Motorhead - Iron Horse Lyrics

[I. Kilmister, E. Clarke, P. Taylor]
[Motor Music Ltd.]

He rides a road
That don't have no end
An open highway
Without any bends
Tramp and his stallion
Alone in a dream
Proud in his colours
As the chromium gleams

On Iron Horse he flies
On Iron Horse he gladly dies
Iron Horse his wife
Iron Horse his life

He lives his life
He's living it fast
Don't try to hide
When the dice have been cast
He rides a whirlwind
That cuts to the bone
Wasted forever
Ferociously stoned

On Iron Horse he flies
On Iron Horse he gladly dies
Iron Horse his wife
Iron Horse his life

One day, one day
They'll go for the sun
Forever they'll fly
On the eternal run
Wasted forever
On speed, bikes and booze
Yeah, us and the brothers
We're all born to loose

On Iron Horse he flies
On Iron Horse he gladly dies
Iron Horse his wife
Iron Horse his life

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Motorhead Iron Horse Comments
  1. Mark Outram

    Sorry about this, Guys, but - a few years back - I remember this (very nice) kid catching me at work doing summat - nothing illegal , mind - and saying 'You know, that's gonna have a BAD effect on your health and it'll probably kill you if you don't 'clean up' ' (or summat). ... And I found myself rounding on him and saying ('off-the-cuff') 'Who wants to live forever ... ?' ... There was a long pause. Kid said 'Okay' and left (Sorry, Guy - didn't mean to snap). This song is the ULTIMATE re : assertion-of-self-against-the-world-regardless (of sense, logic, reality etc). Ride on.

  2. gfrkiss

    Happy Birthday Lemmy. xxx I miss you so much.

  3. Tarak B

    The real deal !!! RIP Lemmy, Phil and Eddie. Gone but never to be forgotten.

  4. Stranded73

    Dude shreds on guitar

  5. watdoetiee

    The greatest song of all time

  6. Jetsun Thinley

    Should be everyone's life philosophy:

    Live the life
    Living it fast
    Don’t try to hide
    When the dice have been cast
    Your ride’s a whirlwind
    That cuts to the bone
    Wasted forever
    Ferociously stoned
    Wasted forever
    On speed, bikes and booze
    No one hammers on forever
    We’re all born to lose

  7. Isaac Emmanuel Saucedo Trujillo

    He rides a road that don't have no end
    An open highway without any bends
    Tramp and his stallion, alone in a dream
    Proud in his colours
    As the chromium gleams

    On iron horse he flies
    On iron horse he gladly dies
    Iron horse's his wife, iron horse's his life

    He lives his life, he's living it fast
    Don't try to hide
    When the die have been cast
    He rides a whirlwind
    That cuts to the bone
    Loaded forever and ferociously stoned

    On iron horse he flies
    On iron horse he gladly dies
    Iron horse's his wife, iron horse's his life
    Yeah, slide it to me

    One day, one day, gonna go for the sun
    Together they'll fly on the eternal run
    Wasted forever
    On speed bikes and booze
    Yeah, us and the brothers
    Say we're all born to lose

    On iron horse he flies
    On iron horse he gladly dies
    Iron horse's his wife, iron horse's his life
    Iron horse's alive, iron horse's a wife
    Iron horse's a wife, iron horse's alive

  8. Alan Scott

    Fairly kickin' ass in a rock & roll style. Cool bluesy solo.
    Who would know how hard this band could rock.

  9. Travis Kendrick

    The devil hates this song. He is a gay, and can’t win

  10. William

    Die happy, die on your horse and not your knees!

    Adam Wagner

    Fuck yeah man

  11. Zino Liopas

    Motörhead inspired me to play guitar. Rip Lemmy 'God' Kilmister. ✌🎸🎧🎼🎤

  12. People are Strange

    Toprağın bol olsun Lemmy!

  13. Kurt Slotkowski

    This song is such the ultimate slow burner!!! Thank God for Terry "Geezer" Butler for inventing those bonegrinding bass power chords. To Lemmy for mastering them. And, to Kronos for reinventing them all over again!

    No rest in piece about it. Lemmy still stands as rock n' roll posterity's warrior on the edge of time!!!

  14. RPM11111

    My brother sent me this to listen to. For which reason, I have no idea. Why would any sane person listen to such mindless nonsense.

    Kurt Slotkowski

    Batshit crazy noise made by batshit crazy freaks made for batshit crazy freaks.

  15. gfrkiss

    3 years today......xxxxxxxxx miss you

  16. SammyMartinez888

    Fucking solo !

  17. Aron Gibson

    the on parole album version is alot better than this... just saying

    Chaos Corner

    Definitely fits the mood of the song better.

