Mushroomhead - Destroy the World Around Me Lyrics

As they feed the war machine and pull the strings behind the scenes
With a bloated sense of supremacy

Blinded by the preconceived distorted way to be perceived
It's what's believed by your enemy

Hold on to something - Here come the rains
This damn is about to break
Hold on to nothing - Self-contained
How much more can you take

Might is right and thought is wrong it's along road nowhere
Enjoy the ride with blinders on

Your government is in control they'll keep you safe inside your homes
Board your windows lock your doors - let freedom ring

Hold on to something - Here come the rains
This damn is about to break
Hold on to nothing - Self-contained
How much more can you take
Before you break
Let freedom ring

Unto the dawn of darkness - glistening
Faithless savior murder me
Feed me to failure - disbelief
What does it take - everything I could want believe
Feed me to failure faithless savior murder me
Finish me - feed me to failure murder me
Finish me - what does it take to stop me
Finish me - nothing could make me not believe
Won't let this world get to me - finish me
I'll never live your life for me - unto the dawn
Unto the dawn of darkness
Unto the dawn - glistening
Feed me to failure finish me
Feed me to failure murder me
Unto the dawn of darkness finish me
Finish me - Unto the dawn murder me

Caught in the wave of the world around me
And in this state I'm sure it could drowned me
Will I ever learn the way everywhere I turn today
Something tells me runaway something burns inside me
Even though I've pressed erase
Feel it slowly fade away
Thoughts that go on endlessly
How much longer can I wait
What does it take what does it take

Caught in the wave of the world around me
And in this state I'm sure it could drowned me
Caught in the wave of the world around me
And in this state I'm sure it could drowned me

What does it take what does it take

Will I ever learn the way everywhere I turn today
Something tells me runaway something burns inside me
Even though I've pressed erase
Feel it slowly fade away
Thoughts that go on endlessly
How much longer can we wait

Caught in the wave of the world around me
And in this state I'm sure it could drowned me

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Mushroomhead Destroy the World Around Me Comments
  1. H.P. Lovethrash

    I think they played this live last year when they came through, it was the first time I really started to Ike it

  2. Martin Zavala

    what a powerful song. my favorite mushroomhead song.

  3. TurbochargedTraction Productions

    When Jeff starts singing I get literal chills down my spine


    had some great times with yall love the old school shit for sure lol

  5. Kry Kry Stott

    Getting total Mike Patton vibes in this song and album 💯🔥 this song is so powerful, artistic, dark, and inspiring.

  6. TWNerd

    This song is amazing live so glad they play it in their recent sets!

  7. Chad Gartner

    And then there were 67 deaf tone asshole's

  8. Lukasdario Paulista

    This is War😈😈😈😈😈. Motherfuckers 👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹💀👺👺👺☠️☠️☠️💀☠️💀💀💀👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿

  9. Lukasdario Paulista


  10. Lukasdario Paulista

    Iniciantes malditos ...😂🤣🤣😂😂

  11. Lukasdario Paulista

    Power power motherfuckers SS nazi Brasil. Time of destroy

  12. Lukasdario Paulista

    Nazylife fuck word

  13. Lukasdario Paulista

    SS 2019 estamos no jogo hahahahahahahahahah

  14. Matt Jones

    "This song is sooooo deep."

    Shut up; Shits tuned low and has groove so it's rad.

    Jim Caraker

    I believe the word you are looking for is "gnarly".

    Martin Madden

    The lyrics are deep as fuck. If all u care about is that its tuned down, go back to being a djent reject

  15. Manil Chauhan

    God bless Cleveland, Ohio🇺🇸

  16. nick nonya

    bad ass song

  17. Ashes Spencer

    They did. It's me. Here probably gonna break it till it's too murdered like they did me.

  18. Scott Eddington

    The original mushroomhead

  19. John Goblikon is my spirit animal







  20. Felipe Provoste

    What a good song, thanks for lyrics.

  21. Living Syn

    Thank you for this! Gods bless you!

  22. GP WASR 10/63


  23. GP WASR 10/63



    Weird, that was my first one, too. Earthlink Live in ATL.

  24. mighty white

    Haha, It's a dam like a wall holding back a large body of water. You spelled damn as in damnation. 😆 Its just funny. Usually people get it the other way around. Like they spell dam when referring to the word damnation.
    Edit: Not trying to be a grammar Nazi. Although there's nothing wrong with correcting misuse of the English language. But none the less, I'm not just correcting your spelling I'm more or less pointing it out because it's kinda comical. Get it right next time fucker!! 😉 jk

    Jim Caraker

    Dam autocorrect.

  25. c0nsci0usness

    This track is fucking incredible. The ending really needs to be extended though, I get blue balls every time.

  26. Chans Wonderland

    Whole album is underrated.

    GP WASR 10/63

    Best album in my opinion it didn't come outta my player for about a year...

  27. robluxi piech

    Teenage me listening to this on the way to a party to make sure shit did in fact get fucked up. Love.

