Mushroomhead - Eternal Lyrics

Face the day embrace the pain
Wage my war internal
Save my soul eternal

Reach out for redemption it bites the hand that needs
Neglect becomes rejection the silence sounds retreat

I can't believe
It's the last time
Anything you say

Chained to the past ride the wings of despair
Corroded and rusted trust beyond repair
In this triumph of the wills I won't be overrun
The pride that is instilled cannot be overcome

I can't believe
It's the last time
Anything you say
It's the last time that I'll try today

I can't believe
It's the last time
Anything you say
That I'll fall down
It's the last time
It's the last time
That I'll try today
Break it all down

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Mushroomhead Eternal Comments
  1. Joseph Paladion

    I dig it!!!..its got power and speed!!!

  2. dunk

    me and the boys staring at the fork sparking in the microwave

  3. White Wolf

    My inner marketing consultant says this song belongs as the Doom Eternal launch trailer song. Just picture it.

  4. PHATKID1369

    X X

  5. crowwurm

    This was one of my fav's live man..


    The dynamics felt so great..

    Brandon Lee

    I bet the pit is insane. I always wished to hear this song live.


    It was definitely pretty awesome

  6. Eddie H

    Such a shame this band went seriously down hill in the last year or two

  7. Mother Metal

    Old School Mushroomhead. So kickass!! Skinny's drums blew me away man. Stitches table work...Legend. Mother Metal 💀 🖤

  8. ShanelocKHolmes

    I've got drunk n smoked up with them plenty of times I'm in Cleveland were there from

  9. unsainted one

    I dont like the "singer".
    The growler I believe weyland I do like would be a fan if it was just him


    That's j-mann waylon joined later on

    White Wolf

    J Mann growls are primal. Just sick

  10. joshua leggans

    2003 good times

  11. joshua leggans

    One of the best tracks on XIII

  12. Chance Last

    Remember scary movie 2..?

  13. JJS-TV

    anyone else actually from cleveland, ohio? give this a like!

  14. ÊмеяssФи Sтaiиd

    Thank you my friend.A brazilian here.😃

    The Warrior Slayer

    thanks for the support

  15. Autissimo The Great

    Reminder that all these guys except the drummer aren’t in the band anymore


    That's exactly why they never got the recognition they deserved at the time, Skinny ruined the band with his asshole attitude and bad administration!

    Autissimo The Great

    Sergiotanaz surprising he’s the only consistent member


    @Autissimo The Great Yeah, nobody stands him as the boss.

    Vern Smith

    Well, that’s just incorrect. J Mann left for a while, but he’s been back with the band for around 5 years, and he’s the lead vocalist on this song with Jeff backing him up.

    ST1TCH was in the band then and is still around as well.

    Mark Condon

    ST1TCH is still with the band, J Mann left for a while but came back. Hell, he's the one doing harsh vocals on this song.

  16. Cindy Cessna-Montri

    Does this mean that mushroomhead still makes music?

    Jinn 87

    This is an old song

  17. Sergiotanaz

    I never seen this video, thank you

  18. Mafaman

    Mushroomhead Rulez!

  19. Cindy Cessna-Montri

    it's been a while since i've seen something new about mushroomhead.