  18. Vinícius H. Sales

    Eu adoro esse disco

  19. Dan Murphy

    speed bikes and booze

    Kurt Slotkowski

    ...and fast women

  20. Dan Murphy


    George Kaldis

    well said man

  21. Brent Lohr

    Born To Lose. Live To Win.

  22. Dyllon Foley

    Philthy is so fucking under-rated.

  23. Stambena Zajednica Udruga Vida

    Cult! With Animal on drums

  24. David Harrison

    cannot ride any more. body to badly smashed up . still ride in my dreams . RIP king Lemmy .

  25. David Harrison

    thank you for being in my life Lemmy . the world is a worse place without your cool . RIP brother .

  26. Frank Atchison


  27. Frank Atchison

    He'll ride a whirlwind cut you to the bone.Loaded for animal ferociously stoned !!!!

  28. Humberto Hernandez


  29. Mike Pruitt

    Aint this the truth...

  30. Tj Mccrea

    Rip Eddie Clark


    RIP to a guitar legend

  31. Mike's Music Channel

    The Band Is Back Together !!!!

    Just Gofish

    The three originals are together again. Will God put up with them?
    I think that he will !!!!

  32. Lazaros Deligiannidis

    So this is the sad day that the legendary trio belongs to big Heaven band!!!!!! RIP brothers!!!!! We will never forget you!!!!!!

  33. Nikkolas Gage



    God is dead RIP Lemmy! you....

  35. Golden Egg That Never Hatched

    Born to lose or Born to lose?

    Kurt Slotkowski

    Born too loose

  36. MELAND105

    best sound ever!!!

  37. dodgyify

    I still miss Lemmy........R.I.P.

  38. Vijay kumar

    Great solo

  39. Goju09 alt

    What album is that?

    Nigel FORD

    Their Eponomous, self-titled, 1st, MOTORHEAD

    Kurt Slotkowski

    The very first 7" single from 1976.

  40. Son of Angron

    I imagine this song got Motorhead a lot of its Hell's Angels fans...

    Drugstore Cowboy

    for Tramp

    Bram Janssens

    @KlausDoitschlaaand ah ok, it's all the Angels in hell, thought it was all the Angels in here..

    Robert Mills

    It was written by Philthy Taylor and Tramp from the London HA, The song is about Tramp and his love for the club. Of course the HA are going to be fans, Especially as Lem has always been a supporter of the club, and would have joined if he could actually ride worth a shit (His words)


    Funnily enough @Robert Mills A lot of people thought Lemmy could ride a motorcycle..

    Robert Mills

    @wreckerman lol. he was a danger to himself and everyone else on the road (again his words)

  41. Steven Cooley

    this is better then tater soup and shit cramps..

    Twisted monk

    Steven Cooley the cramps are and always will be legendary

  42. claudia palacio

    R.i.p. Lemmy, EL MÁS GRANDE!!!!

  43. John Morrell

    Ride On Lemmy! R.I.P.
    We'll all see ya on the other side Mate!

  44. Amós Gonzaga

    We're all born to lose!

  45. Tom Jaasko

    Please remember, Lemmy DID NOT write this song. It was written By PHIL "PHILTHY ANIMAL" TAYLOR and two other guys before he joined Motörhead...


    One of those was Tramp (mentioned in the song) Who is still a prominent and respected member of the London Hells Angels

  46. mark brown

    First time I saw Motorhead was in 1980, on the Bomber tour. Loved em then, love em still


    once you love them you love them your live

    john taylor

    mark brown yeah me too was at the mayfair. Newcastle...deaf for 4 days....

  47. His Dudeness

    Motorhead and Black Sabbath turned me on to metal about 8 years ago. I was about 11, when my friend got me the Iron Man video game (shit game). The first level had Iron Man by BS as the song, and the whole time I was like "What the hell is this? What magical thing is this that I have never heard of before? THIS IS FUCKING AMAZING!"

    I bought the Brütal Legend game later that year, and I would just keep We are the Road Crew and Back at the Funny Farm (both by motorhead) and Painkiller playing all the time. I was fucking enchanted!

    Needless to say, it has been a wild ride. Long live the TRUE king of all things rock 'n roll, Lemmy. He was born Ian, but went on to shake the entire planet as Lemmy. He will live forever in our hearts. Hell just got heavier with him sitting at the throne.


  48. Marco García

    I don't get why this isn't the damn anthem of biker... :( and we have in the pop culture dumb song like born to be wilde...


    Different stuff dude, and different times: Born to be Wild was recorded almost 10 years before and without the old, "dumb" stuff there probably won't be anything you listen to.

    Mikko Tainio

    Calling Steppenwolf a pop culture is like saying Jimmy Hendrix was a rapper. Get your culture history straight mate.

  49. Sheogorath

    Murder One...

