Municipal Waste - Wrong Answer Lyrics

You got the wrong answer!

It's getting to me
It shows on my face
A crowd stares in glee
All cameras in place

The question's been posed
My time's running down
I know if I'm wrong
They're taking me out

The seconds go by my anxiety
Is boiling so much
I can't even think
This is the worst time
I'm drawing a blank
Above a pirana tank!

The most watched show in all of the world
A ratings explosion in more than one term
All walks of life young and old
Are viewing tonight to see your death unfold
Seconds away from the pain
Not the type of place to win prizes and fame
The one way out is to play the game

You only get one chance at this
To answer right
Grand prize is... your life!

You got the wrong answer!

The crowd starts to cheer
They know what's next
They're tuning in to see carnage and flesh
The host shines a grin
He doesn't care
He knows that I'm going to die on the air

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Municipal Waste Wrong Answer Comments
  1. Rowe Co Films

    The blood looks like kool aid

  2. camilo gredig

    Municipal Waste is gonna fuck up Post Malone in...
    Wrong Answer *ding* *ding* *ding*


    the face of Lester in 1:22 XD

  4. Arrogant Buzztard

    This remind me of High School, shitty times good music

  5. Kenju Hitryule

    The host is the lead singer i think? Im really fucked up right now so idk

  6. Stephen Rochester

    When I was 5 years old I had a dream that was based on this concept. I still remember the gut wrenching feeling I had because I had the wrong answer and knew it was my time to die, thinking how cruel this game was.

    I woke up and there was puke everywhere. I’d had the dream because my body was trying to warn me that I could die and wanted me to wake up. I was lying on my back.

    I’ll never forget that. Be thankful for what you have people, any night you could end up having the wrong answer.

  7. Mr.agent 47

    This video is fun

  8. AwfulWally Interscopes

    Why is this age restricted? It's just blood

  9. Putrid Abomination

    Slaughterama part 2

  10. Nicolas Laleque

    My left ear loved it

  11. Sanen Longkumer

    This song is my favorite because of that chick.

  12. Zokjur Tervdenian Tirus

    Terrible acting

  13. Tyler Farbes

    Wow incredible

  14. Ghostfactory 5

    I watched this video about 20 times for the blonde babe alone, but the song is great, too.

  15. valerie bertandernie

    Oderus, help that boy out with his haircut...

  16. Nick Grinie

    This was most deffenty something id watch ' its the wrong answer but simpley entertaining...ur always been in my most adordor .. I couldnt help but wake up an brush my teeth to the memerizasion spelling is incorret so let me speak to h o w 9 3 7 1 0 3 n s y d h #)÷\[email protected]£0=&!×/,#

    I2fnosg hwulf b s f h e f u e

  17. ilu cummi

    Great trash

  18. matt delaney

    This reminds me of my youth the music wise and if boys and girls you want to listen to some really good old school stuff then listen to acid reign peace

  19. Jason Burlew


  20. CaDuu Marginal


  21. banan z drzewa

    that music video - just amazing xD

  22. PităCuNutella

    Municipal waste is gonna fuck you up!

  23. Joseph Ybarra

    I worked with a Dental Assistant that looked exactly like her at my old job.

  24. ProJirard the Finishist

    This is the best music video ever made XD

  25. Cookie Cutter

    Clicked for the music. Stayed for the boobs.

  26. Conor Finn

    GWAR Slaughterama part two

  27. Vortex of Metal

    Lester looks like Joe Dirt.

  28. Fabricio Oberto

    wtf slippy ?? how could you get the wrong answer????

  29. Mike Schweikert

    i respect my mother s heart but. goddam

  30. hertzer2000

    Les Claypool as Lester? lol

  31. rick sanchez

    0:34 looks like a fusion beetwen daniel bryan and mick foley

  32. gilang n


  33. Rasal

    Who's the best frontman for Van Halen?

    Stephen M

    David Lee Roth


    Sammy Hagar


    Diamond Dave!

  34. Tj Coleman

    Slippy=Fred Durst

  35. Ivan Lunev

    This is how they should deal with stupid people

  36. eddie petro

    Slippy looks like 95% of cannabis concentrate artists, wax makers and dabbing douche bags. awesome

  37. Daniel Romero

    This should be the theme song for the Saw franchise

  38. Tyler Smith

    Anyone remember Slaughterama by GWAR?

    Angel The Cretin Goddammit Grajeda

    Tyler Smith My thoughts exactly!!!!!

    Steven Brown

    Damn right

    Oderus Urungus

    How do you hide money from a hippie

    Steven Brown

    Oderus Urungus put it under the soap!

    Austin Nichols

    @Oderus Urungus steal thier moms credit card

  39. Luis Esquivel

    Where are they from?


    Luis Esquivel Richmond Virginia

  40. john williams

    is that fucking riff raff or something

  41. HeSavesMankind

    who was the lead singer for Van Halen is a trick question that's hilarious

    David Callahan

    HeSavesMankind it says “best” clearly Lester said hagar

  42. Crimson Ghost

    The chick is totally hot.

