Murphy, William - You Are My Strength Lyrics

You are my strength, strength like no other. Strength like no other reaches to me. [x4]

In the fullness of Your grace, in the power of Your name, you lift me up, you lift me up. [x2]

You are my strength, strength like no other. Strength like no other reaches to me. [x2]

In the fullness of Your grace, in the power of Your name, you lift me up, you lift me up. [x3]

You are my strength, strength like no other. Strength like no other reaches to me.

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Murphy, William You Are My Strength Comments
  1. Tierra Jenkins

    This song is the truth.. God is with me every step of the way...

  2. Brandi Peters

    Thank you Jesus for being my strength!!

  3. Kathy Wood

    i love this song this song was played at james robert kennedy radio. radio died from completed of diabetes on 12-15,2019 he was 73 yrs.old. he was special needs person. he lived in anderson SC.

  4. Antonio Wilder

    I was in a battle with alcohol growing up thinking it was cool, Watch my Uncle die from it i found my Marriage going down hill till God Showed up i found myself on floor crying. following Sunday went Church got Saved This Song just makes me Thank God for Changing me Jesus is My Strength. Thank You for Delivering me

  5. chinouyamale

    What kind of prayer work goes into creating a praise of this quality?

  6. ernestine Faulkner

    Wow ! Yes you are my strength !
    Lord love . you lift me up, strength like no other, hallelujah

  7. Ms love721 Keisha Strawder

    I love this song

  8. Kimberly Ragland

    I love this song I just heard it 3 Sundays ago it is a worshipper love song to The Almighty Lord Jesus..lost my mom on April 19 1997 .time does bring about a healing

  9. Dafne Noel


  10. keketclay27

    My good lost friend he deaf man last month on Thanksgiving day wrong time hard for me forget move on lost miss my good friend he nice man

  11. Peaceful one Love

    Keep producing worship music please....

  12. Kenisha Burton


  13. Erica Norris

    God is my strength every single day I have to rejuvenate and remind myself who I am daily. I believe in my heart that God is not mad at me! Repent daily and remember to not shame yourself for having a fall down. ENCOURAGE YOURSELF, but also remember God will eventually send someone your WAY for help. Open your mouth and speak the name of the Lord. I thank you God for young people... I learned so much from my peers. God is real I have a story to tell.. Be Grateful, Smile, Pray.. You are my strength strength like no other. I am joyful today because God shifted my life and show me true love. 😭🙏❤

  14. Karen D Edwards

    Bits and pieces of this song has been apart of my morning devotion! So this afternoon I decided to find it on YouTube! He is our strength no matter what we face! Thank you Mr. William Murphy for allowing GoD to use you in delivering a powerful song to the world we live in today.


    🗣Ooooh Hallelujah!!!!🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽Yesssss Lord‼️‼️‼️
    🗣Nobody gives me strength like You God‼️

  16. Connie Austin

    After a car accident , on this day 3 years ago, I woke up with this song on my mind, I played it and worshiped, knowing that God had kept me alive. Thank you Jesus! You are my strength!

  17. sanijohn services

    It's only because of ELOHIM we are still standing. Glory YAH

  18. Anna Marley

    I thank Jesus for the blessing this song is to me .

  19. Royalty101

    I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me...therefore no weapons against me shall EVER prosper!!! I thank God for choosing me!!!

  20. Michael Wallace

    My go to when I’m feeling exhausted

  21. ecilop Dorsey

    Lost my mom this year feb 19, 2019. Never thought I’d write this... loneliness becomes me... i feel very lost... But God!

    Gina Ughiovhe

    Praying for you! Lost my dad a few days earlier than your mom.

    ecilop Dorsey

    Gina Ughiovhe Bless u sis feel free to call me 313 587-4172 Dale from Detroit

    Gwen Scott

    I feel your pain. I losted mine 2002 and l still miss her. God b with you.

  22. Kelli Jackson


  23. Harold Revette

    Great work!

  24. Lee Henderson

    My mother died in 1982 and I Love my mother was a woman who was Abused mentally and physically and I repeated the same,my children daddy Abused me for 13 years,l’ m alright now I Thank God for Grace and Mercy

  25. MichaelAngelo

    Its crazy what worship can get you through. Even the darkest valleys. We can do anything through HIS strength. All we had to do is have a little faith . Even as small as a mustard seed . God knows this has been the darkest times of my life but his Rod and Staff comfort me.

