Murphy, Peter - Final Solution Lyrics

The girls won't touch me
'Cause I've got a misdirection
Living at night isn't helping my complexion
The signs all saying it's a social infection
A little bit of fun's never been an insurrection

Mama threw me out till I get some pants that fit
She just won't approve of my strange kind of wit
I get so excited, always gotta lose
Man that send me off
Let them take the cure

Don't need a cure
Need a final solution

Buy me a ticket to a sonic reduction
Guitars gonna sound like a nuclear destruction
Seems I'm a victim of natural selection
Meet me on the other side, another direction

Don't need a cure
Need a final solution

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Murphy, Peter Final Solution Comments
  1. M. R.

    this song was made for Robert Smiths(the cure), a pure mockery of Peter and nobody understood ... haha

  2. Teresa Moreno

    Wow so beautiful so talented !!!!!

  3. Vincent Atkins

    please check out the original 1976 Pere Ubu version, it will blow your mind

  4. Kagemaru Hitokiri

    That voice

  5. Andievo4U2

    This is Q's Theme Song. WE LOVE YOU! WE THE PEOPLE.

  6. Anja Ostojic

    Five star 😁

  7. Andievo4U2

    My baby from Turkey

  8. Domin8tix

    I must also agree that Peter is the most beautiful male I can imagine, especially during this time in his career. He makes me sometimes question my sexuality. ;)

  9. MephProduction

    How do you go from being Bauhaus to cheesy pop??

  10. Andievo4U2

    My tall drink of water Murphy bringing it home. He mesmerized me.

  11. Mauro Sanders

    Tremendo cover a Pere Ubu.

  12. Luciano Figueiredo

    Versão do perebu

  13. Leslie Schmidt

    It's the eyes...


    SS song

  15. carte blanche

    Super gay;)

  16. Viviane Guimarães

    Lindo demais, ele.

  17. Hervé B

    I much prefer PERE UBU version !

  18. N.Z. Storm Waver

    I'm going to try that dance at 0:41 in public at some point.

  19. Mushqualunque

    Dedicated to Mussolini

  20. ElNegroChispal

    Didn´t know that James Franco liked maple fingerboard Strats.

  21. Starless

    The original by Pere Ubu is much better musically, but boy does Peter Murphy look good...

  22. DJEX 2000

    I kinda like his stuff more than in Bauhaus

  23. MicaH MaYeLL

    Classic English Rock

  24. Владимир Круглов

    Perfect example of the 1980s postmodern humour - guy with the look of a prince from fairytale sings how girls won't touch him. Hmmm! Maybe that's why the song wasn't a hit? Too much for general public to take :)

    Also, has there ever been a video that tried so hard to sell a song on the singer's looks? He's so good-looking here it's ridiculous. Positively overloaded with fabulousness!

    At the same time it's a great cover and I much prefer it to the original.


    I agree with you on everything except the last bit. It's a great cover, but the original is one of the songs to end all songs.

    jesse henke

    The original sucks ass

  25. Danelle Covey

    🔥 Hot

  26. Nydia Guzman

    Damn, what a handsome man!!

  27. Dominik Michniewicz

    P.eter Muuurrpphhyyn urusl na grupie BAUHAUS - guwniarz

  28. AJAXKID123



    Why Peter Murphys eyes change color from Blue to Green to Brown at most vids . . .mmm cause hes that Talented . .!!

  30. Fernando Ítalo Souza


  31. Danger Will Robinson

    This is the ultimate Bauhaus separation and did a fucking an incredible version.

  32. Liam O'Connor

    25 sad fekkers. Oh my God!!

  33. Barbara Meshel

    that mouth that voice that body those eyes that charisma that stare that profile so ridiculously Gorgeous!!!!!!!


    His covers are so well done.

  35. Silene kariah Silva

    😍😍😍I love Peter😍

  36. Ned D.

    Pere Ubu did it way better.

  37. Lance Ashdown

    Not sure why he hired the Chippendale dancers to be in his video.


    Peter Mirphy is gay + they're not Chippendale dancers either. Either you're an effeminate envious queen bitch or a heterosexual stupid asshole who virtually groks nothing.

    Snarky McSne

    But.... but....Peter Murphy has a wife....


    MrSKINFLICK Peter Murphy isn't gay. And it sounds like you forgot to take your meds. Calm down.

