Mudvayne - Out To Pasture Lyrics

Like a worm, boring through, cinders, and rock, and ash
I think I need a broom, to sweep away the day
Cleanse us of the shame we're in, I'm in
Like a stray, with the mange, worms and lice and matted
Think I need to bathe to wash away the day
Cleanse us of the palate rid me of the taste

You keep leading me, you keep driving me
You keep pushing me out to pasture to graze
Can't keep strangling, can't keep ignoring me
Cant keep choking me, climbing a clock tower
You keep telling us, you keep shoving us
You keep forcing us out to pasture to graze
You stopped listening, you stopped listening
You stopped hearing me, so I'm loading my gun

Like a bum, sifting through, dumpsters
And trash and garbage, think I need some food
I've starved away all day, cleanse us of the hunger we're in, I'm in
Like a snake sliding through, sand and dirt and desert, think I need a tomb
To blacken out the day, veil me from the sunlight keep me in my place


It seems to me, there are so many things
They don't want to share now doesn't that seem strange
It seems to me, it's all for one but doesn't it seem strange
When the one's for none, not you, not me, no one

Doesn't it seem strange, that we don't know a thing
Doesn't it feel the same as the cattle out to graze
Don't ya think it's strange, that we can't find our way
Don't you feel the same
Doesn't it seem strange, that we don't know a thing
Doesn't it feel the same as the cattle out to graze
Don't ya think it's strange, that we can't find our way
Don't you feel the same


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Mudvayne Out To Pasture Comments
  1. TaurusReborn

    I only realized out to pasture is the ending to 1000 mile journey

  2. Ken Zingzong

    Possibly one of their best songs ever
    RIP Mudvayne :(

  3. Alex Town

    Mudvayne is one of a handful of bands I vibe with everything they write, along with porcupine tree, korn, nine inch nails, early smashing pumpkins, I'm sure there are a few more I forgot

    Trey N


  4. Rafael Slim

    Uma das minhas preferidas desse álbum

  5. Piero Minaya Rojas

    One of the few songs from the album I liked it.

  6. Heiler badilla

    fuck yeah \m/

  7. Kizark Cowboy

    Fucking Mudvayne. Where are you when we need you the most?

  8. Jack Stieben

    This is the most underrated Mudvayne song

    Coma Witch

    No kidding. I just skipped back from 1000 mile journey due to how many views it i know mudvayne was off my radar in 09 but damn i cannot find any live shows of them playing this or even guitar tabs. 1000 had like 1.6k and this only has 270 likes? wtf am i missing? this seriously is one of the best tunes if not something better than most of the songs since Lost and Found. It's a bummer but it a gem I got to find before they split. Damn, i wanna play this tune so bad, lol.

  9. Ryan O'Kane

    Mudvayne are the sickest band ever hands down!

    Bank rotz

    Ryan O'Kane #1 most unique IMO

  10. PsychoJunkieFace

    We need 'em back

    Bank rotz

    PsychoJunkieFace some day we can hope. Would love to see them do an independent release and tour w/o a label. Pretty sure their last label pinched them into two releases and squeezed Mudvayne right out of existence.

  11. Joel Hayes

    His ability to will his desired techniques to design inspires me everytime I listen to their playing. The fact that his playing is phenomenal is surpassed by his ability to not overpower, but rather to bring reciprocity to the whole. It's so hard to find musicians who are less interested in being the star in place of making the music the star. He is a massive inspiration to myself and so many others.

  12. B. Fagan I've loaded my gun.

  13. jonathan sanchez rodriguez

    i hope you hearing this mom .-. YOU HEAR MEEEEE!!!!

  14. tjfats2

    Ryan is one of the most underrated bassists ever

  15. bruno machado neves

    its a really great band

  16. bruno machado neves

    :P i like many more bands, but this song's really amazing, thats for sure

  17. bruno machado neves

    fuckin beautiful!