Mushroomhead - Inspiration Lyrics

There is doom in the words of the fallen
Blinding the minds of the young
There are truths in the lies of forgiveness

Fall down and worship the sun
Fall down

A storm is coming th hell with redemption
Save yourself and hear the word of the fallen
A storm is coming to hell with redemption

Command meant nothing to me
My loss is not crossing the sea
On my feet
You baptized me don't you see?
I choose not to believe

I can't ignore your lack of intellect
Inspiration comes and goes
Hindsights taught me
Some kind of self respect

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Mushroomhead Inspiration Comments
  1. Keith Wesaw

    Thank you Jeffrey Nothing and Waylon for the badass music I will cherish for ever!!

  2. CaptainNitemare

    Who's singing at 1:40

  3. Jean Carlos

    2:00 - 2:20 I fucking love this part

  4. stealthRUSH

    best track off this album

  5. HeartImpaled

    Real Rock'n Roll. Where have you been? This band kicks ass!!

  6. nick reohr

    X X

  7. Jake Hill

    love wacking this on randomly even the mrs nods her head 2 it 😅

  8. Shrapnel92

    Not my favorite Mushroomhead album but holy shit do I LOVE this song.

  9. Pro 4X

    I prefer Waylon over Jmann. He has a better range, and can do more. ....hate me

    tyler hall

    Agreed. Waylon is better

    Kry Kry Stott

    I love both Jmann and Waylon please no rivalry


    Man, I feel like Waylon did have a little more range now that you mention it. But Jmann is the og sound behind the masks, can't beat that. Kick ass singers, both of them.

  10. baird2100

    wonder who will know this in a thousand years?

    Anthony Haller

    @baird2100 You know and that's good enough!

  11. Roman

    My favourite track from this album. :)


    @Xander Kohnert Cool. :)

    Xander Kohnert

    +Roman yep, honestly, I think this song is my favorite.

    Cosmic Master

    I prefer white over wheat.

  12. Dylan Pond

    One of my favorite mushroomhead tunes


    Same in 2019.