Municipal Waste - Breathe Grease Lyrics

Can't slow down
Fearless reckless
All around
Immensely treacherous
All aboard
No one can stop us

You're going to judge me for what?
And all you wish to is ask
Why I'm so free and you live trapped

I've never cared for "your world" - world
And that's a matter of fact - fact
So just try wrapping your brain around that

One more round
Fearless reckless
Lost and found
Immensely senseless

Bare witness to this contemptful display
As we decimate those who stand in our way

Can't slow down
Fearless reckless
Breathing and bleeding the grease through our brains
Impossibly endless forever it reigns

Breathe grease
Breathe grease

Breathe grease
Breathe grease

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Municipal Waste Breathe Grease Comments
  1. Domenick Stewart

    "breathe grease"? Soooo basically work at the deli I work at where the grease is so thick in the air that it dyes the ceiling yellow?

  2. raytrego

    Fuck yes

  3. Dan Giles

    1:55 = f×cking awesome 🤣🤘

  4. Pj Montrose

    Municipal Waste parties are gonna fuck you up

  5. Iwein Denayer

    Where's the straightedger in this clip?

  6. matt rollins

    Whoa the 80’s

  7. Dalton Williams

    Was that Danger Ehren ?😂

  8. Jorgito El Perro

    0:43 NICE!!!!

  9. Alex

    My nigga straight up drank the bong!

  10. Jaxxall

    Danger Ehren! Nice!

  11. zew 1

    The dude with the Zima gets me everytime...!

  12. Golden grillson

    There is something seriously wrong with 755 people really really wrong deranged even......Yep

  13. drew brutal

    Gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy fuckin band!!

  14. marissac870

    Partys like this do not exist anymore. Kids are pussies and cops need to die

  15. Eric_Grant_Swisher

    If someone ever hands me a warm beer because its more "heady" they are getting stabbed

  16. dumbass

    That was possibly the greatest music video I’ve seen in my entire fucking life.

  17. Ren

    I'm with time!!!

  18. Orthodox Forever

    Sounds old school.

  19. Metal Head

    they act like teens all their life omg

  20. Andrew Harre


  21. J. P. farag


  22. Ea Jordan

    YouTube has been suggesting the worst music . It's not punk , theres no political messaging it's just trash

  23. TheCompatibles

    that was only 3 minutes?!

  24. Reality Check

    Jesus, I feel bad for your neighbors.

    Just kidding, they fuckin suck.

  25. Rocky H

    These parties don't exist because there's liability issues even in the making of the video there was liability issues

  26. jack d. ripper


  27. moi-même de Groland

    The music ! Excellent
    But the representation of the womens. ..

  28. Noriega Houle

    Girl in Bud's bikini damn hot!

  29. Rogelio Martinez

    and thanks to Jhofffilms that brought me to listening to this band


    Was all for it untill the dude drank the bong water man wtf. Hurp Hurp

  31. Onutube

    2:02 sorry

  32. HEAVYWALL 70

    Jetski in an above ground pool...

  33. Richard Calvin


  34. Vintage Lazer

    Looks like Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys.

  35. Spud Magnum

    If parties were like this I might actually go to parties ahahaha

  36. Javier Lopez

    se bebieron hasta el agua de los floreros y se fumaron hasta el oregano de la cocina hahahahaha

  37. Robert Zacarias

    Slap a ham records!!!

  38. vince neil is fat

    hardcore thrash punk with riffs and guitar solos = thrash metal = cool
    great to party to or blow off some steam
    metal singing often sucks a lot of balls but thrash just thrashes so it's acceptable, it just works & it's better than that fruity hair metal sissy mtv crap

  39. ramiro fauno martinez

    Animal House

  40. 69PUNX69

    FUCK YOU if you didnt get the ANIMAL HOUSE reference

  41. Lecactus of Borg

    You don't get more hardcore then drinking bongwater.

  42. lmprdks1

    The music was typical thrash, but the video was AWESOME!!!!

  43. Snoekdude

    I keep hearing “Free Drinks!”

  44. IOA612

    WTF Zima! What's Zima doing at that party. Those kind of badass bitches look like the kind that would chug white lightning. Anyway I want to tap that Budweiser Broad like a high school kegger

  45. Dana Copp

    Bubbles from TPB 1:09

  46. Toby Bingham

    Yeah do these guys do weddings?