    The Flying Scotsman

    I would pee in her butt

    Swag Machine

    yall bitches thirsty as fuck smh

  43. neurocytohemotoxic

    Muffy White lmfao

  44. Robot Clone Records

    Muffs is awesome love her

  45. DrKub007

    holala c est vraiment de la merde c est horrible et le pire c est qu ils s y croient à mort les mecs .......

  46. Uncool Charles

    i love the waste but thissss suuuuucked

  47. dekapitatorr

    1:22 :D

  48. Reggie Postlethwaite


    Melisande A

    +Reggie Postlethwaite go to one of their shows

    Daniel Romero

    Is that a bad thing?

    Sharps Loli

    Crossover Thrash*


    lounge thrash is where it's at

  49. alfonso rodriguez

    love this video

  50. DOOMED !

    This makes me wanna grab my board, a couple bears, and a few friends and fucking Thrash like it's goin out of style.

    Big Pimpin'

    No kidding, Thrash just ain't the same without a couple of bears.

  51. Tom Smolenski


    Niko S

    And what the people want could only be the senseless slaughter
    of the gutter-slime that litters this nation for cash and prizes

    Masen Mccane

    +Tom Smolenski how do you hide money from a hippy? put it under the soap!

  52. Phobophobia

    That was a good jack off session,

  53. volimsir

    I'd actually watch a game show hosted by Tony Foresta. Dat hip thrust.

    mirian franco

    Compartilhar Gif:
    Compartilhar Gif:
    Compartilhar Gif:

  54. BolognaTheTiger

    Nothing like crossover/thrash to remind you of the 80's - early 90's! MW FTW!!!

  55. Hamster9891


  56. ashercohen4

    Hell yeahh!!

  57. Hunter Hicks


  58. Samith Mordraus

    I love this video

  59. Josh Of Astora

    Fucking love Ryan's Razor shirt.

  60. Special Agent Bill Maxwell

    Black roses! LOL!

  61. Kody Timm

    Tony looks like David Arquette in Scream, which makes the video even funnier.

  62. Skyn Musstash


  63. Kevin Carey

    Muffy White is hot

  64. My Name Isn’t Simon


  65. Th3RussBus

    1:12 best part of the whole video hahaha

    Hellfest the Infernal

    I don't know, 2:10 is pretty great too

  66. Taco Bender

    Video always reminds me of GWAR's "Slaughterama"

  67. 07plokoon

    You sir, know your crossover thrash.

  68. m169marroquin

    Notice how all other Metal genres get old unlike Thrash. 4ever!!!

    Zokjur Tervdenian Tirus

    My dear friend, Breaking Benjamin is better than them


    fuck no

  69. Jet Fuel

    Mortal Kombat reference o.O ?

  70. David Coffman

    haha sammy hagar ruined van halen

  71. algo cosa

    no municipal waste is the music of municipal waste

  72. Matt Weismiller

    Nahh, this is more like D.R.I

  73. ZealotOfSteal

    But you'll give the wrong answer and get your balls chopped off!

  74. Reptilian Child

    The song is great, but this has got to be the worst music video ever!

  75. miliard1000000000

    Well, thanks to let us know, mate.

  76. Fuck off google

    Nope, DRI.

  77. Rodrigo Diaz

    and metallica was like " punch in the face" actitude and anthrax was party party and more party just like municipal lml

  78. Fuck off google

    Nope D.R.I.

  79. METALHEAD666777

    Who do people say megadeth is thrash? there speed metal not thrash

  80. Lukáš Pond Rybníček

    Tomorrow are my finals and I'm listening to this song...

  81. Ozzmaster2112

    Ah, I didn't see we were doing new-wave Thrash bands. Sorry.

  82. Jordan Dayman

    overkill, megadeth, exodus, and testament are all bands that formed in the early 80's.......

  83. Gerardo Ontiveros

    this is crossover thrash dude it's punk.

  84. Gerardo Ontiveros

    That's it they are totally diferent and i don't see why you should compare them. Other just by its sub.genre


    Slippy Rocks!!!!

  86. Ozzmaster2112

    Personally, I think it'd be something like this:
    Overkill = Megadeth
    Exodus = Slayer
    Testament = Metallica
    Municipal Waste = Anthrax.

    Yours is pretty accurate too \m/

  87. slopezrey

    come to metal fest chile 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. UnseenAGT

    No, Garbage has a chick singer. Wrong Answer. The Game.

  89. Todd Freeman

    their even fucking better liveespecially with this song

  90. shockofhyperbole

    Municipal Waste sound more like DRI than anything and their lyrics are most similar to bands like Tankard.

  91. Soldier G65434-2

    It's because Anthrax, Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth were called the "Big Four" in thrash metal. Nowadays, Havok, Municipal waste, Evile and warbringer are considered the modern Big Four. Drawing similarities between the old new Big Four is not a bad thing: in fact, it might inspire some people to check them out: youngsters who like municipal waste might be tempted to check out this Anthrax thing after hearing they're somewhat similar to MW. In that sense, it keeps the classics alive.

  92. NC2011

    Tony without septum :O

  93. Stainless Steel

    Get the fuck outta here nu poser.

  94. NewMusicNetworks

    Not as good as D.I., The Vandals or TSOL

  95. Kirby BOB

    switch Evile and Havok around. lmao

  96. MrCynamon666

    Lester rules :D