Mushroomhead - Erase The Doubt Lyrics

Come down
From your thrown
And tear off your wings

Do you still feel so above
After the arrows

Can you give me enough
To believe anything

Can you erase the doubt

And make this more than a dream
And give me more than i need

Herein the day of upon us
Much less caring
For others haunts us
No one can make another
Promise to us

You find it strange how
The darkness calms us
Alone at home and hopeless

Drown in the life
Weve left behind us

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Mushroomhead Erase The Doubt Comments
  1. David Parcher

    my favorite song by these guys

  2. Matt Jones

    Skinny always had groove and u know it!

    Chad Gartner

    Skinny fucked the group up...

  3. Doctor Vaughn

    "Embrace the doubt "

  4. eARTh without ART is just eh

    Mix - JEFFREY NOTHING - "Dead Space / Dead Inside" (Lyric Video):

  5. GP WASR 10/63

    you find it strange how the darkness calms us, Alone at home and hopeless! XX

  6. GP WASR 10/63

    Idk who would need lyrics, it's clear enough to understand. Just as is Lamb if God! 🤘

  7. Myles Rockington

    Waylon is the fucking best

  8. pineapplepissant

    U find it strange how the darkness calms us! ALONE at home and Hopeless! Drown in the life we left behind us

    Gerardo Lemus

    pineapplepissant I can relate

    Corey Bell

    u aint alone

  9. The Prisoner

    Sounds a lot like Static-X

    Chris Achord

    Not really? What song are u talking about

  10. X0rt4n

    To elecetronic for me

  11. KnezAlex

    Damn i'm gonna miss Waylon, he's the man.

    Sean Mackenzie

    Definantley wont be missed as much as Jeffery will be. With J mann back no one will remember Waylon

  12. HeidiH.L Jones


  13. MikeMiaVero1

    Mushroom head til death 🤘🏼

    John Kienle

    +MikeMiaVero1 HELL YEAHH DUDE!!!!!!!!

  14. Metal Detecting

    Make this more than a dream, and erase the doubt guys. Don't think he's not talking directly to you. Real eyes can realize the real lies.


    End Zionism? So stop people from defending their country against murderers and rapists? Great name fuckwit.

    Metal Detecting

    Their lyrics are very suggestive in many songs. Hitler wasn't racist, the German's weren't racist, and the majority of Jewish folks are decent people but they are apart of a brainwashed cult of supremacy and deceit.

  15. Vidkun E

    Reminds me of Orgy.

    Sir Rorschach

    Not really

    Jessy Alvarez


  16. 71st SMITH

    One of my fav bands:-)

  17. Ninjalko Hattori

    what is the font you used - really cool :)

    TheBlackCrown 232

    It's not something you can just get on Microsoft word. Its mushroomheads font. Its the font they use on all their albums.


    The font is called "Jean Splice".

  18. Wilton King

    This song sounds like a mix of Rob Zombie's Hellbilly Deluxe and Metallica's Load/ Reload. Still very good, would've been better with more lyrics and better mixing of the electronics.

    Austin Rainbolt

    Wilton King you get ReLoad from that snare lmfao there is no resemblance in any way shape or form.

    Wesley Mitchell

    Deadicated to
    Tori Amos
    " Pretty Good Year"

    Song to song