    Владимир Круглов

    @Snarky McSne
    Stop it! MrSKINFLICK said he's GAY! So it must to be so - he clearly knows what he's talking about, no doubt about it, he really does!

  38. Natalie Parker

    I love everything about this video 😍😍😍.

  39. Bobby Gutglueck

    Girls won't touch me cuz I got a big erection!

  40. OneCharming Bastard

    Lestat at his most beautiful

  41. Joseph Harris

    Carry on!!!🎼🎸🎷😊

  42. Joseph Harris

    I like his music,!!!! but those dancers sure have got their moves right where they can strut their stuff!!!!!

  43. Claudestar1

    Great cover!

  44. Joseph Harris

    This guys a lot of much to offer with talent like that, i like peter murphy solo more than with bau haus, his voice is great on everything ive heard him do solo, more power to you peter.

  45. Leena Stark


    maria daugbjerg


  46. Jeffrey L. AFTER

    Love Peter Murphy.

  47. Blood Apple

    Lindo esse Murphy !

  48. Rhys Seddon

    I'm trying to get into peter murphy I have the best of and deep, can anyone suggest me an album for a starter and that is reasonable priced for a cd?


    Rhys Seddon try out “Should the World Fail to Fall Apart” and “Love Hysteria”; both excellent

    jesse henke

    Holy smoke is great too

  49. attar7bazaar

    This is a cover of a song by the mid 1970s protopunk band Pere Ubu/Rocket from the Tombs. They are from Cleveland, Ohio. They influenced much of the post punk from England in the 1970s and 1980s. They are still inspiring so much underground music today.

    Dan of Xymox

    OK, thanks for the obvious, Professor. Annoying at best. No one is inspired by your dumb comment.

  50. Milton Dooby

    Like "All Along The Watchtower", this song is a case where the cover is better than the original(Pere Ubu) by a pretty fair measure.

    Владимир Круглов

    Finally somebody said that! Amen to that!

  51. Pete Alien


  52. James D. Chamberlain III

    Illuminati Nazi Vampire.

    Barbara Meshel

    Sounds delicious!!!!

    Jingyuan/ Wallace Li

    How does one be a member of the Illuminati and a nazi at the same time?

    Владимир Круглов

    Are you so crazy about PM? Too much praise for once sentence!

  53. Michelle Krehl

    You could cut yourself on those cheekbones. My God, what a beautiful man. Then and now. His appeal has not diminished in the least. Took a friend in her 20s to see him on the stripped tour, and she melted. He's got it.


    @amber lynn I think you're missing the point. He's an aesthete, and a very abstract one at that. Like Bowie and Ferry, the music without the look loses a lot.

    Leslie Schmidt

    Those beautiful blue eyes...sigh

    Desi J Richert

    Trust me, He has NO INTEREST IN GIRLS!!


    Tell me about it, girlfriend. Meeeeoooowwww

    David Garris

    @Desi J Richert Really? I always wondered, but thought he was married to a woman ? 🤔

  54. Karine Poirier

    1:05 to 1:20

  55. edgardo gregorini

    Bowie`s class

    andreea valdrost



    I second this - not only, that he looks like Bowie, but the sound is also rather similliar. Unfortunately the very last song of PM, that came close to the old BAUHAUS-sound. After this he produced only 'completely flat pop'....- I just wonder, if that was the islamic influence. I really can't imagine, what has happened to him. What a waste of talent & charisma :( !!


    honolulu003 No, he isn't making "Bauhaus" music anymore. He is doing what he wants. And it really isn't "pop". If you think "Cuts You Up" is completely flat pop, you have no taste.

    Shot Bro

    Have u heard his album Lion? The song Eliza is OP!

    Владимир Круглов

    Only much better! Bowie's voice put to good use finally.

  56. skatoad

    Love Pere Ubu and Peter Murphy!

  57. Miss Anthropy Ⓥ

    I'm crazy in love with this...every bit of it. And Peter was and is beautiful looking. Those blue eyes, how they This long-time vegan has held up well. I believe when he says his supposed substance-induced traffic infraction was not that at all, but a case of grief over his mother-in-law's death. I almost caused a terrible wreck when my mom was dying...who cannot relate to being out of their mind/impaired due to such grief & stress? His blood alcohol was .01 and that's almost non-existent, and the meth was found in the police car where he was detained, no real indication it was his, and his drug tests were completely clean. Too bad people are so quick to believe distorted misinformation. Anyhow, I'd like to see his looks critics at age 57+.

