Mullen, Nicole C. - Holy-Captivated Lyrics

When I behold the beauty
Of your many wonders
And I'm captivated by
Your majesty

Oh, my soul rings out
A sacred hallelujah
Back to the source
From whence it came

And when I'm searching
For the face of the invisible
When I reach to hold the hand
That formed my being

All of a sudden everything that
Is within me blesses Your name
Again and again

Crying, holy is the Lord, God almighty
Worthy is the Lamb who was slain
To receive our greatest adoration
Jesus, Son of God is His name

When I am overwhelmed by
All that is around me
And the tears
That flood my heart

Run down my face
I'll remember that Your heart and
Soul was broken and even in pain
Your worthy of praise

Crying, holy is the Lord, God almighty
Worthy is the Lamb who was slain
To receive our greatest adoration
Jesus, Son of God is His name

When I contemplate
The day of our reunion
And I anticipate the One
Who calls my name

There's a yearning
Rising up from deep within me
To be swept away
Forev'r and a day

'Cause I can wait to see the ones
Who've gone before me
Hear the music, taste the laughter
Walk the sea but the moment

I will live and I will die for
Is to hear His voice
Welcoming me

And I cry, holy is the Lord, God almighty
Worthy is the Lamb who was slain
To receive our greatest adoration
Jesus, Son of God is His name

We'll cry, holy is the Lord, God almighty
Worthy is the Lamb who was slain
To receive our greatest adoration
Jesus, Son of God is His name

Jesus, Son of God is His name
Jesus, Son of God is His name
Jesus, Son of God is Your name

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Mullen, Nicole C. Holy-Captivated Comments
  1. LAOTW

    I love this song !!! ❤️❤️

  2. Avril Ysaguirre

    Lovely song

  3. Grace A

    😭😭😭😭 this song 😪😪💕💕💕

  4. liberatus Michael

    Still listerning in 2019....😄😄

  5. Tori Jarboe

    I have this song on YouTube and I just loving this song and it's was so so heartwarming for me

  6. Deezee Saivate

    Awesome ! O HOLY GOD ! Praise be to YOUR name !

  7. Tisha Thomas

    Each time I'm feeling down I don't know what about this song that lifts my spirit!


    Amazing song. I love listening to it. Holy is my God Almighty. Worthy is the lamb.

  9. Cynthia Odero

    am loving this song my God

  10. Ana Ferreira Dos Santos Borges

    thank you nicolen

    Juana Lopez

    Ana Ferreira Dos Santos Borges I love this song

  11. Ana Ferreira Dos Santos Borges

    sand to my gmail fir me to go your concert please l love your song bearyful voiz.

  12. Ana Ferreira Dos Santos Borges

    wem you come in boston Massachucett

  13. Ana Ferreira Dos Santos Borges

    god continuo bless you and uour song to him 0k.good nigth.

    Ana Ferreira Dos Santos Borges

    you very mayze.

  14. Ana Ferreira Dos Santos Borges

    l listen your song too nicole so very bearyful Uaaaal.

  15. Ana Ferreira Dos Santos Borges


  16. Ana Ferreira Dos Santos Borges

    l live in Somwrville MA.75 myrtle st apt 513 zipe cold 02145 .

  17. Ana Ferreira Dos Santos Borges

    you have studio.

  18. Ana Ferreira Dos Santos Borges

    l'm crisyian long time.very pentecostal.


    u are awesome an god has truly blessed u an I listen to u'r songs everyday they touch my soul the words to some of u'r songs are wow is all I can say

  20. renae flowers

    Nicole, thank you for sharing your gifts with us. May the Lord Jesus the Christ continue to bless us with your gifts. Renae

    Danita Gourdine

    renae flowers



  22. Tracy Vaughan

    Beautiful song and voice. This song always lifts me up.

  23. Melissa Wheeler

    Omg I'm actually talking to you

  24. KIWI NZ

    Wow! Awesome!! Praise the Lord.

  25. Vilma Johnson

    Love it!!!

  26. Mary Yalenga Mkandawire

    I so like this song, it moves my heart.

  27. Alma-Louise Jarigi

    I am so touched by this song. So lovely. "Worthy is the lamp who was slain"

  28. Jebichii kimulwo

    I am not ashamed of the cross... This song brings me to tears

  29. Martha Mathis

    Wow ! This song is so full of praise to our Father and Savior Christ for all they have done for all mankind.

  30. Innocent Joseph Robert

    To God be the glory

  31. Emas Maslin

    music for all peace and harmony. thanks

  32. Lydia Kirigo

    beautiful..... beautiful......

  33. Soso Claire

    cant get enough of you Lord

  34. kerwin mitchell

    very inspiring song 

  35. Eva Adaobi

    This song is touchy as well as inspiring.  Nicole, I love you.  I bless God for u.

  36. Eva Adaobi

    Lord, I long to worship You with my voice. Please Lord touch my voice. 

  37. Chijioke Ezeana

    What a spirit-filled song. Lord I bless you. Thanks Nicole

  38. Barrington Henry Sr

    Beautiful song

    Barrington Henry Sr


    Barrington Henry Sr


  39. Jadon Pilgrim

    Asome song, well done

  40. Kristel Le Huche

    wonderful!!! Worthy is The Lamb !!

  41. S Francois

    Heard my cousin listening to it this morning, n i fal in love with it...3.....Thank u Lord for everything u have done for me n my family,if it waznt for u i wuddnt b here

  42. Tamika Hernandez

    im anticipating him calling my name
    what a glorious day it will be.....just to hear his voice welcoming me!!!!

