Mr. Big - My Kinda Woman Lyrics

Way back in the early days
1946 She walked in with the look o'love
That girl had bedroom eyes
Fire engine lipstick lips
All heads turned ooh with a human desire
It set the world on fire.

My kinda woman
Someone's yeseteryear dreams
That's my kinda woman
I could tear down the silver screen

A fallen woman femme fatale
her body screamed heartbreak
Hotel...brains and beauty
Break down the walls, I fall
Down, to my knees,
When I see her picture in the
Movie magazines
All heads turned ooh for the lady in red
Bring up the house lights and say

My kinda woman
Bring back those yesteryear dreams
My kind woman help me
Tear down the silver screen

Picture perfect
X marks the spot
There's just no way
To tell you how hot
My kinda woman

If I could go back in time
To the right place eye to eye
Magic to burn ooh with a human desire
She set the world on fire

My kinda woman
Someone's yesteryear dreams
My kinda woman
I could tear down the silver screen
My kinda woman
Bring back those yesteryear dreams
And that's my kinda woman
Help me tear down the silver screen

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Mr. Big My Kinda Woman Comments
  1. Alvin

    eric martin be sounding like a woman in this track :)

  2. Eduardo Eddie C. Feitosa

    28 Years Ago I bought this CD. AMAZING! TIME FLIES!!!

  3. Orso Northeast

    damn they sure knew how to rock

  4. Just Orso

    Still sounds great

  5. liselle sloan

    I wonder who this is about, some actress/model, apparently, which, I know, most rock musicians never date! LOL.

  6. Iñaki Etxeberria Labayen

    great song with great musicians

  7. MemeSenpai

    Did anyone else noticed how they stole Making Love - Yngwie Malmsteen in this solo?

  8. The Nerdy Hobbit

    Does Eric still can sing like this? What a voice.

  9. Arif Rachmadi

    Good song

  10. Arif Rachmadi

    Good song

  11. Bill Maher

    My Kinda Woman!!! Mr Big !!!

  12. Adrian Scardulla

    No encuentran este tema muy similar a Cry of the gypsy de Dokken????

    Adrian Scardulla

    Y...mad at the world claro

  13. Sirius Jack

    (Mad at the world) brought me here

  14. David

    racer x version is better


    Way better

    Farrell Wills

    I like the Racer X version. I might say it's the better song, lyrically. But the Mr. Big version has major label production going for it; it seems like a bigger sound.



  16. flashy5150

    I'm a guitar player and I think Paul is my favorite of all the guitar soloists. He just has the right speed for me. He also mixes "retro EVH" style music with metal shredding, then incorporates the blues in there -- this is a perfect match for me. Keep playing Paul, I'd like to finally see you with Mr Big some time, you guys were amazing - what can I say, I didn't have the money back then lol.

    liselle sloan

    How about Vitto Bratta then?

  17. Piotr Piotrowski

    Mad at the World :)

  18. Christopher Grogan

    God bless Mr. everything about them, phenomenal musicians, all of them.  Live performances are top notch, what else can I say about them - AWESOME...:)...this album was on constant rotation when I was an undergraduate at Cornell University, got me through many long "overnighters"...:)....

  19. Edwin Rivera

    My kinda of music yeah......

  20. Ricky Ikeda

    The best song ever!!!!!!

  21. ESP/Mike

    I agree but still cool with Eric Martin singin'...just a slower version....BOTH are cool but I DO love Mad at the World......

    Bill Maher

    ESP/Mike ml

  22. ESP/Mike

    YOU GOT IT .....Racer X.........Mad at the that tune.....good ear Phoenix.

  23. pepperbelly68

    I saw Mr Big on the Lean into It tour and it was incredible !! Paul used Ampeg amps and stompbox's. Eric hit insane high notes, great band !

  24. hartagrm

    Thanks for the song! ;)

  25. b foster

    Underrated tune from this album

  26. dawidwlkp

    Paul Gilbert ...Eric... Thank you!

  27. Black Hammer

    Great music!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Marianna Bischoff

    Best song of Mr. Big.

  29. Matt March

    Amen to that

  30. serginietor

    co za asy!

  31. dawidwlkp

    This band is my life. They pointed me to the trail!
    I live in POLAND

  32. barefootwarrior1

    Agreed, best they've done - luv it!!

  33. paulpotion

    Saw them for the first time last month in Ohio. Simply blown away! Thet were absolutely amazing. In a club you know they didnt make shit. But they played like they were making millions!


    You do know these guys have made the "millions" you are talking about, right? Google is your friend.

  34. paulpotion

    My favorite song by them!

  35. rutgernavarre

    Love this song

  36. Matthew Short

    @ssa12344 I just saw them in Chicago this past Friday night. Simply amazing. I dropped about 200 dollars on the VIP package. Well worth the money.

  37. Daniel Poop

    @MrMatthiasSchneider dude Paul is the guitarrist in both bands... both are awesome, the point is to enjoy the music.

  38. MrMatthiasSchneider

    Nowhere near as good as Mad At The World. Racer X > Mr. Big

  39. brandonleespitler

    My favorite Mr.Big tune! Great stuff!

  40. Freddy Von MunchieDej

    @victorthegroover I see :D And yes, it is a really great song ! I'm happy to satisfy you people :)

  41. Freddy Von MunchieDej

    @hnye I do take song requests :) And yes, it would have been amazing to see them live !

  42. victorthegroover

    see? a lot of views is a litte time ;) is a great song, we were waiting for it!!!

  43. Phoenix Steel

    It aint good for my heart to be MAD AT THE WOOOOORLD!!!

  44. Matt March

    @jclp81 mad at the world is also a wonderful song

  45. jclp81

    its the riff from the racer x song mad at the world

  46. JoDurden

    This fooking reminds me of the good old times back in the glorious 80's!!! Fantastic song - gorgeous album!!!

  47. Stelios Dilioridis

    great song mate! well done!

  48. Freddy Von MunchieDej

    @MikyMegadeth You are welcome! :D

  49. Freddy Von MunchieDej

    @Hagarviking Haha you are welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  50. Hagarviking

    Many thanks for posting this brilliant song, have been looking for it for years, cheers!

  51. Freddy Von MunchieDej

    @victorthegroover Haha you are welcome! :D

  52. victorthegroover

    THANK YOU!!! :D
    great song!