Mountain Goats, The - Collapsing Stars Lyrics

When we hid out behind the risers at the high school
Working bitter calculations with a slide rule
The grim particulars of poisoning the swimming pool
Well, you looked me in the eye
Ready to die

We were becoming what we are
Collapsing stars

When we chewed up pseudoephedrine like bubblegum
'Til our hearts were beating as deep and rich as kettle drums
We knew if we waited long enough the change would come
And then the day did come, and at last
Hold tight
Hold fast

Catch lightning in a jar
Collapsing stars

I told you to load up on provisions
'Cause we wouldn't be back for a while
Load up your troubles in your old kit bag
Turn toward the camera and smile, smile, smile

When we ditched the plan to poison all our enemies
Tucked our weapons in a clearing, and covered them with leaves
We are gonna come rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves
One day
And we are on our way

You can look
But you won't find
Another love like ours
Collapsing stars

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Mountain Goats, The Collapsing Stars Comments
  1. James Barnousky

    Love that potato quality

  2. Olly Roberts

    Is this on a goats album? Every time I think I've heard it all, I find something else. This is incredible.


    Olly Roberts think it was originally a b side or bonus or smth on come come

  3. Christopher Bingham

    Awesome song!

  4. Philip Traum

    is this considered like a waltz kinda? I'm pretty illiterate when it comes to music styles. if anyone knows thatd be great.

  5. Alaplaya9

    How is it possible that I've been listening to JD's stuff for years and only now learn about this amazing song?

  6. MykTheOccultist

    why comic sans?


    It isn't


    it’s not

  7. mothby

    this song gets me
    i love it


    mothby you want to commit murder suicide?

  8. Anon

    I wonder why this song isn't more popular

    Geoff Sebesta

    something something darkest timeline

  9. willneu97

    Which is pretty much stealing

    Chance Hansen

    fuck you, ham scrap.

  10. TheHeakes

    No, the hectic glow will defiantly do some too.

  11. Em Po

    If the Mountain Goats don't sing every song in the TFiOS movie, I swear....


    Em Po this song is about murder suicide


    In what movie?

    A Garbage Bag

    TheAlbinoDude The Fault in Our Stars, i believe; john green is a huge mountain goats fan

  12. TheVurnPL

    Witness the Absurd brought me here.

  13. sethwerewolf

    In the beginning he kind of sounds like evil Charlie (McDonnell).

  14. Chris H

    Thumbs up if you're here because of John Green! DFTBA! :)

  15. ilylac

    @Softmachine505 use slsk.

  16. Softmachine505

    now i gotta pray this is available on i-tunes-- jeeze, this is phenomenal.


    is it on iTunes now?

  17. FuckYoGod

    Amazing singing and guitar playing with interesting thought provoking lyrics.

  18. haircut74

    where is this version from? i've only heard the one on come, come.

    Scientifically Void

    I believe that this one is on the Dilaudid EP?

    Scientifically Void

    even though i'm 5 years late i still wanted to answer dont judge


    wow u heck, 5 years later. i wonder where this person is now


    7 years now


    8 years now

  19. Delaney Day

    beautiful, almost poetic, but in a much better way. <3

  20. DesolateDenial

    a beautifully sad song.
    i love this band

  21. blithium

    This sounds like the tango number in a musical. As such, I love it.