Mr. Bungle - The Secret Song (Spy) Lyrics

Don't tell anybody
Don't let 'em know
There's a secret

I know the secret song now
They wouldn't tell me
But somehow I found out

Goddammit, I'm pissed off

I didn't get to play on it at all
No way

They kicked me out of the band

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Mr. Bungle The Secret Song (Spy) Comments
  1. Bobby 200o

    2:56 Waluigi hits the stage

  2. Monique Aguilar

    I like this because there diffrent

  3. Sentido Violeta

    Jejejejje de mis canciones preferidas de Mr Bungle 😍

  4. Gildan Jondal

    Is that Rocky George at the start ?

  5. Emilio Malagrino

    This voice is Trevor Dunn.( The old man voice)

  6. leverposteifantomet

    This might be my favorite Bungle song

  7. Fidel Gerlach

    Чудесные приколисты. 😆

  8. Dr. Smurpf

    This sounds cool, kind of sounds like something Frank Zappa would compose.


    Frank Zappa is definitely one of their influencers

    mindcontrol67 Guitar

    Frank Zappa is not one of their influences,They hated when people said that.Why you say? Because when something sounds weird or different the first thing people say is it sounds like Zappa.

    Andrew Higdon

    mindcontrol67 Guitar I agree with you. Just because it is odd and has crazy changes (to everyone else) and obviously experimental, they m in with Zappa. I’ve listened to Zappa and tried over and over to “get it”. No doubt he is exceptional. No doubt he was expressing himself. But I feel like he kept the content “whimsical “ for lack of a better word. Great music should reflect great content, with content being what drove the composer to create the work of art. Zappa pushed it a little bit. But Bungle addresses subjects that other mere mortals are just too uncomfortable to address. And a lot of it can be quite liberating to the observer who may or may not identify with the content, or might just simply find the musical orgasm that is Bungle attractive. I certainly do. The first album is truly a modern masterpiece, that even with the acclaim it has received, is not enough. Groundbreaking. Unique. Where unique has been watered down by imitation. Mind bending considerations of how things must feel in certain circumstances. Reality played as outrageous fiction. Perfect. And perfect is a scary thing.

  9. Sixpakbee 4406

    Wait so obviously its at the end of Carry stress in the jaw, but theres no real cut off. It just goes straight into this part, so i always thought it was apart of Carry Stress in the jaw. Is this the actual official name of the song?

    Sixpakbee 4406

    But not on the album


    It's called the Secret Song because it was written and added to the album without the knowledge of Trevor Dunn. Shortly before mastering, Dunn found it and added the Grandpa Simpson vocals. You can read this story online for yourself.

    Sixpakbee 4406

    Thanks alot! Gonna do some research


    Bungle Fever is a great source, FYI.

    I know the secret song now. They wouldn't tell me, bur somehow I found out :)

    Peter Lennox

    On the vinyl version I have of Disco Volante the song is actually hidden, double tracked on the vinyl. You need to bump the needle on the record to hear it

  10. deadgoondee

    I seriously thought this was the last half of carry stress in the jaw.It's a secret.


    Quiet, don't tell anyone.....

    Pedro Erick


    Eg, Egg n' Eggy

    @Shaunography dont let em know

  11. marty gembitsky

    I love this song :D

  12. StephenAndrew777

    The thing about Mr. Bungle is they never really released anything that's sincerely intended to be enjoyed. They just kind of hinted at the fact that they could obviously be blowing your mind with their talents if they really needed to and made a bunch of grotesque masturbation jokes in the process. I kind of like that. This wouldn't be the case if they were less gifted though. Even a 5-year-old can tell if you're just completely full of shit. They never were though.




    But i enjoy it, so, fuck the system


    Very astute.

  13. Tracy Swan

    lame mike I heard quote unquote at 13, my mind open up to me, I knew I would not be normal

  14. Jules Treasure

    ...They kicked me out of the band, YEAH!

  15. unfa

    I was singing this to myself all the way back home yesterday.

  16. Tobias Knudsen

    They call it spy because it was a song that was made without Dunn - he managed to find it just before the album was published though, and he added the vocal track - hence the name spy - he spied on them and found a song that was hidden from him - so actually the bassplayer is the one doing the vocals on this track and he suspects that bär (sax player) played the drums, and that Mike played the bass on this track.


    it makes sense as I've never found a live version of Carry Stress in the Jaw where they play this part. So this is Dunn doing the 'they wouldn't tell meeee somehow i found out'?

    Willow Sparks

    lecrapauddejerri9 they have played it live, I cant remember which video it is but they basically played the whole first half of disco volante including secret song

    John White

    It's a double secret, cause after Trevor added vocals the rest of the band didn't tell Mike that Trevor had added to the song.

  17. John H Shelton's Media Channel - Original

    0:22 is at rock city nottingham - the last gig - anyone got this in video? thanks - cool vid 5/5 :DD

  18. JudasRapidFire

    LOVE this song

    sgwoony -


  19. jzm

    best song on disco volante! one of the best bungle songs!

  20. PenguinJesus