Mushroomhead - The Fallen Lyrics

Indivisable invincible
And we are not amused

Underneath it all invisible
Add one and one to lose

Fools and criminals far from minimal
Yet both have carned their due

Irresistable who picks your peace

For you

Its far to hard to choose
We know what youre going thru
We are the fallen we cease to belong
Life leads us all here all along
We are whats true we all live on

Feast on forgiveness
And feed us the latest in doom

Come walk with me
Thru our world in ruin

And see if youre amused

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Mushroomhead The Fallen Comments
  1. xRENEGADE156

    Love the guitar and bass tone on this album. So filthy

  2. Jean Veras

    Muito boa

  3. syncridge VRchat

    There is a version that Jeff's lyrics are done by Waylon and that version is much better I wish I could find it

  4. Joel Crane

    Love it