  26. Myia B

    Can you watch my cover of this song 💛

  27. Myia B

    Check out my cover of this song here 💛

  28. Gladystine Parker

    You're my strength strength like no other. Amen

  29. Tettey Emmanuel

    Fell in love with this song from the very first day I heard it on radio. 😘😘😘🙏🙏🙏.
    Indeed our strength lies in the Lord

  30. Dafne Noel


  31. Dezarye' Inez


  32. Space Unicorn sisters Otasowie

    I love you song it's so good

  33. QWEENB Qween

    This song is my heart speaking to god through all

  34. Takari Golliday

    In the fullness of your grace in the power of your name you lift me up.

  35. y143128

    This one that keeps me going on my down and you days alike! Trust Me is a good song too!

  36. george hazzard

    We love you forever our precious brother's and sister's, because OUR HEAVENLY FATHER'S LOVES You the first.

  37. Tyisha Kidd

    I love this song😭🙌❤😊

  38. Kai Moore

    All I got lord your all I got

  39. CARLA Redskins

    With Every Situation I am going through I know God you will Give me Strength like no other and your Strength Reaches to ME GLORY TO THE KING HALLELUJAH THANK YOU GOD FOR LIFTING ME UP
    JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!💙❤💚💕You are my STRENGTH (GOD)

  40. Loray Child Of God.

    This Is Helping Me Right Now ... Been Very Drained.

  41. Cyndi K.

    This song ministers to me every time. Lord, you are my Strength. Strength like no other! And, Lord I thank you!!!

  42. Sindy Puncu

    I'm facing financial problems and I'm to drop out university but I won't give up because my strength is coming from Jesus christ

    Regina Coleman-Waytes

    Sindy Puncu I will be praying for you. God knows every need before you even knew you had a need to begin with. Keep your eyes towards the hills which comes your strength. God will work it out on your behalf if you remain faithful.

  43. Vivian Ruffin

    God you give me strength like nor other Thank you God!! ❤❤❤💕

  44. ernestine Faulkner

    Hallelujah ! In the power of your name. This song does so much to me, strength like no other 😢

  45. Tajai Calip

    I love to have as many People that I can to deliver me to my journey and free me of the toxic people who feel that they cannot grow so they want to prevent me from growing. This morning April 10, 2019 my message and memo. No one is welcome to come in the bathroom with me at my job, grocery store, home, business, or anywhere else with a locked door and one stall. If you want to see the strength the higher power possess in me try me...You will see my 💪....

  46. Angela J

    I thank God for being my Strength because if God hadn’t been my strength when my Mother went home to be with Him I don’t know how I would have gotten through but I thank Him for being my STRENGTH!

  47. Tracy Murry

    I couldn't sleep last nite. I just started a new job and its working in the childcare industry. The thing is, I have no immune system to fight anything off. I went to bed humming this song and I also had a fever. Every time I got up, the song was on me. I started playing this song and I kid you not, I felt the fever beginning to fall off. Last year I end up in the hospital for 9 days and had to quit after a week. But, God is my strength!!!!! I will work these three days a week in the Power of His name Jesus the Christ!!!!!!!

  48. Elaine Red Y

    Yes!! LORD..YOU are my STRENGTH🙏

  49. Elaine Red Y


  50. Shedreonna Green


  51. Maple Bizzell


  52. Briana Cousins

    My great uncle funeral they sing this at his funeral

  53. Jojo preaching n working

    When my dad was going lung cancer God give me this song to hold on too

  54. ernestine Faulkner

    I'm always humming this song a part of my day , you lift me up glory to God. In the fullness of your grace and the power of your name you lift me up !!

  55. Ms Natasha

    Amen say that! GOD CHASER

  56. Meryl Daley

    This was performed at my friend's funeral the other day. 40 year old God loving father of two and husband.Gone way too soon...and gone suddenly.No one understands why this happened it but this song has helped bring acceptance and faith to those in need. You could just feel the holy spirit in that was so powerful.Love this song! Rest in Peace Bernard Newton!!! Gone but never forgotten.

