Musgraves, Kacey - Golden Hour Lyrics

All that I know
Is you caught me at the right time
Keep me in your glow
'Cause I'm having such a good time
With you

Baby don't you know?
That you're my golden hour
The color of my sky
You've set my world on fire, yeah
And I know, I know everything's gonna be alright, mhm

I used to get sad
And lonely when the sun went down
It's different now
'Cause I love the light that I've found
In you

Baby don't you know?
That you're my golden hour
The color of my sky
You've set my world on fire, yeah, yeah
And I know, I know everything's gonna be alright
Yeah, yeah

You make the world look beautiful, oooh
Thought I'd seen it all before
But looking through your eyes
It looks like paradise

You've set my world on fire, yeah
And I know, I know everything's gonna be alright

You're my golden hour
A watercolor sky
You've set my world on fire, yeah
And I know, I know everything's gonna be alright

Yeah I know, I know everything's gonna be alright
Golden hour

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Musgraves, Kacey Golden Hour Comments
  1. Sam The Music 'Critic'

    So like thank god this is a thing

  2. Sweet Home Delights

    Hi Kaceym, This is a very nice video and we "Subscribed" your channel.

  3. Rosie Hill

    This is one of those songs you listen to when the sun sets. 😌

  4. Muhammad Saleh Harun

    Whose come here after the Grammy?

  5. Roberta Ioana

    Here from instastory instastory Lili Reinhart 💖💖💖

  6. stncod yaşar

    Lili reinhart story

  7. Dannybuns 2.0

    My partner showed me this song, because it made him think of me. And I fell in love with him, and this song instantly. WE NEED A MUSIC VIDEO!

  8. kbrownevan

    As someone who doesn’t typically to listen country, this is one of my favorite albums of all time. This album made me not only expand on my music taste, but took me on journey I’d never forget. I cried and felt so many emotions. I can’t think of a single album that made me feel this way🥺


    Sucks harder

  10. Fikre Nega

    this is going to be my first dance song at my wedding

  11. Hector Anzaldua

    This girl is amazing

  12. Sh'Ē is v't

    Gradis th. Venus-fly-trap

  13. flufftronable

    Such a Gilmore girls song

  14. flufftronable

    Nikki Bella brought me here

  15. D E A T H O F T H E B R I D E

    What I love about her songs on this album is how they sound both happy and sad. This grey area is expressed in her lyrics and the chord arrangements. No matter, how you explain it something that is truly one of a kind. Her music is innovative and is pushing the bounds of what country music is.

  16. D E A T H O F T H E B R I D E

    This reminds me of Tame Impala. Damn she has an amazing voice.

  17. James Mills

    This is wedding song material af.

  18. Martha Valenzuela

    I Love this song! Beautiful

  19. mattpytlak

    Hearing this live is amazing.

  20. Rebeca Guimaraes

    Sounds familiar

  21. niallernandos •

    Niall Horan brought me here.

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    Who is here after Niall Horan’s tweet?

    Fateha Harun

    haha me

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    I came here from Niall horan's tweet

  26. สิรินทรา เรือนทอง

    I repeat it over and over~ your voices make the world look beautiful.

  27. Alex Kim

    this is so good, im not even i big fan of country to be honest but like this is just so gooddd

  28. Prince JSC

    Good song


    Congrats for awarded by 61th Grami Award 2019

  30. the grinchiest flix

    Girlfriend told me this reminded her of me, I feel so lucky to be with her.

    Dr Phil Yo -_-

    the grinchiest flix my girl said the same G

  31. Lizzy Grant

    sounds like something Olaf would dance to

  32. Martinus -

    came from discover weekly on spotify.. oh damn its sooo damn good

  33. snailtopia

    Song reminds me of my dog :( Miss u buddy <3

  34. Ethyl Mae Valdriz

    Selena brought me here. I’m not actually a country song listener but her songs are all good 😍 I’m starting to love country music

  35. Aditi Singh

    Album of the year

  36. TheVintageRomance

    Kacey's my first introduction to country music 😩🙌🏾 Are there any other artists similar to her style?

  37. Greg Vincent

    You're already a star, Kacey!
    Our shining star 🌟 !!!

  38. Gd Angels

    Just when I thought I was out they pulled me back in ...a voice that lingers is rare nowadays .u b good now ya hear praise the child.

  39. Pulak

    Any one here after she got the Grammy's award???

  40. Sound Egg

    I love you so much <3



  42. Dave Shephard

    The best album of all time.

  43. Noot Noot

    this song is so damn good

  44. MKfanPeter

    Thx nakinyko

  45. Monica Vega

    She deserves millions of subscribers, Love her music! 😊💕

  46. Pratik Pashine

    She really deserves Grammy award

  47. Fitri Ariani

    Welcome,you have very good taste of music. Enjoy the warmness and this world class talent yeahhhhhh

  48. Lex Lou

    Sounds like getting high and playing with pink and purple glitter in a low lighting setting

  49. Black Swan


  50. jazmin tarqui


  51. Devkinandan Pachori

    I listen this bec I came to know that golden hour win grammy award😍😛

  52. George Martinez

    Acl brought me here ♥️ Good music :)

  53. Glowskulls Media

    No wonder she win that grammy, such a beautiful song

  54. Huy Le

    sounds like warm milk

  55. curioshittii

    Shuffle playing the Lover album by Taylor Swift led me here

  56. Alison

    E. Espinosa?

  57. Justin Butteris

    My ex and I used to listen to this and sing it together. But I gave up on our relationship. But she will never get replaced in my heart. Thank you kassidy for all the good times. I'm sorry for my young dumb immature mistakes.