  28. M Riojas

    Fucn amazing song...hits home

  29. Stephanie Winn

    This is one st of the first comment sections or just hearing out of people's mouths that ALMOST didn't compare MRH to SK!!

  30. Chuck Smith

    love it

  31. s a v a g e g a m i n g

    Such an underrated song:(

  32. amanda flynn

    This is a song about alcoholism.

    GP WASR 10/63

    Sadly not, but if it's whatcha think. I have no qualms with that bro..

    Aaron Todkill

    I'm a typical Aussie & alcoholism is the norm here 😃 I fucking love this song & it'll probably be one of my funeral songs 😄 fuck I love this song 😁

  33. meatcork

    So fucking epic!! I can't get enough of this song

  34. Saint Havoc

    Perfect song to slow fuck to

  35. Mafaman

    Perfect Anti-illuminati song.

    John Goblikon is my spirit animal

    Or foreshadowing the next freemason false flag.



    @John Goblikon is my spirit animal Agreed.

    John Goblikon is my spirit animal

    @Mafaman lol i got this notification and noticed it auto corrected dam to damn. I'm not that srupid. I promise

    John Goblikon is my spirit animal

    That something to hold on to is silver btw. Something has to fund the next pre-emptive war, they can't use the excuse they used on sept 10th 2001.

  36. Brian Whitman

    Those lyrics are deep

  37. Eldridge Martin

    Damn that's crazy

  38. Set Qesu

    This is one of my all time favorite songs

  39. Donny X

    This should be our National Anthem!

    steve nemeth

    Hahaha damn he can't say shit to that insult!

    mighty white

    @steve nemeth sure I can. I just didnt see it fuck boy.

    Gavin Srmk

    Hell yea!

    Dread Fury

    lol I just realized how perfectly this would work as our national anthem

    the parts
    -"As they feed the war machine and pull the strings behind the scenes
    With a bloated sense of supremacy
    Blinded by the preconceived distorted way to be perceived
    It's what believed by your enemy"-

    Donny X

    @Dread Fury exactly!

  40. Aline Melli

    Perfect ❤

    Charlie Blankenship

    Aline Melli i there

    Julius Julius

    Aline Melli minha br 😉

  41. Robert Dutton

    This song fucking awesome
    And rise up and take it all

  42. Set Qesu

    This and Simple Survival are my favorite Mushroomhead songs to date.

  43. Jack Rabbit

    shloopnoot= edgy kids in skiny jeans.
    Mushroomhead=WW2 in the 70s

  44. Evan Marrs

    Badass song to pump iron too

  45. Ryan Stiles

    best Shit ever 😈😈😈😈💯💯🍄💀

  46. Ryan Stiles

    best Shit ever 😈😈😈😈💯💯🍄💀

  47. Trumble Research

    Knock knock. Hello? Hi North Korea we heard you need 12 million square miles of glass.......war is inevitable we can play campfire songs or admit some people need extinction. I for one have no issue with murdering people. Liberals cried love our enemies murder our unborn but we want women's rights. Just not the women not born. Pregnancy isn't a baby. We could have a toaster in there. It's not a human until it cries. Fuck you. Seattle wants to Make everyone poor. Survival of the fittest vs make everyone unfit and let us all die together under socialism. It's my family or Muslims, gays, cowards and Isis. And I say fuck you. This has been and will be America. I'll die for it. Not riot.

    Nemo the Fallen Angel

    Well said too. Let the blood tides rise. You and me both man

    Nemo the Fallen Angel

    Well said man*

    Nemo the Fallen Angel

    It's not murder if they are already dead. And want to cause more to join thier numbers

  48. Ulfric Stormcloak

    Intro sounds like a Bruce Faulconer DBZ theme.

  49. Daniel Zunk

    Let freedom ring

  50. OhwowlookSteve

    Probably one of Mushroomhead's most powerful songs...

    bobby pursley

    Red-Nexus Music na

    Jinn 87

    This whole album is a master piece

  51. Chris Ahlers

    Such powerful lyrics... This song woke me up back in the day


    Chris Ahlers check out snooze button from The band SNOT..

    Jack Rabbit

    yeah i just j-mann was in it longer

    Corey Shaw

    Likewise! Back when I was trotting on a paper round, I'd have this album on most days, and I'd always get to the half-way point when this song would start. Always gave me a bit of perk for the rest of the route.


    W O K E

    Chad Gartner

    Yeah it is. The whole 8:15 are Intense lyrics.

  52. Mikeal Monseau

    the eye holy shit

  53. Bethany Star Alise

    ugh I love this band

    ÊмеяssФи Sтaiиd

    Bethany Star Alise Nice

    Kry Kry Stott

    Same 😍 and Slipknot


    Same ❤️🤘🏻

    bobby pursley

    Bethany Star Alise how long have you known them

  54. Atraills Sanderson

    Murder me

  55. Metal Detecting

    good song, fuck Zionism eryday

    Anthony Haller

    @National Socialism I don't have time to waste on your shite info. Provide your sources.

