Mushroomhead - Cut Me Lyrics

Cut me and i bleed same as you do
And underneath the need
Secrets show thru
Is there anyone of us
Who ever truly trust the things
We all do
Sensing the pain you lash out
With no restraint
Creating a place that you
Cannot defend
Suffocating need befalls you
When theres nothing left
To hang on to
We fall thru
Till theres nothing left for us
Far too hard to trust
And you fall down dying to know you
Creating a place you can never defend
Sensing the pain
Thats inside of your mind
Breaking down beyond your sight
When i bleed and i release a piece
Of me so seldom seen
Can i survive myself inside you

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Mushroomhead Cut Me Comments
  1. twizzler NoobGoth

    Amazing song.
    Got album on CD.

  2. Joshua Collins

    absolutely BEAUTIFUL song. it actually makes me cry. i dont even know what it is but this song is incredible

  3. John Samardak

    Incredible song. Just like the rest of their work, underrated