Mushroomhead - Burn Lyrics

Take back prone to distract
Its never been the same
Wheres your feedback
You want to break me
Are you dead now
But if you want to see it
Ill take you down
Bur and bleed and refill the cage
Walk the weary wasting away
When i lost my dignity
I closed my eyes
To keep my sanity
Need me want to bleed me
You try to break me down
But you cant conveice me
I hate your life away but i can feel the pain
Choke the beast not be the prey
For another day
Take off the edge
Replace with disgrace
Youve never something rotting in place
Hating and breaking
While leading the way
Our steps all grow closer
For we are the prey
The wolves will all gather
As we come around
Now ring the bell were going down
Bring all sides in

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Mushroomhead Burn Comments
  1. Star Knux

    The only thing I don't like about this video is how much it confused me thinking YouTube was fucking up and lagging again

  2. Leonie S.

    Rip that guy that need to cut and edit this video

  3. Gianluigi Buffon


  4. Silent Soul

    I sense their tempo is slower than most of the bands I hear, changing this to 1.25 makes it better.

  5. Fernando Conceição

    Cada integrante de Mushroomhead en ese momento le estaba dando a la banda un sonido y una originalidad bien chingona, actualmente Mushroomhead se cae a pedazos por tanto cambio de integrantes y se convierte en basúra. Es una lástima, me encantaba mucho esa banda, y tenía para dar aún mas.

    Ch1ps 32

    créelo o no Savior Sorrow no se comparo para nada con el XIII ese fue el ultimo disco decente , savior sorrow fue prácticamente pura batería y guitarra , no había mucho del grupo entero en si , eso de que mushroomhead se cae a pedazos yo no lo creo , recientemente firmaron un trato con Napalm Records , nueva gente esta entrando a la fanbase y a la vez Mush esta grabando un nuevo disco con Jmann al frente , así que están lejos de fracasar (como siempre)

  6. Wellington Henrique


  7. Salt 084692

    Por qué es inadecuado para algunos usuarios?

  8. Joshua Hendren

    X X

  9. Joshua Hendren

    At 0:43 they have clown from slipknot and ace from kiss

  10. Dark souls

    X X
    \||||/ mushroom head you are the best

  11. • W y a t t •

    X X

  12. videoblogs y algo más

    Gana slipKnot :v

  13. Мария Иванова

    2019 ^_^

  14. Jeremi Mayer


    Ch1ps 32

    they already said it like in 2017 i think "the ball is in the slipknot corner" so is more decision of slipknot than mushroomhead , mushroomhead is ready.

  15. Under Selos

    Melhor que Slip!! Isso sim é Nu Metal de verdade!! Que som foda!!

  16. Mr. Hater

    It started so calmly...
    Then my speakers exploded in my face. Danke kamraden :)

  17. Hunter Wade

    Absolutely love this. Sad to see what they have become lately.

  18. Carmen Maiese


  19. Nekro Kanibal

    X X

  20. nesfan8

    What tunning are the guitars in this song ?

  21. nesfan8

    these new slipknot masks look weird

    Keegan Wambold

    They look trash

  22. 「リカちゃん」Little Rika

    Some people headbanged so hard that they accidentally smashed the dislike button.

  23. Mike turner

    Damn these guys are good!

  24. Tinho Cross

    Os caras são bons mas prefiro Slipknot

  25. przemek es


  26. Jason Gómez

    Cool, video and song, i like it..! 😆☻🤘🤘🤘🤘

  27. Jason Gómez

    😀😍😍😍😍☻☻☻👹👹🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘 I like too much this band..! 🤘🤘🤘🤘

  28. ART HORROR Mario locurcio

    Hey motherfuckers copy to slipknot

    Ch1ps 32

    Mushroomhead came first


    Fuck!! Dude, this is fire

  30. Jake Hill

    Perfect metal

  31. Fernanda Coral


  32. Daniel Gay

    x x
    lllllmushroohead caralho da banda forda

  33. Rod HxC

    This was my shit in my high school days lml

  34. this is , for my love

    Mad meditation music ... Just playing it in loop 😂

  35. Fernando Sanchez

    Recién le estoy agarrando el gusto, buena banda.

