Motorhead - No Class Lyrics

Shut up you talk too loud
You don't fit in with the crowd
I can't believe you exist
I crossed you right off my list
Too much too soon
Way out of tune

No class [x5]
Ah baby no class
No class
No class

Way out you're way out of line
No buddy I can't spare a dime
Fade out baby that's right
No bark and even less bite
Your perfect smile
Betrays your lack of style


Too late ya can't catch up now
You face the wrong way anyhow
I know you ain't got the brain
To come in out of the rain
Too bad no magic
I'm afraid you're merely tragic


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Motorhead No Class Comments
  1. Steve Dronzewski

    ZZ Top, Fastway, Motorhead.

  2. Ian E Williams

    Los 3 Amigos... 🔥♠️♠️♠️🔥 and No Class - have those 7 dislikes, cry me a river!!

  3. david janson


  4. Mladen Purvov

    Това е бандата Леми , Еди и Фил.

  5. Nawir VR

    Alzo mi vaso con Jack Daniels: UN BRINDIS POR LEMMY ¡SALUD!

    frank zappa

    Hasta dos por el Maestro lemmy

  6. Gefletschtes Gebiß

    Sounds like Tush from ZZTop ?

  7. Keijo Toivonen


  8. Thomas Ince

    Who's disliking these vids?!.

  9. Jana Elizabeth Sekelski

    Just great!! 😈

  10. Boxingbear

    Raunchy metal at its Finest. Motorhead rules !

  11. RED CAN

    Those who dislike this, come some time later...later in life, after fancy and pink, and listen again to Motörhead...

    ...and push like button then.

    Listening to Motörhead and knowing about Lemmy's life (and the band itself) will make you a better person!

  12. Divine Kebab

    Red mars for the rich

  13. ultimate zombe

    Excellent lyrics spectacular performance 👊

  14. Pericolosospore Jerzy

    Greatest marxist song ever

  15. Woody Jagla

    ,,,,, we are the road crew !

  16. Phatos Wilson

    el cover de Hermetica!!!!

  17. phil phil

    Even if it's not really live, what a great pleasure to hear this song again an again... Lemmy 4 ever !

  18. paolo francescoli

    Los 3 fuckings diamante del fucking rock and roll ♠️💎♠️💎♠️💎

  19. Motzer Alles Mist

    Lemmy is beautiful !

  20. William Still

    Who is the one to dislike Motörhead? Someone with no class lol

  21. juandeDockSud

    1:36 un grande

  22. Allen_

    Really ? Who is the fool who marked the dislike wt....

  23. seamorebuttz

    Opening rhythm reminds me of FASTWAY. “Say what you will”

  24. seamorebuttz

    What concert is this?

  25. 'Axe' Stelvin

    The Plasmatics

  26. Nikolai Panizovets


  27. Tom Dodds

    I love it man period

  28. José Pastor Hernández

    The Ace, the Fast and the Animal. Trio Class...Very Much Class! Un saludo.

  29. Frank Boyce

    Real rock-n-roll!! Rest in peace guys.

  30. Jermaine Guillory

    MOTORHEAD 4 LIFE!!!! 🤘🤘

  31. Just Gofish

    One arsehole to date gave a thumbs down?
    How old are you child?

  32. Ian Miles

    Too bad that he was always left in the backround in all his former bands. This guy should have made punkish hard rock as early as 1965.
    The most charismatic rock frontman of all time.

    Just Gofish

    Very well said Mr Miles.

    Mark Sieczko

    Funnily enuff he did! Check out Sam Gopal 'Escalator' 1969, Lem on lead guitar! Before that the Rockin 'Vicars 1966.


    Yeah, but it would probably mess with our timeline too much. A lot of people probably bought this album as kids when it came out new.

  33. Always Curious

    Wish every band did this - a video shot for every song - just to put it on record. Lemmy - you got it wrong this time - this is class!

    Ian Miles

    AC/DC also did this with alot of their early stuff and I think with every song from Back in Black.

  34. Edison Mustaine Thrash 666

    "We'Are Motörhead And Playing Rock N Roll
    Since 1970"
    Rest in Peace
    Lemmy Kimilster

  35. Markus Luetolf

    Motorhead for Life another blast from the Past loud and proud Kick Ass Post thx for sharing Rock on Double Jack Lemmy on my Bill Dudes

  36. Sri Rahayu

    Is lemmy try to duckwalk?


  37. shinybald36

    Miley Cyrus?

    D Larson

    Zero class

  38. Gonzo II

    Exact same riff as ZZ Top's Tush...just saying

    tim garrish

    Gonzo II it's the same riff but in a different key. I doubt they could plead ignorance of ZZ Top because by this time they'd already covered Beer Drinkers and Hellraisers.

    Sandy Holliday

    Do you realize what an idiot you are? How many years did ZZTop come AFTER Lemmy and Motorhead---Hmmm? Only 4 years I just looked it up. Still, Motorhead came first. I stand corrected even if ZZ Top came out after MotorHead ZZ made Tush before Lemmy made this song. I'm the idiot here obviously.

    Pedro Lucas Martins

    Man, Delete this comment, everything you said was wrong, Zztop Debut at 69, And motorhead at 75

    Thum Skrew

    Bad take cuz um Lemmy.

  39. Chriz Mecklenburg

    Long live the King.

  40. Jack Brown

    Badass track 🤘

  41. Francois Froge


  42. Martin Jensen

    I woke up this morning got my coffee sit in my Archie Bunker recliner check YouTube and oh new Motorhead videos/what a perfect beginning to the day.

  43. Jorge Luis Aquino Tejeda

    yeeaahh 🎧🎶🎶🎧🎶👌👍👏

  44. Andrew Brown

    See Hawkwind, see what you missed out on, it was for the best though.

    Just Gofish

    Yeah , well said. Their loss was always our gain !

    D Larson

    Andrew Brown
    Hawkwind said the same , that it all turned out for the best.

  45. Eka khimshiashvili

    Shut up, you talk too loud
    You don't fit in with the crowd
    I can't believe you exist
    I've crossed you right off my list
    Too much, too soon
    You're way out of tune
    No class, no class
    Way out, you're way out of line
    No, buddy, I can't spare a dime
    Fade out, baby, that's right
    No bark and even less bite
    Your perfect smile
    Betrays your lack of style
    No class, no class
    Ah, no class, no class
    Too late, you can't catch up now

    Sandy Holliday

    It would crush me to the core if Lemmy said this to me.

  46. Pom Pom7x7

    Such cute guys 😍🥺😔

  47. Hasso

    1:36 duck walk :)

  48. Michael Myers

    No dislikes perfect

  49. Slash

    We are Motörhead and we play Rock'n'Roll !

  50. Davey Dave

    Fucking brilliant 😎

  51. Виталий Воробьеа


    Ethan Buck

    Forever. He will return again in a different form. But we will always remember his spirit as Lemmy!

  52. Gengivsen 77

    One of their best songs


    One of many🤘🏼🎸

    Gengivsen 77

    69msyt hell yeah 🤘

  53. born to lose

    lemmy is my fucking god

  54. Music. Fo life


    Ethan Buck

    To the End!

  55. Strange Daze

    By this point Motorhead could do no wrong! I'll never tire from these tunes!

  56. Bil Sabab

    I can watch this footage forever

    Fran Bustingorry

    So much style

  57. Ruben Hermosilla

    Motorhead rules

    Warner Land and Maintenance

    Ruben Hermosilla I miss these 3 amigos


    ripx3 :"v