Musgraves, Kacey - Rainbow Lyrics

When it rain it pours
But you didn't even notice
It ain't rainin' anymore
It's hard to breathe when all you know is
The struggle of
Staying above
The rising water line

Well, the sky has finally opened
The rain and wind stopped blowin'
But you're stuck out in the same old storm again
You hold tight to your umbrella
But, darling, I'm just tryin' to tell ya
That there's always been a rainbow hangin' over your head

If you could see what I see
You'd be blinded by the colours
Yellow, red and orange and green
And at least a million others
So tie up the boat
Take off your coat
And take a look around

'Cause the sky has finally opened
The rain and wind stopped blowin'
But you're stuck out in the same old storm again
You hold tight to your umbrella
Well, darling, I'm just tryin' to tell ya
That there's always been a rainbow hangin' over your head

Oh, tie up the boat
Take off your coat
And take a look around
Everything is alright now

'Cause the sky has finally opened
The rain and wind stopped blowin'
But you're stuck out in the same old storm again
Let go of your umbrella
'Cause, darling, I'm just tryin' to tell ya
That there's always been a rainbow hangin' over your head
Yeah, there's always been a rainbow hangin' over your head

It'll all be alright

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Musgraves, Kacey Rainbow Comments

    I love music ❤

  2. Rachel Dyess

    Im watching the masked singer right now😂

  3. Jadon Hatake

    Victor Oladipo killed this bihh

  4. Thingamajig

    I’m gonna release my own version soon!

  5. D' Dreamer

    Ok I searched her age in the google and it she's 31 but why does her voice sounds like a 17 year old girl? It's so angelic.

  6. Margaret Brisbin

    You’re a Beautiful Soul💗👏‼️

  7. Brendin Marx Sooialo


  8. Bogeii

    I lost 2k trivia because of you

  9. Choua Vang

    amazing, how did I just discover this

  10. Nightbot

    I've been trying to find this song so first I searched "and I know it's never easy" but another popular song keeps popping up so I searched "rainbow" still couldn't find it 😂 so I searched "a million dreams actors" and searched up the kids name + rainbow like what 😅😂 and finallY I put filters and found phew I'm so glad I found it I love this song !


    Thanks to jk that i found this amazing song😭I'm in love with this song now

  12. Fitri Ariani

    This song is really put so many emotional feelings in me...

  13. Kerstin Smith

    Sing this to your child who you always knew was gay 😂

  14. Kerstin Smith

    I feel like people forget I’m suffering. Not from depression, but my headache. I’ve had the same headache since November of 2018. It’s now December of 2019. I’m praying 2020 will save me. This song just reminds me to hang on and don’t give up.

  15. NatMesh

    VO absolutely killed this song, 1000000 times better than the original!

  16. intan suci

    Kesini gegara story nya kak barry? Ada

  17. Jane M

    Any CBC dancers here because of nutcracker?

  18. Amy Betts

    Thingamajig! He brought me here

  19. James Englebert

    Jesus is the rainbows that’s always been over my head.

  20. Corri Hensle

    Is anyone else here from thingamajig from masked singer

  21. Chris Guerra

    Love this

  22. Dean Michael

    This made me cry.

  23. Tammy Powell


    Michael Grier

    Get outta here Jehovah witness

  24. Jose Gray

    Impeachment Vibes.....for sure....

  25. Crissy J.

    tears streaming down my face

  26. Nick W

    Started listening to her a month ago she sounds amazing...

  27. Jason Newport

    banker cat does not approve your loan

  28. Bat Masterson

    Did kacey musgraves get permission from survivor to use music from their "search is over"song?

  29. Bat Masterson

    This song sounds like Survivor's "The Search is Over"

  30. devita krysta

    ONE OF THE BEST SONGS OF ALL TIME!! Rainbow is that bitch..

  31. Fielding Rogers

    you found your rainbow, will you find your pot of gold? one of your gifts is something used by a famous musician, now re purposed for your use. just a lil bit? 36O7HA7 very likeli

  32. Monkey Abattoir

    meep meep meep meeepepeeeepmpeeeeep meeep meeep!

  33. Bradley Will

    shoutout to victor oladipo for introducing me to this song

    edit: just listened to golden hour, I don’t really like country music but that album is amazing

  34. Nika c

    Thingamajic made me love this song even more

  35. Selena Castillo

    She lowkey looks like Ariana Grande here

  36. Becca s

    There is a beautiful purity to her voice!! A one of a kind and unique singer. Lovely song!!

  37. dramatic and sarcastic

    Am I the only one who thinks she looks a bit like Idina Menzel??

  38. rashid bungkalot

    The version of Victor Oladipo is much better

    Meet the Outlaw

    Very much.

  39. Emily G

    New favorite

  40. Agnieszka Reda

    This is song is so much more than anthem or anything else this is song which gives you hope when you don't have it ,which gives you peace when you heard it .At least to me.

  41. SUGERE Sébastien

    This song is beautiful, i didnt heard it before The Masked Singer sorry but well done Kacey Musgraves...but The Thingamajig performance as known as Victor Oladipo was AMAZING, his voice for the way he performed the song was the best male vocalist perf i'v ever heard, please Victor sing it in entire with the same sounds as it was on the Masked Singer, so PERFECTLY, everybody cries in hearing U Thingamajig Victor Oladipoooo

  42. ndiogou niang

    Victor Oladipo

  43. Alex B

    I don't know why but, when i listen a new song, in my head pop up at least 5 or 7 reference to old songs i just listen in my life. I'm unable to appreciate new songs, i'm so sad.

