Mushroomhead - Embrace The Ending Lyrics

The ending
That peace could grow inside of you
In spite of me
I hope you're out there somewhere
Right now I'm all alone
I feel my time has come
Embrace the ending
I cannot take this pain
I cannot take this shame
Save us from ourselves
Welcome the way that we
Embrace the ending
We all fool ourselves
And we share the wealth
To disagree with me
Used to be
All that I wanted you to see
All that I needed you to be
Does anyone care
To disagree with me
Admit defeat we bleed
In disbelief
I hear the whole world
And its all in spite of me
And its all I ever wanted to believe

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Mushroomhead Embrace The Ending Comments
  1. Glendola M. Dennison

    This song is the best song for the apocalypse and it is right on point. You have 2 minutes till midnight on the doomsday clock. Did you know? Facto!


    Why can’t I find this song on Spotify?

  3. Sasquatch Tony

    This helped me see a lot wrong with myself and the world. Very progressive song

  4. Leigh Fleming

    Bad to think of it, but I've chosen embrace the ending as one of my funeral songs. I have a set list already so to speak. Can appreciate the sadness behind this song, such a beautiful and meaningful one!!

  5. Dustin Lee

    Please listening in 2019 (or 2020 since this comment was made close to end of the year) I know you're out there somewhere

  6. Mundee Stansberry

    Yep so many things I hate about myself and the pain of certain things... And someone should save me but I save everyone else.

  7. Sie Ehm Be

    comments saying "this song" I could of swore this was two songs...

    Breanna Vines

    There is two versions. I get confused every time I go to find them both.

  8. justin76bmw

    My 21yo nephew just steered his car into a fucking tree no skid marks.. This shits got me crying like a little fucking bitch right now. See you again in some other place my giant little buddy Jake.

  9. Delightfullydemented65

    Slip Snot who? These dudes are the real deal...Slip Snot just ripped off their schtick. Badass cut this one is.

  10. Chucky's Funhouse

    I miss these too in mushroom head

  11. Liberal Socialist

    When all 3 did vocals it's was great but they imploded guess 3 vocalist is 1 to many.

    Anthony Perrine

    2 too many

  12. lιllιαи мσяgυє

    ιf ι ∂σ ѕтαят ℓєαяиιиg нσω тσ ρℓαу gυιтαя....му fιяѕт ѕσиg ι ωαит тσ ℓєαяи ιѕ тнιѕ σиє. αи∂ тнєи ι ωαит тσ ∂σ α fυℓℓ σи ¢σνєя σf ιт. ρяσραвℓу ωσи'т ∂σ ιт αиу ʝυѕтι¢є, вυт ιт'ѕ ѕυ¢н α вєαυтιfυℓ ѕσиg.

  13. Glendola M. Dennison

    Always love to hear this song. Sad part is that I have seen animals be more humane than humans are to one another. Fact! 💜

  14. John Goblikon is my spirit animal

    Goddamn Jeffrey

  15. Grim ghost hunter

    Can anyone tell me did mushroomhead stop making music

    Moresmoke Thana2stroke

    The band still makes new music but the two singer's in this song left the band

  16. Ringo deathpepsi Swan

    These songs on repete as I bleed out

  17. Seth Frazer

    It must suck for Jeffrey Nothing to take showers at night

  18. Jennifer M. Darkbloom

    A masterpiece.

  19. Logan B

    2:27 Saved me from myself for damn sure

  20. unfriendly_ bob

    this is the best for depression.. i really cried at last bit of the song

    Chad Gartner


  21. Gerardo Polo

    Great Song And Video.

  22. xXSavageXx


  23. Alex B.

    4:50 sounded like maynard j k

  24. Delightfullydemented65

    I've had tens of thousands of songs pass my ears of genres from one end of the spectrum to the other... this song is simply bad-f*cking-ass... period.


    I have the mushroomhead logo tattooed all over me and I love all the mushroomhead videos. Met them 3 times. With that being said i don't know why they put long sleeves turtleneck in this video wtf

  26. Master Artillus

    This song keeps me alive.....

  27. Butter&Avrige Playz

    This Makes Me Miss Waylon #Wayloncomeback

    J P

    Especially because Spotify dropped everything Waylon was on.

  28. justin76bmw

    is it me or should it start with the 2nd half first? still an epic song tho...

  29. SamtheCat

    A manateee......

  30. o wood

    this is the first time I almost cried listening to a somg

  31. Rainbow Dash

    i legit teard up the first time i heard imbrace the ending

  32. Jennifer M. Darkbloom

    Layne Staley singing this: that would be the ultimate bliss.

    CWoody Music

    Would've been killer!!

    Bradley Blake

    Now I'm sad I'll never get to hear it lol.

    karmea merona

    Jennifer Majewski i actully love that idea

  33. Jennifer M. Darkbloom

    There is no irony in this song, as others have argued with me. It's pure.

  34. Troy Owen

    HEY anyone think theses two songs should have been the other way round HMMMM anyway thats the way i play it,,,

  35. Damen Currie

    I wish I had a radio station just so I could play songs like this.