  47. electricboogaloo422

    Props for smashing that pussies guitar 1:51

  48. Nacho After'Panic [!]

    Por qué reconchetumare no sale ningun weon patinando en este video!!?

  49. Randy Wells

    Why don't you take Allison to one of your heavy metal vomit parties?

  50. wesley hann

    Dig ye Animal House Ref

  51. Jared Grimm

    Just gonna leave this here as my favorite house party video of all time

  52. vitalsign0

    Shout out to Animal House

  53. Toddd Reed

    Gotta love danger ehren stealing beer!!!!!!

  54. Boston is my race track

    So fake.

  55. zew 1

    Who the fuck is that guy holding a Zima and where on earth did he find it! Ha

  56. Chaotic Divnity

    2:08 wrong neighbourhood lol

  57. Sam Farrow

    Now this looks like my sort of nightclub!

  58. Theo Bernhard

    Holy Shit! Where can I find such a party?

  59. LordManHammer Dingus

    Reminds me of my old house Helms Deep, we had mandatory ManoWar Monday’s and various other day where we’d play music all day and night.
    It’d piss off the ghosts we had.

  60. Nacho After'Panic [!]

    La única weá que faltó fue skate.

  61. HAXNA Show

    I want to like it twice but it only goes once

  62. Brendon Snyder

    OMG what memories this brings back from my college days! Amazing video that purely represents the intensity of this song so well! I could watch this all day!

  63. Kenneth Chambers

    Fleece feet??? Lmfgaf!

  64. Joseph Collins

    If you don't end up doing kegstands with bikers in abandoned warehouses or snorting coke with gay black dudes while wearing women's clothing is it really a party.

  65. Milena

    Oh my god, it's terrible. Sorry

  66. Metalhead 420

    This video is a metal Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

  67. nervouscow jerky

    It's Gunna be a good day when you wake up to this For sure

  68. metal/punk 79

    1:17... Was that "Danger Aaron" from jackass?? If it was, awesome! Btw boys, can't wait to see you guys October 10th at Neshaminy Creek brewery with Sick of it all and Napalm Death!!!! Waste rules! 🤘🍺

    metal/punk 79

    @Pete McArdle Jr I just saw them last night with Sick of it All & Napalm Death

  69. Chip Simon

    I remember drinking with these guys on bourbon st. Really fun people. They probably were annoyed I kept asking for a sip of their hand grenades but I was broke and thirsty lol. They still were cool about it haha

  70. kevin cunningham


  71. TheMichaelDoom


  72. scott taylor

    ha loved the belushi ref

  73. Steven Brumbaugh

    Great tip of the hat to Animal House.

  74. Naomi Masingale

    The Animalhouse reference did it for me

  75. nowonyuno

    Was that guy really drinking a fucking Zima?

  76. Chev427BB

    What a fun video this must have been to shoot. It kind of has a nostalgic feeling too because it reminds me of music videos that punk bands would put out in the late-90s and early-2000s

  77. the slayer

    The dude in the bathroom with the bong knows what's up

  78. Dżejkop Ataki

    2:07 i want to go to this room

  79. Da Lime

    hey guys did ya hear? Municipal Waste is coming out with another new album this october called "The last Rager." I'm stoked, but sad that it's their last :(

  80. sarwan dhillon

    Tastes like satan's piss🤘

  81. SaintY0y0

    looks like my brain, really fucked up!

  82. Rudolph Luciani

    This is a fairly accurate depiction of how rowdy the last MW show I went to was. My neck has finally stopped hurting about six months later.

  83. Valerio Passantino

    The reference to animal house is amazing ahahahahha

  84. Edgardo Gomez

    Did anyone fucking noticed ehren McGee from jackass in this shit.

  85. Inhuman Filth

    Dude... Was that danger aaron?

  86. Gottes Geschenk

    666 dislikes is this a sign

  87. Ross Glickman

    Currently 666 downvotes \m/

  88. Stanley Schwartz

    This is like Steel Panther meets thrash metal and a suburban neighborhood

  89. DeathCloak333

    Lol hipsters

  90. mandy c

    You should rename this video rich white hipsters going through a crust punk/thrash phase at 30

  91. John Ford

    666 dislike

  92. Alvaro Velazquez

    Mosh And Destroy

  93. Mr 515

    0:44 Jim Martin?

  94. Quiet 502.0

    666 dislikes

  95. Mr.agent 47

    I would pay to be in one of these videos


    Класс надо бы с вами клип замутить))