  58. G Fragiacomo

    Classic, soulful timeless.

  59. Naman Tiwari

    *GRAMMY* *GOES* *TO*

  60. JeffBlondeau

    I see CMA nomination for 2019 Female Vocalist of the Year. So deserving of that. I hope she wins.

  61. Gaynor Realtor Miami

    I used it to get sad, now I just get glad,

  62. blubell24

    Renee Young and Jon Moxley brought me here

    Joe Torres

    How? 🤔


    @Joe Torres because they love Kacey Musgraves and renee posted the lyrics for this song on her insta

  63. Giovani Agnes

    SPOTIFY recommendation brought me here 😏

  64. Izaaa A

    Selena Gomez brought me here🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

  65. Meaghan Rose

    I love this song it reminds me of the boy i’m in love with 🥺

  66. Adore Dark

    meanwhile I came here from Dustin Vuong

  67. Alissa perez

    Sounds exactly like the golden hour feels. But the ones on a beach with someone you love. You wrote this perfectly.

  68. Dominique Z

    i randomly found this song looking for something else. thought it was going to suck
    but this is really good! ! sounds lovely and you're talented girl 💖

  69. Sharon Owens

    Musgraves almost deserves a music category of her own. Oh, so easy to listen to and fall in love with her sound. Yet it could slide very neatly into rock/country/alternative/easy listening categories.

    She gives me so much to look forward to: with whom will she collaborate next? (Who turns down a four-time Grammy winner?). Tours and live versions of these little jewels! And all those songs and albums coming up in future.

    She won’t have to compromise any-effing thing! She took her stand at exactly the right time. Her music won’t ever get watered down by music biz execs who have this group and that to kow-tow to.

    And her glowing example has lifted up every weary, overworked female with talent (working two waitress jobs, fitting her sacred real talent into her precious and nearly non-existent spare time). No more sexual harassment in the dim hope of getting scraps, taking decades to “make it”,

    This fearless pioneer feminist humanist is music’s hero! Long live Kacey Musgraves!

  70. ugly weirdo

    I have been a hardcore Kacey Stan since her first album, I’m so happy I discovered her when I did

  71. Karolína Kostková

    I was kinda disappointed 'cause I was hoping for Melodrama to win Album of the year, but now I get why this won...

  72. Jeziel

    Amo essa música! ♥️🇧🇷

  73. Andy Brami

    She is so good! and so unrated
    underrated !!

  74. L L

    Thanks to Jonas Brothers !❤️

  75. LilDigi

    She and My Morning Jacket would make a great concert billing

  76. Fernando Iturburu

    I had the frustration of not listening country music for too many years as, after the 70s, it stopped telling something. And after 9/11 it was even worse. But how can I not like this little masterpiece?

  77. Vökuró

    Haven't listented to this in afew months. i forgot how great it was lol

  78. Elijah

    Please keep your politics and your nasty mouth to yourself. We don't want to hear either, and if you keep spewing that filthy language all around (that comes from a filthy heart btw) those blessings that God has bestowed upon you...can be removed just as quick. "A beautiful woman who lacks discretion
    is like a gold ring in a pig’s snout." (Proverbs 11:22)

  79. Leon Kane

    Golden Shower

  80. Aurora Ayala

    I fucken love this song

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    Kennedy Walsh brought me here

  82. Sabrina Oliveira

    Que música maravilhosa 😍

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    Tommy Bracco brought me here!

  84. Eldre Raffe

    Im so shocked when she won the grammy and the nominees were drake, and more. Then I listen to her album, well she really deserves it 😌✨❤️

  85. chihuahua thatderpdog

    i didn't even know that this was a country song

  86. Getrude

    So relaxing

  87. Carmen Wise

    She should write a song with Sir Paul McCartney before its too late.

  88. Kaley Birge

    This is what would play if you were walking through a field of wildflowers at sunset with the love of your life

  89. k h e a n

    here in my room, bopping to this song.

  90. Andrea Martinez

    this song has a special place in my heart

  91. Amosh Nagarkoti

    Bha , if you see this reply me back ❤️

    KC Bhawana

    Yes babe..,I found u ❤️

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    Put the speed on 1,25x, you’ll thank me later 😏

  93. Loretta Anderson

    I know this is supposed to be a love song, but I like to think of it as a self love anthem to someone battling anxiety and depression :)

  94. Sawsan alkooheji

    Kristin Johns brought me here ❤

  95. Layma .alone

    This song makes so happy

  96. Christopher Pumarada

    heard this song when some friends played it in the car.. holy shit its one of the most beautiful songs i have ever heard