  36. Finlay Waddell

    X X

  37. Jose Gonzalez


  38. saad jaid

    best track for mushroomhead ever i heard

  39. Erik Jason

    I was into this kind of music back then, holy shit I really miss those days.

  40. ByMaatdraG

    This is probably the best line up mushroomhead had through all the years active

  41. plutonic clown

    cuando estaba en la lista de canciones (la que se pone lado derecho de la pantalla al buscar cualquier banda) de mushroomhead, aparacia prohibido en mi pais, porque pasa eso? soy de mexico

  42. Rexs Escamilla

    X X

  43. Алексей БМВ

    the best Nu_Metal!!!

  44. PWH HWP

    X X

  45. luckas bint

    X. X

  46. Aline Melli

    Mushroomhead ❤

    Lucas Alvim Gouvea

    Vc tem instagram Melli ?

    sᴘᴀʀᴛɪɴʜᴀ :O

    @Lucas Alvim Gouvea GADO D+

  47. javyf2

    0:42 if you see carefully you will see those 3 guys without mask... awesome...

  48. Данијел Минић

    Mushroomhead and SliPknoT brothers!!!

    Kry Kry Stott

    Данијел Минић yes I love Mushroomhead and Slipknot ❤

    Tinho Cross

    Eu também Slipknot 💯

  49. ares0wept

    Burn and bleed and refill the cage

  50. Dorgado Uchiha

    X X

  51. Until it Sleeps

    Such a great band.

  52. AtilaElHuno

    X X

  53. Anonymous

    Hail 😈🤘🤘🤘😈

  54. Deborah Phillips

    mushroom head started in 92in Cleveland Ohio at industrial park

  55. markusz x

    someone tell me. Why the fuck I doscovered this band after 12 years of listening to the metal? WHY IT TOOK SO LONG?! They are just awsome \m/

    Jake Hill

    markusz x its coz they are low key, there getting on a bit now but still excellent, i mean superfun to see in concert so get in there quick if when tour coz like i say, there getting on a bit now

  56. Anthony Guarin

    Jo puta baila mas un viejo con parki song

  57. Anthony Guarin

    Si lees esto la tienes pequeña como arias

  58. Anthony Guarin

    Por eso tanto bullyng bitches. /.

    Adolf HitlerTM 卐

    Ehhh tranquilo ratón.

  59. Dark_Rose 727

    Does anyone know what album this is??


    Dark_Rose 727 savior sorrow

    Big Bad John Kienle

    Dark_Rose 727 Savior Sorrow

  60. Jagos Gergely

    I want to make a psycho-horror shortmovie like this

  61. Suagzilla Qwerty

    X X
    \ |||| /

  62. little zelo

    Some shitty idiots compare to Slipknot

  63. Florin Adrian

    X X

  64. Mario Hernández

    —Amor, ¿qué me vas a dar el Día de San Valentín?
    —Ves aquellas rosas rojas.
    —Sí <3
    —Pues así te voy a dejar las nalgas :v.

  65. axel soto

    X X

  66. paulo m


    ÊмеяssФи Sтaiиd

    Emy Cobain Sim.

    ÊмеяssФи Sтaiиd

    Emy Cobain Mas Slipknot é melhor.

    luckas bint

    ÊмеяssФи Sтaiиd PDP Tamo junto

  67. JoAo AnDrEy

    me parece uma copia do slipknot mas as musicas deles são legais

    Mick Mick

    mushroomhead veio primeiro cara

    luckas bint

    Maick Maick foda-se slipknot é melhor

    Mick Mick

    nossaaaaa biba mexi com seu macho corey Taylor desculpa a e kkkkkk não perguntei quem é melhor seu animal, não sei se vc percebeu mais o assunto aqui é quem veio primeiro e mushroohead veio primeiro isso é fato, e sim slipknot é foda tem mais musica do slipknot que eu curto do que do mushroomhead mais a duas bandas é foda ! curto as musicas deles e não os integrantes não sou ídolo de humano nenhum não idolatro humano. <3

    Adolf HitlerTM 卐

    Mushroomhead is older than slipknot, also each band has its own style.

  68. Frail Limb Nursery

    anyone notice when you pause it at 0:41 the guy on the left has clowns mask from slipknot


    kill me its not but good spot

    Frail Limb Nursery

    Only One Of Us Walks Away !!! dammit i thought i discovered some Illuminati shit haha

    Gary Jennings

    kill me he is it's at 0.42 to 0.43

  69. Adrian C.

    0:04 Speed 0.05
    The best scream

  70. Travis Peckerwood

    I wanna see them live. Bet its a great show.