    Anthony Haller

    @National Socialism Fuck both Zionism and National Socialism.

    Metal Detecting

    @Anthony Haller See, here's the thing about that buddy. This is a ton of information I've just copy pasted.. It would take me hours to put sources in this, do you think I have all day? It's YOUR job to confirm the sources through your own independent research, I just gave you the key, so go to work son!... The thing about the truth it requires study in order to understand.

    Metal Detecting

    Yes very good. At least you aren't a blind supporter of Zionism like many.

    Anthony Haller

    I do see what you are trying to say. I know that they lie about the amount of people murdered by the Germans. But I'm not even sure that it didn't happen.

  56. Артем Ильин

    Greatest song ever!!!

  57. berlin040909

    I'm having difficulty with my ability to convey a point right now, but these lines, yes, just yes all over.

    "Might is right, and thought is wrong
    It's a long road nowhere...
    enjoy the ride with blinders on
    your government is control
    they'll keep you safe inside your homes
    board your windows, lock your doorshold on to something
    here comes the rains, this dam is about to break..."

  58. DeezeRx

    beautiful af

  59. eNutTheeNut


  60. Max DC

    so fucking epic!!!

  61. Travis Wilkerson

    I have listened to Mushroomhead hahahhha soooo much that i find myself humming their songs without thinking about it. They should come up with an album called "GOSPEL".

    Aurora Forgotten Sorrows

    +Travis Wilkerson right? Mushroomhead are the new cult kings so yeahwe can all let Mushroomhead save us while they kill tomorrow yesterday

    sup man

    +Duskabelle Vonn Blazingskull i see what you did there

  62. David Miller

    the MRH tracks that have synthesized human voices are always severe and usually my favorite tracks see if you notice the difference in content and feel maybe it's just me

  63. Colin Kurtzweil

    this band brought me places growing up, love n respect

  64. James Lamtman

    "Let freedom ring" with that bell in the background is fucking creepy and I love it. One of my favorite Mushroomhead songs.

  65. Blacksuit

    got to be one of the heaviest intros ever


    mike anglada " with a shotgun blast "


    Look up Lamb of God "Vigil" or basically any Septic Flesh song.
    Demon Hunter 'The Flame that Guides Us Home" + "Not I" (Have to be listened to together, first one is a short album intro"

    steve nemeth

    @Miscreant it doesn't have to be scream o' death metal to be heavy it's the dark sound and heavy distortion of guitars that makes it heavy..


    @steve nemeth Also the headbanging rithm it has plus the good lyrics

    steve nemeth

    @Wet u got it! 🤘🤘

  66. Insanity Chicken

    This song perfectly describes PTSD. Not sure if that's what they were going for, but it sounds like it was written from a vet's perspective.

    Aurora Forgotten Sorrows

    +medicineman729 its talking about th governments big ass conspiracy and how its true you're right our gov does what it wants that's why mrh stays in brazil

    Anthony Haller

    They're from the states.

    Charlie Gordon

    Kristabella Klairessa Erlynella Fireheart. Brazil is more messed up than the US is, which is odd for me to say. But Mushroomhead started in the US, and lives in the US.

  67. Anthony Haller

    About what the elite want to do in the future.


    This is a smashing good song.

  69. Jaylaz

    Insane song!

  70. Ser Humano Lozano

    fuck yea.

  71. Cameron Jackson

    eh... alright song

  72. Cameron Jackson

    cool, i just typed the phrase and this song came up. good song too.

  73. john divine

    i love how slipknot came out with a song similar to this a couple years after this one came out

    Wesley Berg

    john divine do you know which one? I'm a fan of both bands, but I don't think I've heard any slipknot song that sounds similar.

    Chad Gartner

    Cory Taylor is a simpleton. Has nothing on Jeffrey, Waylon or Jmann.

    Kry Kry Stott

    @Chad Gartner As much as I like Corey and his voice I have to agree

  74. HikoSeijuroXIII

    Popson is a really talented singer. The colour of his clean voice really appeals to me and it really complements Hatrix' deeper voice.

  75. Timothy K

    Correction, he's referring to an actual dam, not damn as in goddamn

  76. Timothy K

    I misspelled it you jackass

  77. Disturbed928

    i like how you censored the word DAM, which is not a curse word. Shame how no one can remember their homophones. Damn not equal to dam.

  78. Humanity Exiled

    "Might is right and thought is wrong" That's war in a nutshell, and it is indeed a long road nowhere, throwing logic out of the window.
    Stuck in a 21st century stone age...
    There goes my faith in humanity for the... I've lost count.

  79. Barsabus

    the whole fucking thing is

  80. Shaggy Tatum

    As they feed the war machine

  81. FTP 666

    sick intro

  82. Pascal Cadorette

    Simply perfect

  83. Timothy K



  84. Brandon Eickleberry

    @MrPantsOfDeath Indeed