  44. tristan yancy

    We lost a loved one because of cancer last Oct. 6. and this song reminds me of her. She is such a strong person but cancer defeated her. We miss you Ate Dan. 😔

  45. Vinnie Data

    Guy, girl, both, neither. Gay, straight, somewhere in between. Atheist, Christian, Muslim, Satanist, or polytheist. It doesnt matter in the end, please stop hating, love is what matters, thats something we can all agree on. 😊

  46. Liv Johnstone

    Reading all these comments makes me so happy. This song means so much to me and I’m glad others have felt the way I have felt about it💕

    F E

    Same. I love that this track finally made it on to an album. It's been a favourite of mine for so long.

  47. Erin White

    My dad learned this song to sing when he plays. It's that good.

  48. Roshan Thilanka

    Masked singer anyone 🧐

  49. elaipark

    Whos here after watching
    the mask singer thing of a geg

  50. Brandon Behring

    NGL I think victor oladipo sings the song better

  51. Mollie Lamont

    This song warms my heart for my brother died

  52. grace suzanne

    my cat unexpectedly died yesterday.. miss her so much

    Brittney Dawn

    grace suzanne I’m so sorry 😔

  53. Rihanna LovtoVEVO

    the best

  54. Taleica McFadden

    First heard this on the Mashed Singer and just watch the video....beautiful.

  55. Maxine Maciaszek

    this song always makes me feel so peaceful. love u kacey

  56. Emo Mulan

    I just need to listen to this song when my depression kicks in 😢 it helps everytime. Bless you, Kacey 💕🌈

  57. darwaka88

    Viktor Oladipo brought me here =)

  58. Jennifer Alexandra

    this song reminds me of the ame orphans from naruto. right after konan died and ame stopped raining

  59. Ofc. Bryan Mozingo, SLO

    This is the most BEAUTIFUL song I've EVER heard!

    F E

    It's a worthy choice for that title tbh.

  60. Jim Slezak

    My 7 month old loves this song..calms him down...been putting him to sleep with it last few nights... dont tell me he doesnt know it..he will go from crying to smiling as soon as it starts

  61. LinkedBeliefs

    hey look!, it's Bernie Sanders at 0:51

  62. Annie Tremblay

    My name is kiara and the song raineow

  63. Child of God Forever

    Found this after Thingamajig- Masked Singer. Victor sings better than her. Wish he would record a full version of the song.

  64. jameka robinson

    Not better than oladipo his performance was amazing

  65. Chad Faulkner

    Sign of the times.

  66. rizz d

    Here’s another “rainbow” song you might like. Just ‘feel good’ vibes, when you’re feeling down, when you’re depressed or you just wanna relax, this is a good song for you.

  67. Ivie Johnston

    I just went through an ectopic pregnancy. I’m 7 days post operation, they had to take my left tube and my baby. This song has been on repeat. Bless it ❤️

  68. Ashley Limonteco

    I'm sorry I'm new to Kacey, but once I heard her voice I instantly fell in love with her music 😍👏🏼🎶❤ it's so beautiful!

    F E

    She has that effect on people 😍

  69. Sarah Hendricks

    I can’t help but cry every time I hear this song

  70. Rollx

    Thingamagig brought me here❤

  71. Ruby Vargas

    My sister best friend recently committed suicide and this song always reminds us of her. Thank you ❤️ Fly High Rebecca

  72. leicestergirl63

    What a beautiful song and the lyrics are so true. I just heard this song for the first time watching this video on the Dory Fritz page on FB, and the song is so fitting to Dory's tale of horrible suffering and abuse that turned into a great rescue and the best thing that could have ever happened to her :

  73. J Carri

    I finally got to hear this song live! And let me tell you! It WAS AMAZING!!!

  74. Lakes

    Rip juice wrld fly high brother

  75. Adam Chebaa

    This song deserves soo much more vieuws..

  76. Lance Taylor

    Such a well written song! I can barely listen to this song without crying.

  77. Evy


  78. R MCK


  79. Sindy S

    I can't stop listening to this song it reminds me when my dog died I was in tears because it was my first dog

  80. Jordan Byrd

    I just boohoo cried even more now that I've seen the video. She is absolutely beautiful with an amazing voice.

  81. Lani Matthews

    🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄 I love this song

  82. vivi phillip

    Anyone else came from thingamajig?

  83. GeeStang

    I first time heard this song I felt in love, also felt like I'm floating on air

  84. marisol de la torre

    This spoke to my soul

  85. Thwn Dok2


  86. Chevxy Angela

    I lost my best friend who committed suicide. I was so nasty to her and treated her like shit. Damn I miss her. I was the one who found her.


    I ❤️ this song


    I am here because if the masked singer

  89. vanesa zapata

    jungkook me trajo aquí, arte

  90. AA B

    She should try voice acting

  91. Shane persons

    God I love this lady!! ♥️♥️♥️

  92. And I oop- :O

    Oml, I can't be a fan on the second song can I?

  93. Sarinety Grayce

    This song has been thrown at me a couple of times. At first I heard it this morning when I was getting ready for school, then it was in my mind all day, and one of my fav instagram people posted it with the lyrics in the caption. And now I can’t stop thinking about it! I love it sm ! I have been having a hard time lately with my dad and mom and siblings and then this song out of nowhere came on. Now I love it.

  94. Kyle Kirby

    Who thinks The Masked Singer sung it better?

  95. Kourtney White

    I love this song and play it so much my 4 yr old son loves it and sings it all the time.

  96. The Sweetest grace

    I didn't want this album to end!!!! :( I love you so much Kacey 💘

  97. Marie Franziska

    Can you please play this at my funeral ❤️