Murphy, William - Make Me Righteous Lyrics

Holy, Holy Lord
Sovereign in all your ways
Holy, Holy Lord
You are the ancient of days
You are awesome in power
Amazing is your grace
I desire to see your face
Make me righteous
Before you
Make me holy
For you are holy
Purify me
In your presence
Holy Lord
Holy Lord [Repeat]
Lead: How I love you Lord
I want to please you with my life
So I will love you Lord
And offer you my sacrifice
You are worth of glory
Worthy of all praise
I desire to know your ways
Make me righteous
Before you
Make me holy
For you are holy
Purify me
In your presence
Holy Lord [x8] [Adlibs]
Holy, Holy Lord [Adlibs, {modulates}]
Holy Lord - to fade out

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Murphy, William Make Me Righteous Comments
  1. Lanre Aderinola

    That's why we cry Holy, we want you. Holy Lord !!! Awesome worship


    We cry holy, you are worthy, that’s why we cry holy😩🤲🏾😭

  3. Lyana Branner

    We Cry Holy.... U are Worthy.... That's why We Cry Holy..... God is Good..... Blessings on Blessings

  4. Elizabeth Rushing

    Yes I want YOU Lord❤

  5. tatyindi

    Can someone please stop me? I had William Murphy on repeat for the past 2 hours and can't stop!

  6. Prophet Travis miller


  7. Rita

    THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!!!

  8. Tunisha Hewitt

    This song really uplifts me

  9. Dria B

    I love this beautiful song... been on repeat

  10. Famaya Hasberry Myers

    This song just gives me life!!!

  11. Delphi 0101

    Just beautiful. Sounds like Id imagine angelic heavenly worship to be and the music is other worldly. #Seraphim #Cherubim #4LivingCreatures #Thrones

  12. LaVon Fuller

    Let us join in with the Angels and cry Holy Lord

  13. Diamond Doll

    We cry holy! Holy Lord 🙌🙌🙌

  14. bigboytee431

    Great song

  15. Tynisha Brown

    You can tell that music is their ministry. The singers and the musicians are with one accord. Awesome worship!

  16. Ike_ Nike


  17. Verna Williams

    This song make me feel some kind of way.

  18. Ashley Gilliard

    Vaughn we thinking of u today!

  19. Tynisha Brown

    I love this!!!!!

  20. Kiarra Hicks

    DeVaughn Murphy's part just takes me in every single time!!!!! His voice, inflection, just crying out and sounds so vulnerable. Yes Lord!!! We cry out holy!!!!! R.I.P. DeVaughn Murphy =(

    Ashley Gilliard

    Yes. So pure. I was listening to him all morning. We need warriors on this earth like he was!

    Lola Falana

    yes his part touches me also

    Citydemoand abatement

    His part gets me as well.

    Artavia Garner

    Kiarra Hicks you cant help but cry out and imagine the angels praising God

  21. D Lovely

    You are worthy Lord!!!

  22. D Lovely

    You are worthy Lord!!!

  23. Jemarr Smith

    Holy Lord Holy Lord ....

  24. 3210Ladybug

    I want You. I want You.
    Holy Holy Holy Holy Holy Holy Holy

  25. Diana Sow

    Holy Holy Holy LORD!!! love this song

  26. yani da Don

    this song really touch my soul

  27. yani da Don

    Holy Lord I love it yes u are welcome Holy Lord

  28. De'Shaunna Parker

    Holy Lord! 🙌🙌🙌


    Sing vaughn! #RIH #LUSJ

  30. Martez Jones


  31. Shanika DeBerry

    Yes Lord!

  32. Ingrid Dickson

    Love the reprise

  33. Kentrell Ware

    i love tasha cobbs part

  34. Daymon Cromartie

    This song is a blessing for all who Love the Lord Amen. Mr Murphy Wow

    Dione Spears

    Cry Holy Heavenly Farther I cry out to you Father God I need you you're my life I want you I live for you without you there is no me.

  35. Morgan Usher

    Thank You for uploading this I've been looking for this song on YouTube forever

  36. Barbara Moore

    I Love This WHOLE SONG,it will put in the place of worship...