoX ez

    just by the state of your comment i knew this song was going to be gay

  40. Malcolm

    Well you can't say knot doesn't have meanings...

  41. Ben Thomas

    people just want there song to be more like shitknot

    burn was a cool song but really they want more meaning in there songs

  42. Jason Popson

    who has this song??? please!! someone??

  43. metal4damasses

    if u want fast mushroomhead, dream is over is the song for u, tatoo is good too, and 12 hundread

  44. Solar Cat

    i like there drummer

  45. Fizzy Lamingo

    pig benis is the man ^-^ (back left)

  46. Mary Watson

    very nice...haunting...may i use this song in a video i am trying to find time to make?