  57. Aleo Girl


  58. pamela jones

    On time song Ty Jesus for sowing this song 2 me I receive ur strength & I am coming up

  59. Shatra2019

  60. Bless Kearse

    I tried my way of living , Now i know i can’t do it alone. I need my higher power my lord and savior.GOD, you are so Amazing, so amazing you lifted me up. Thank You💋💕

  61. Cynthia Alexander

    Love this song ❤️❤️❤️

  62. Terry Brandy missing you Brunson

    Choir at my church really sing this song yesterday.when I got up to go to church yesterday I felt that kind of disturbed praise God I made it to service yesterday .and when I heard this song in church yesterday's.

  63. omega unstoppable Smith

    Lord thank you for being so grateful so kind you lift me up in your strength reach it's to me hallelujah 🙌🏽🖖🏼🙏🏼💜

  64. Flabby T

    I just gave my mom a long hug 😊 however shes been coughing alot so plz pray 4 her thx😞😀

    Catrin Glasgow

    Flabby T I declare the healing power of Jesus over your mom. I speak life and health to her lungs and every part of her body. May she rise up and testify to this song...singing and giving glory to our Healer Jesus!

    Racquel L Mitchell

    How's your Mom now? Thanking God for being Her Healer and for The Blood of Christ that never loses Its Power. Blessings in Jesus' Name. Amen.

  65. Angel Brooks


  66. Shirley Edun

    This song!!! Just powerful!! God is our strength always 🙏🏿🙌🏾

  67. jaydrewsongs

    Declaring that I will finish strong. Yes Sir! Si Senor!

  68. Maxine Graham

    I love this song he is my strength

  69. Maple Bizzell


  70. Maple Bizzell


  71. Romanda W. Posey

    Lord you are my STRENGTH!!!!!! This song helps me remember who's I am and I declare that NOTHING this world tries to hit me with break me, in the mist I will still stand on my FAITH in the LORD, because you and only you are my STRENGTH. THANK YOU LORD!!!!!!!

  72. Maple Bizzell


  73. Nicole Edwards

    December 21, 2018

  74. Tyana Harris

    This is a BEAUTIFUL song💕

  75. Gossoup Girlz

    That little boy singing this song brought me here.🥰

  76. Maple Bizzell

    MY LORD!!

    Maple Bizzell


  77. Fahm Washington

    Singing this today at my church #sunrisemountainministries facebook check us out

  78. Iesha Moody

    I love you if your living tears

  79. Maple Bizzell


  80. Maple Bizzell


  81. Maple Bizzell


  82. Miracle Carter

    Yessssssssssssssssss Lord. This song was in my Spirit this AM I had to play it. Anytime a song is in my Spirit I sing it and I play it, it ministers to me. Yes Lord.

  83. Kenya Cole

    In the times of chaos ,trials ,and tribulations are the times that Jesus performs his greatest miracles! Like so many others we suffer with pain sickness financial issues and some many other life experiences.But one thing about Sweet Jesus he is always are strength.It takes us to push and he will pull us through in every way imaginable!#BeautifulSong!🙏💪

  84. Sheila Cole


  85. Marquisha Jerry

    Praising God for this song amen. Much needed for today. Just reminiscing in my mind about my grandma too whom I miss dearly, while listening to this song.

  86. Maple Bizzell


  87. Tricia K

    This song!

  88. Antoinette Ellis

    My sister spoke of this song this morning and it has been speaking to my spirit since then. Right on time! I NEEDED this song this morning!!! Only God!!!!

  89. Shareeta Raeqael

    This year is not over yet and so many things happened and I just want to continue to be great at being grateful .. No complaints and accept things that are out of my control and the things that I can change happens one step at a time!! You are my strength like no other!!

  90. Willie Taylor

    HALLELUJAH THANK YOU LORD... The Joy of the Lord is my strength.

  91. Sherry Crayton

    I love this song

  92. Kaneesha Mallory

    This is my first time listening to this song. Within seven years I have loss both of my parents, brother, uncle, aunts, and most recently my oldest sister died unexpectedly on October 5, 2017. Plenty of times I wanted to give up on my life. But I know My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is right there for me.

    Tiffany Egans

    Sjr brought me here from the 7 dat wild woman challenge 🙏🙏🙏

    Tiffany Egans

    Amen 🙏🙏

    Dawn Smart

    Praying for you to make it lady