    Jesus Christ

    Best live show I've ever seen.

  71. Zamek2004

    X X

  72. emo suicida

    x x

  73. MegaSilentman

    X X \|||||/

  74. Mr Moustache

    A lot of their music isn't for me but this song, as well as 12 hundred, are ace.

  75. Ryan Galacticus

    wtf q es esto?

    Miguel Eseiza

    Juan Acosta Buena Música

    Adolf HitlerTM 卐

    Esto? Pues esto es música.


    Una de las mejores bandas del mundo.

  76. Subject Delta 4st dead

    Now, my favorite song of mushroomhead lml

  77. ChickenNugger

    Waylon's "RAAAAAWWWWWWRR" at the start is fucking priceless.

  78. Lil KeenmortOFICIAL

    x x

    Julia Klatik

    RINKE 544- Game Planets​ 454 a picture Peppa Pig Peppa Pig what does today the face season

    Zepper 1089

    (X X)

  79. Lonixo PRO

    Is this death metal?

    M L

    Thats very true

    Big Bad John Kienle

    Raтo Sorrιdenтe Sepultura is thrash metal

    Big Bad John Kienle

    Lonixo PRO Nah this ain't death metal, death metal is shit like Dying Fetus, Cannibal Corpse, Devourment, Six Feet Under and Decapitated

    Victor GM

    Old Sepultura, they are Proto death metal ( Oldschool Death metal , later Thrash metal , later Thrash with Groove metal part, later Numetal and Groove metal with some Hardcore parts 80s and 90s. 2000 era and later I dont now ...

    Jm Herradura

    Sepultura is thrash metal

  80. Alchemist Mortem

    temaso madre santa.

    Alchemist Mortem

    +Metal Musica Studio amo slipknot pero me gustan ambas bandas y por consiguiente para mi las dos son espectaculares.

  81. DerBeak

    Speed: 1,25

    You are welcome!

    The Pariah


    Claudio Jara Rivera

    DerBeak mucho mejor a esa velocidad

    Maximiliano Cardillo

    Haha 1.25x it sounds like KORN *-*

    Iamfletch6417 568


    Lucas Matheus

    became animal

  82. Friedman

    X X

    Tomas Arevalo

    The Freeman Pelo concha :)

  83. Andy Itliong

    Fuck this shits good

  84. Dein Busfahrer

    Dümmste Musik der Welt

  85. samuel pereira

    muito foda X X


  86. samuel pereira

    muito foda \m/

  87. XeneizeGeeK ᴬᴿᴳ

    children of slipknot :)

    Valentino Grosso

    fuck you

    Cross Metal

    +XeneizeGeeK ᴬᴿᴳ no no no nono you litle shit mushroomhead was in the bussines way before slip you fucking poser

    Jack Taylor

    They came two years before slipknot -_-

  88. Q X


  89. Valentino Grosso

    X X

    asif shahriar


  90. FilipeuS

    X X

  91. Rip Keller

    alli esta el mismo guitarrisata de Slipknot? o la misma mascara!?


    Algo así, pero si miras el segundo 0:42, sale la máscara de Clown.

    Björk Is Love.

    Veo que la gente no sabe que Slipknot se baso en estas mascaras para hacer las suyas.

  92. Gustavo Martins

    X X

  93. Régis Blanc


    Arainn Daley

    slipknot isn't really one of their influences. MRH were formed a few years before SK.

    Big Bad John Kienle

    Régis Blanc SlipKnoT was never an influence to Mushroomhead, at the start of both bands careers neither knew of each other's existence

  94. Stitch Meyer

    mushroomhead !!!!!!!!

  95. ÊмеяssФи Sтaiиd

    0:42 Is Slipknot.


    The mask of Clown.

    ÊмеяssФи Sтaiиd

    +Crahadeth Slipknot is best.


    I love both bands, but I followed for years Slipknot and Mushroomhead is too good.

    ÊмеяssФи Sтaiиd

    +Crahadeth Joey and Clow.0:42.

    Eric Draven Nevermore

    yeah what was up with that?