  36. Jamie Belk

    am I the only one that sees that this about the ending as in the book of Revelations

    philip song

    Jamie Belk this is about metaphysical evolution

    philip song

    Jamie Belk if you like mushroomhead check out wookiefoot. They are 2 sides to the same coin.

    philip song

    Jamie Belk 2 forces, love and fear, mushroomhead and wookiefoot are a metaphysical carrot and stick.

    The main message: fucking evolve

  37. James Hall

    Awesome band one of the best metal bands to exist

  38. lucan valerius

    idgaf what ppl say bout mushroomhead, I love mushroomhead, I'm a complete metal head and this band us my favorite, fuck all the haters idc

    Devin Cathey

    you know whats awesome is that Mushroomhead is from Cleveland Ohio which is not to far from the part of Ohio I live in

    Eric Wells

    this is the song that actually caused me to be a fan of Mushroomhead. Ive heard of them over the years from people, but never really checked out their music and then came across this track by accident and was like - WOW! Instant fan!

  39. Resilient Embers

    Amazing song... Truly reflects how I feel at this stage in my life. So much mental suffering and isolation throughout the years. Yet I still managed to make something of myself and help others in the process... I know I've done well... I've been praised for it... But nothing can nullify this dark void inside me. It's time to seek my solace. Embrace my ending.

    Jennifer M. Darkbloom

    Marry me


    Truth. People use to call me 'hermit' for obvious reasons, I think it's rather funny. Sometimes I feel the darkness of the human collective bearing down on me, it's rough but if we pull through there is nothing that can't be accomplished. Hope that helps you to hear from someone else that understands.

  40. Joseph Laffoon

    This song 😢😍✊✌

  41. Jorden Largent


  42. olivia kerswell


  43. Michael Racut

    Best Cleveland Ohio band Ever.

  44. Michael Racut

    Best Cleveland Ohio band Ever.

  45. Hudson Taylor

    The Mushroomhead equivalent to Slipknot's Vermilion/Vermilion Pt. 2, equally as epic ❤️

    Rob G

    This is better

  46. Tom Herrera

    I fucking cried to this song, one of the most beautiful songs ever made by one of the best bands to ever exist.

    Cheffrey Nothing

    TomXKang. existed as in past tense?

    Aerosol Kids

    this song is an eye opener to those who understand the big picture dude.

    Keyser Soze

    Enjoy the music and quit crying like a little girl! lol

    William Brace

    @Aerosol Kids Hell Yea Brother

  47. Gregory Da Cruz de Souza


  48. Justin Bennett

    This song is one the most beautiful metal songs I've heard.


    +Justin Bennett True

    sir dude

    i use to think that till I listened to katatonia for days on end

    Niki Ward

    this was played at the love of my lifes funeral he died before he turned 21, killed by a reckless driver on his way to class

    Negative One XIII

    @Niki Ward Man, that fucking sucks. I can understand where you're coming from. This song has been a staple for when I'm feeling like I'm down and out.

    - Love and support from ND ✊

  49. Justin Bennett

    This is the only reason I'm proud to be from Ohio.

    Devin Cathey

    😂 me too and tbh we have cedar point and it's the only existing one

  50. Auditory Armory

    how are they going to perform this song now without Waylon? :(

    Ethan Davies

    +ryan gilland I hope you're right though because I think it'll be a real shame if they don't perform this live anymore

    T Honzo

    Waylon was dope as fuck! Gonna miss him. Back to fucking Jmann

    Cheffrey Nothing

    T Honzo ....really dude? i love waylon mf reavis but jmann is a piece of the origin fool

    Eric Wells

    J-Mann could do the parts where Waylon does scream and can J-Mann sing at all as Waylon could? But, if not, Jeffrey could take over the vocals and J-Mann could do the screaming parts on it


    Too much thought to that, go to a show, and when they play it....sing along ; )

  51. Half pint Personality

    Best mushroom head song ever


    my fav is destroy the world around me with solitaire unraveling following a close second

  52. C Three

    i love this band so much. i learned about them last year and i listen to pretty much nothing but them

  53. RedTheSniper

    is insane how much is awesome

  54. Mateus Oliveira

    BEAUTIFUL <3<3<3

  55. Notorious Ufc

    I'm sick of it, mushroomhead= talent, slipknot= talent. Slipknot and mushroomhead never had anything to do with this argument, its the fans. So for the people that obviously like one more than the other its ok. Don't say another band has more talent because you like a sound better than the other. Personally I love both bands, yes mushroomhead is underated but then again the band has said before that Slipknot helped them claim fame do to the fact that people thought they were only a gimmick at first. Slipknot is famous from intensity and insanity, mushroomhead is known for talent and amazing mask, end of story.

    Jason Johnson

    Slipknot stole there gurtarist from mushroom head before the blew up just throwing tht out there but both bands are as equal just slipknot has more song wish mushroom head had more

    Travis Wakefield

    @Jason Johnson for real

  56. Tommy Karevik

    A melhor musica de todas dessa banda,.............. inacreditável cara.

  57. Josh Williams

    the song that went through my mind when I heard about my step dad having cancer.... I lost my birth parents long ago and this is all I can do is Embrace the endings and save me from myself..