  50. Dominik Šosták

    he was born to lose but lived to win

  51. Mega Tallica

    666 likes omg

  52. Anthony Pivetti

    RIP Lemmy. Love this song. We miss u Lemmy.

  53. Sole Grebe

    I freacking love you forever you fuckin Lemy from heaven and hell and the corners of the universe, ride long my dear Lemmy <3

  54. metalpas66

    Yeah ! This version drives me crazy ! !!!!!!!!

  55. Utku Hasan

    Is there a version of this song (same record, not "On Parole" version) without the buzzing/hissing noise which especially can be heard starting around 2:12 and through the following guitar solo. It's pretty annoying but I can't find any clean version, even FLAC versions have that.

    Cath Price

    Agreed, makes it raw,  beautiful distortion.

    J- aux

    its the volume of the recording itself going over the limits of what vinyl can reproduce. hence the distortion.

    Ian McMath

    Its either what J-aux says or the sound of clicking on an extra overdrive pedal for the solo distortion.


    The "warmth" of vinyl. Hipsters LOVE that shit.

    Kurt Slotkowski

    Like a searing shredding noise? That's the raw-as-hell guitar making all that ruckus. Cheers lad!

  56. Ogro de Bacu

    Just Perfect!
    HAIL HAIL Motorhead!

  57. Rafael Bossoni

    prefiro a versão do On Parole.

  58. ForSquirrels BySquirrels

    That guitar solo is ferociously stoned...

  59. Christopher

    The king of Rock n' roll

  60. Adrian Wild

    My fave Biker track

  61. Mike's Music Channel

    1/9/2016 3:01 AM

  62. Dan Oliver

    The guitar and bass in this is one of motor heads best imo

    R.i.p Lemmy & motorhead the last true rock and roll band

    Disco Sucks

    @Keeling Charles They are almost done for now.

  63. Paul Hanson

    the one man who took the test of time.......lost johny......r.i.p x

  64. magna carta

    Α ρε Lemmy άρχοντα...!

  65. Mystic Prana

    RIP :((

  66. lucas barbosa

    Lemmy dies, but your art never dies, Hail Lemmy and the True Rock n Roll !!!

  67. Emilio Roman

    Motorhead for life
    R. I.P. LEMMY

  68. Knightlain

    Iron Bronco, a rockear en la moto que se ocupa

  69. Luis Santana

    see you in the other side Lemmy! RIP

  70. Jesse Rothbeind

    I can picture Lemmy riding off into the sunset giving the bird!!! RIP to the legend!!

    Wayne Toscano

    doesn't matter that you got into late just as long as you like it that's the more important thing, shit it's better than not getting into it at all

    The Man Emperor of Mankind

    Unfortunately, he won't be able to see them live.

    Bill Buck

    He actually didn't like motorcycles.................


    @The Man Emperor of Mankind "When I die, just play the records"-Jimi Hendrix

    The Metalhead

    Bill Buck Actually all I've seen about Lemmy and motorcycles (out of the music), was an interview in the 70s when he was with Hawkwind. He stated that he knew how to ride but didn't currently have one at that time.

  71. cezary szwagierek

    Most beautiful guitar solo ever...

    Robert Lansing

    yes, nice!..and nice n long!

  72. pinanti


  73. madhatters1966

    R.I.P Legend

  74. Kria Du Gueto


  75. Retro 162

    Se fué rockeando... Descansa en paz, maestro.

  76. ipnorospo38

    29-12-2015 RIP Lemmy!

  77. virbius1

    Don't try to hideWhen the dies have been cast...RIP Lemmy you were metal as fuck bro

  78. Trött Pappa

    ....ride on.

  79. Fabio Andrés Colmenares Burgos

    Puta vida malparida....... Why not justin bieber or one of those fuckers?

    Zach lovett

    Illuminati, lmao had to..

  80. Ioannis Anagnostou

    Rip legend

  81. János Kobak

    R.I.P. LEMMY BING VOCAL!!!!!!!!!!

  82. terence jones

    R.I.P. LEMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. carywelch1971

    Ferociously Stoned
    Cheers Lemmy

    Paul Hanson


  84. Maximiliano Tapia Nievas

    on iron horse he fly, on iron horse he gladly dies!!

  85. Herbert Brown

    Rest in Peace Lemmy...

  86. Daniel Newberry

    rip Lemmy.

  87. Klinger Da Silva

    um grande ser q nos deixou, mas suas grandes obras primas jamais serão esquecidas..

  88. Challenger421

    Rest in peace rock god

  89. cameron gallagher

    Fuck yeah

  90. prnst warf

    iron horse I ride

  91. prnst warf

    motor head plays good heavy rock

  92. I don't suffer insufferable people. VKapatos

    Ferosiously stoned. Just like me at all times and places. LOL!

  93. Estenio Cruz

    Muito bom....uma das melhores músicas na minha opinião.