  43. jaysmine johnson

    everything dat iz within me blesses his name.... again and again ...... hallujah!

  44. Jess Jesudas

    I am lost in his love when i hear this song .

  45. SamusV4

    Yes because mourning the loss of a beloved pet is nuts. You are one disrespectful and rude person.

  46. Pumelela Mgwetyana

    This song soothes my soul, which is the most important part of me.

  47. Juliet Kay


  48. Juliet Kay

    Singing this for the finals wish me good luck!! the mayor of ireland is gonna be there

  49. steve bennett

    Beautiful song

  50. ashanti ferguson

    holy is his name..

  51. Kristia K

    This song is so BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  52. mtunderstands

    I totally disagree. Music is music. It doesn't matter whether or not 'Journey' or Tamela Mann's names are on the CVD but if it is good. I listen to Nicole not only because she's a believer in Him but her music is a wonderful addition to this world. Goodness and peace are hard to find but somehow she's found it and is sharing it with us. And that in itself is enough for the church to say Amen!


    this song is so beautiful may GOD continue to bless you i not cease to hear it

  54. Patricia Martinez

    Presence of God is felt so strongly!

  55. angel Navarrete

    Love it

  56. Takno Lerok

    Thank u Lord for alway being there for me and my family. Holy is your name Lord. I praise you with all my heart daily. I love you for loving me dearly. There's nothing more I could ask for but forgiveness and strength. Once again thank you.

    Glody Dimata

    Amennnnn 🙏🏾

  57. ksr622002

    @ Shantell Mattis, Idols are against God's commands, you might want to rethink having an idol.

  58. Deborah Dadeboe

    Whenever I listen to this song I can feel the holy ghost entering my soul it is a wonderful feeling 

  59. 88megabeat

    Amazing God thank you for Nicole and her ministry..

  60. Unique Jones

    I listen to her songs or any good holy song to ease my soul. Her songs help me sleep when i stressed out or just over worked

  61. Iso Rich

    Wonderful !

  62. Toni

    Nicole C. Mullen you are a joy, a gift to the world from God. Thank you for using your beautiful talent to praise Him. Also in the way you carry yourself. you are a good and worthy role model for our young people. Your beauty outshines that of Madonna, GaGa and all those who feel they have to reveal their bodies and behave in a shocking and promiscuous way to become famous.

  63. spełniona zoe spełn

    beatiful song bless

  64. Tinyiko Xalabile

    wow,this is a beautifully, bleesed song from above, all your songs just touch my soul.

  65. spełniona zoe spełn

    lovelly song

  66. spełniona zoe spełn

    love loveely; ))

  67. spełniona zoe spełn

    wow super

  68. spełniona zoe spełn

    beatiful wow wow

  69. thrichelle parker

    This song is so beautiful

  70. P Jenny

    So amaxing

  71. 1fyefye

    heard this song in my friend's car...fell in love immediately

  72. ParadoxBox

    I wish I could sing like her

  73. micoute1

    You can, just simply accept his loving nature and all the wonders, blessings he has to offer you. so simple.

    Epilaizo Wakimataifa

    Mange kimambi

  74. Comfre10

    i love this song it makes me feel so relxed and hopeful. Nicole may God bless you and give u more wisome to write songs to praise the lord

  75. lakesha holcomb

    Hi Nicole I love to hear your music. I feel in my heart that you are a true worshiper. In your song it's all about our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST. Some song people sing give to much gorly to the flesh.

  76. lorylene pedroso

    i like this song, and also the singer.

  77. Ardelean Sergiu

    God bless you all my friends

  78. Martin White

    God is worthy to be praised!

  79. CB Gear

    Wish I could feel what she feels

  80. missymillie

    this a beautiful song...Holy is the Lord God Almighty.

  81. Peace


  82. KDellzkeepsitreal

    I agree, and I'm sure this probably isn't exactly what you're saying, but not every song that isn't a worship song is evil or wrong, just the ones that gratify the sinful nature. But, I do believe there are plenty of songs that have nothing evil in them that don't necessarily mention the name of God or Jesus.

  83. patssify

    I.Love.This.Song !!

  84. Proverbs 31:3

    i love this song her voice touches my soul

  85. sgobrogg

    King Jesus!!! What an incredible voice to worship and give praise! I love the lyrics

  86. OtakuDante's Gaming Inferno

    Awesome song ;)

  87. Pretty Bekky

    wow i can't stop listening to dis song. so inspirational pls where can i find d instrumental?

  88. Bram Drum

    great song great voice

  89. boyet cabrera

    am so blessed with this beautiful song

  90. Simply Brothers

    this song is so beautiful im speechless at the greatness of God.

  91. Cheppy Batain

    super like it!

  92. AllThingsBeautiful

    Absolutely beautiful -3

  93. nicolecmullenmusic

    Check out the brand new video for Holy Captivated on the official Nicole C. Mullen page

  94. THE PAULY76

    hi could get the lyrics to this song in Spanish or subtitled?

  95. krisv001

    Nice !

  96. Chineze Ndukwe

    Does Nicole have any new music out? Does anyone know? Thanks for your help. I love Nicole. Does anyone know where I can see the One Touch Video?

  97. kissacupoflatte

    This is simply an amazing worship song!

  98. G.R

    can i plz have the lyrics if possible.thnx