    Alex Achrem

    +Ripp Rider Take care, brother. This is the reason why bands like Mushroomhead are making their music. To help people and Embrace them, when they feel like everything is ending.

    David J

    Keep on Keeping on brother! <3

    Glendola M. Dennison

    Good to have closure but this is about the ending of life on this planet for eveyone. The apocalypse and the tribulation. Deep deep lyrics. 💜

    William Brace

    The light is in all of us The truth will set you free may you find it now

  58. DarkestWhisper2

    Great band.

  59. Jonathon Taylor

    Years later and this song still gives me
    the chills.

  60. Disciple_of_Ozjin

    Thanks for sharing this, love both of these songs and not to mention the whole awesome fucking album.

  61. YaBoyCollege

    I want this shit to play at my funeral

    C. D.

    Me too 

    Cheffrey Nothing

    YaBoyCollege want "the final act" by our boys played at your funeral

    Master Artillus

    YaBoyCollege yes yes yes. Have you seen that slipknot video for XIX ?

  62. Angela Ratliff

    I really love this song,, the only one that can save us is Jesus christ

    Chad Gartner

    No all we need is a purge once or twice a year. Take out the garbage.

  63. Sammie Moore

    The only ones I have seen in concert more than once, can't wait to see them again. Also the only band that has never let me down.


    I see them August 3rd

    josh buck

    @YaBoyCollege lucky

  64. billy zinkhon

    love this song

  65. Tyler Durden


  66. jaymanlive com

    cant wait to see them again



    olivia kerswell

    nobody wants you here

  68. undertheblackwind

    Love it, another winner from MushroomHead.

  69. Anthony Haller

    @Parker Morris: Nope it's not.

  70. Anthony Haller

    @cghtarheels4286: Actually they did for Holloween show I think. 

  71. Cory Werner

    Down right dirty!! Go waylon

  72. Americano128

    Love the Dean Bass Guitar.

  73. Sergio Sadatmand

    share your thoughts next time you poser

  74. MoRockHound

    um no lulz.

  75. Thomas Stidham

    Waylon is totally using Lucius Malfoy's cane from the Harry Potter movies.

    GP WASR 10/63

    Thomas Stidham looks identical good eye

  76. inkedby13

    One of the only few bands that will come out in crowd before go on and chill and stay after show to sign autographs. 20 years of sheer excellence

  77. Parker Morris

    is it wrong to say this song made me cry!? :'(

    Ringo deathpepsi Swan

    If you feel the song. It's ok to cry

    Chad Gartner

    Yeah the song is about being decent humans. Not really a crying song. We just got to be better humans.

    Anthony Perrine

    Not wrong at all

  78. Alex Bartlett

    Haha he moved alot when I saw them Friday

  79. Marco Williams


  80. Skully Shoals

    Very relaxing.

  81. juju cheche

    Pyramid head finaly unmasked

    Natures Pipes

    juju cheche omg yes

  82. Klo Riley


  83. 515TheAhus

    Awesoome songs !

  84. choppertyrant21st

    My favorite vocalist

  85. Wilton King

    It's called being theatrical. I guess we can also say that Kiss and Alice Cooper are the same thing too. And then blame Rob Zombie for supposedly copy-catting them. Seriously people? Let musicians just, DO THEIR THING!!

  86. MrMAGGOT2012


  87. Wilton King

    I'm tired of these spiteful comments that compare them and Slipknot. WTF cares?? They both are different genres, and started from very different backgrounds. They both started in the 90's, and never even knew about each other until after the new century began! Please, just stop with the Slipknot - MRH online bickering already! On a side note, this song is quite nice from a very heavy metalcore band that incorporates techno-esque sound.

    Chad Gartner

    Corey shit Taylor was not with Slipknot in the early 90' your homework.

  88. Vassild

    I really agree with your statement... wanna have sex? : D

  89. Justin Gusler

    Fuck it!!! Both bands are great!!!!

  90. Kaitlyn Garner

    They were amazing!! I met Stitch and Jeffrey Nothing,and during the concert I got ran over by Waylon! It was great,the concert itself was just pure fun.. The place I saw them was so packed that you literally couldn't walk anywhere! It was great though,they are awesome live too!

  91. Kaitlyn Garner

    If we want to start a rant technically Slipknot copied Mushroomhead.
    Mushroomhead was founded in 93,while Slipknot wasn't founded until 95.
    Mushroomhead started the masks too.

  92. miguel razo

    slipknot better blah blah blah , just enjoy the fuckin´ music and shut up man, both band are amazing, the metal is the metal just enjoy it

  93. techno allah

    I agree! Why can't people just listen to the music and stop bitching?

  94. D B

    I've seen you on several Mushroomhead videos already. Slipknot is good, but really, fuck off.


    i agree my mind id blown POOFFF lol i just started listing too um there fuckin sweet


    may be one of the best things and genius things i've ever heard

  97. T Honzo

    Get to meet them next month so pumped!!

  98. brad goins

    still love this song.

  99. justin simms

    fresh samples.