    Melina karen

    totally agree

    Miss Anthropy Ⓥ

    @Melina karen ty!

  58. Melina karen

    peter and howard hughes

    Fernando Ítalo Souza

    Howard Hughes...

  59. Lydia

    He's still good-looking.

    Midnight Witch

    hell yeh !!!!!

    Melina karen


  60. Siren

    Damn, he was so handsome, time sucks..


    I believe you and envy you actually haha, my dream  was to see Bauhaus live, Peter, or one of the projects of Daniel Ash, but I think it's not gonna happen, anyway I love these guys. And don't get me wrong didn't mean that he is ugly now or something like that, but he was just so handsome couldn't help to say that time sucks xD It's sad that we have to age, at least he aged very well.

    Desmond Istari

    +Siren Someone else in my position. Oh well, at least we have Voltaire to hope to see.


    @Siren  - LOL! Thank you for believing me. If I were were going to lie I so would not admit to being 46yrs old. ;) As for seeing him in concert so many times etc. I was just lucky enough to grow up not to far from Los Angeles, CA and then in San Francisco, CA. Two places that most bands tour through. 

    Melina karen


    Must Love Dogs !!!

    And I keep asking myself, 'Where the F was I in 1982?????' I was listening to Judas Priest. Not gonna apologize for a second over that. But I really feel like I missed something in not following Bauhaus. Wish I could go back in time.

  61. seilling rosas

    nice and sexy voice and georgeus man

  62. Richard Ames

    He looks like my best mate. 


    +Richard Ames ...well, then I want to meet your mate. Please. :P

    Barbara Meshel

    what mate????? I live in New York I can send him a ticket so he can visit me ANYTIME!!!!!

  63. Walter S

    The guitarist is James Franco:) Just kidding JF is too busy trying take out the N. Korean dictator!!!

  64. Sbettsify

    Guitar is L.Howard Hughes.

    Catnews Kawai

    +Sbettsify thanks!

  65. Antonio Joao

    Like Lani kelly Peter Murphy is legendary!

  66. Antonio Joao

    Great Peter Murphy. Its in 10 best musicians in the world

  67. Viktor Vincent

    Yeah I'd like to know who the guitarist is as well.

    Melina karen


    Fernando Ítalo Souza

    Howard Hughes. There's also a picture of him on the sleeve of this album: Should The World Fail To Fall Apart. And his name also appears on its credits.

  68. Catnews Kawai

    Who is the guitarist?

  69. capri cious

    The girls won't touch me 'cause I've got a misdirection Living at night isn't helping my complexion The signs all saying it's a social infection A little bit of fun's never been an insurrection Mamma threw me out till I get some pants that fit She just won't approve of my strange kind of wit I get so excited, always gotta lose Man that send me off Let them take the cure Don't need a cure Need a final solution Buy me a ticket to a sonic reduction Guitars gonna sound like a nuclear destruction Seems I'm a victim of natural selection Meet me on the other side, another direction Don't need a cure Need a final solution

    Dave Rummel

    too bad HE didn't write this...

    Beanie B

    @Dave Rummel - has haa just what I was gonna comment. The great David Thomas. On saying that, I adore PM and Bauhaus. Lucky enough to have seen Bauhaus and Pere Ubu a few times in their hey day. God, Murphy was gorgeous though!!

    Dave Rummel

    @Beanie B I wish I'd seen Pere Ubu. But I sure play their records.

    Beanie B

    Dave Rummel - you in the US, Dave or UK? First saw Pere Ubu at the infamous Barbarella's in Birmingham in the late 70's with Red Crayola, and then years later supporting Doll By Doll in London. Fab times! There's just nowhere now like the old, cool clubs. You ever catch Bauhaus? God I loved em! Oh man, you got me reminiscing. You know, I might have caught PU at the Bottomline in NY - mmmm not sure now, I'll have to check that out. I bet you're a New York Dolls fan???

  70. Lani Kelly

    He is so gorgeous in this video and that voice is insane. Legendary.


    final solution

  71. Salvatore Egitto

    Pere Ubu n°1
    nice cover!

  72. Producer Maki

    I need to steal his dance moves.

  73. Tracymmo

    How could covering Pere Ubu ever be a sellout?