Mountain Goats, The - Alpha Rats Nest Lyrics

Ah, the lengthening hours in the refinery
Belching fire into the sky
We do our best vampire routines
As we suck the dying hours dry

The night is lovely as a rose
If I see sunlight hit you
I am sure that we'll both decompose

Ah, the fitful sleep and the fire engines
That I dream of when I dream
Someday we'll both wake up for good
I will try hard not to scream

The evening wind will shake the blinds
You're stirring from your slumber
We've got something hateful on our minds

Oh, sing, sing, sing
For the dying of the day
Sing for the flames that will rip through here
And the smoke that will carry us away

Yeah, sing for the damage we've done
And the worse things that we'll do
Open your mouth up and sing for me now
And I will sing for you

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Mountain Goats, The Alpha Rats Nest Comments
  1. macklemore

    whomst is here from rompilation 2.0

  2. The Phantom of the Paradise

    The End of The Alpha Couple.

  3. girls poop too

    Yes John

  4. Poppy Yates


  5. 20102010b

    As we succ the dying hours dry

  6. joeylantis22

    To me this is the song that the Alpha couple finally die in.

  7. comrade hermit

    Thank you Daniel. I sincerely doubt I could make it through another lonely Valentines Day without this album. I really fucking needed this tonight.

  8. semisapien

    The perfect song for burning old love letters.

  9. ShooManFu

    I made what I consider the the "Essentials" Album for the Mountain Goats collection. It comes on roughly 32 disc and includes every single song because they are all great.

    Ian Jones

    Get real, like you could fit all of their songs onto 32 discs. :P John writes, I think, on average around 12 songs a day. The man is a beautiful monster.

    girls poop too


  10. Gaius Cassius Longinus

    I find Tallahassee to be a very romantic album. I think this is proof I probably shouldn't get married.


    Ita wrotten from the alpha couples perspective. To them self destruction and hatred are romantic.

  11. Joakim Andrén

    I love you.

    Watermelon Head

    i wanted to point out that you had the same first name as the lead singer of sabaton but then i realised this comment was 5 years old.

  12. ConstantinopleSA

    I knew that was what it was about, someone posted it in the comments of another video. Doesn't change my opinion.

  13. 1gamerkid111

    my friend asked him at a concert what the song is about and he said that it's about the alpha couple getting drunk and burning down their house and then they die in the fire and their ashes get carried to the junkyard by the wind

    Terry Beardmore

    According the liner notes and website, oceanographers choice is them burning the house down and this is just after.

  14. ConstantinopleSA

    Maybe I'm missing the point, but this is the most romantic song I've ever heard.