Motorhead - Deaf Forever Lyrics

Stoneface dog, swirling fog, gates open on the dark dark night
Standing stone, skull and bone, dead witness to an unseen fight
Beat the drum, beat the drum, beat forever on the endless march
Stricken dumb, cut and run, someone is screaming and the sky is dark

Sword and shield, bone and steel, rictus grin
Deaf forever to the battles din

March or croak, flame and smoke, burn forever in eternal pain
Charge and fall, bugle call, bone splinter in the driving rain
Horses scream, Viking dream, drowned heroes in a lake of blood
Armoured fist, severed wrist, broken spears in a sea of mud

[Repeat chorus]

Mother earth, mother earth enfold you in her cold embrace
Sinking down, killing ground, worm crawling on your cold white face
Win or lose, nought to choose, all men are equal when their memory fades
No one knows, friends or foes, if Valhalla lies beyond the grave

[Repeat chrous + last 2 lines twice]

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Motorhead Deaf Forever Comments
  1. thomas hinchey


  2. thomas hinchey


  3. Eric Bomberger

    Lemmy made Jesus shave his beard

  4. Mark Huddleston

    Beat that drum!!

  5. Magluštine Panonije

    I was riding half concious in a jeep through Uyuni desert in Bolivia while suffering terrible food poisoning and listening to this song on repeat.
    Llamas by the road seemed to move and jump according the rhytm of the song,, and it soothed my mind, lol.

  6. Harald Birven

    nought to choose!!

  7. dillan 2.0

    This song makes me want to take a shitload of steroids get huge as fuck get me a badass set of armor and a huge Greatsword and take down an entire fucken Army by my goddamn self like I would wage war against hell itself to this song

    21st Century Muse

    I will totally help you conquer England.

  8. Simon Hunter

    I've been told this isn't one of the bands best albums. What bollocks. The cover artwork ain't bad either!

  9. Sabbathman

    This is Motörhead's savage idea of Viking metal. What a great and timeless song, you wouldn't know this is from 1986 because this could be from any year - that's one of the magic traits of Motörhead, they made music without trendy time stamps...

  10. Philip Holmes

    Driving home thru Topanga Cyn after my shift...just me and Lemmy and the boys...miss you guys ! The best part of the day sometimes was just listening to Motorhead in the '80's...

  11. Debbie Athy

    Awesome band great song like many of these songs

  12. Tim Marchant

    one of the best albums they ever did . not 1 song I don't like . Its always my goto record

  13. Kevin Rudisill

    Lemmy kilmister. Legend, icon, the epitome of rock and roll. Lives forever in my heart

  14. Simon sez

    Deaf forever from fukers gig ;)

  15. Claudio CK Kunstmann

    Dive!..dive in me. Ups..thats Nirvana.

  16. Pedro Orrante

    Muy moderno me gusta

  17. GaëlB Galbar

    Absolute mad rock'n'roll classic. Now Lemmy is drinking with gods, and keep heavy metal high.

  18. Brewnoe

    This song is the reason i'll still argue for Motorhead over post-cliff Metallica

    Tony Stephen

    metallica never even came close

  19. carlos deno

    I saw Motörhead first in 78 and then lost count after that. I have two of Lemmy’s plectrums and I play Motörhead every day!!! And I will until they fucking plant me! They changed my life forever and I’m so privileged to say that. RIP Lemmy Xx

  20. themonsteraddict MMXVI

    I'll see you rock on stage some day Lemmy. Rock in Paradise you glorious bastard.


    The sound of the guitar is very strange!

    music lover93

    Even though they were hard rock/heavy metal it also has a punk sound to it as well

  22. Trace zach daniels

    bass guitar should be louder in the mix.....the whole thing sounds like just guitar and drums..

  23. Legalize Cannibalism!


  24. SkeetSystem

    Okay I know this band was never known for its engineering...but how the fuck did they go from Iron Fist to this?

  25. Carlos Laerte

    Lemmy Eddie e Animal Taylor making rock n roll in heaven and hell. Trio Forever

  26. Pavel Kamashev

    one of the best heavy metal cover arts

  27. Daniel T

    Good song lyrics to accompany Skyrim

  28. silky johnson

    I saw motorhead on this tour in a small club in aurora illinois, my ears hurt for 3 days, I wouldn't trade it for the world!

  29. Seth H

    Rip all these guys made some badass music

  30. Reppie

    Greatest songwriter ever.

  31. Kaleb Morrow

    I kept thinking this was stone dead forever.... damn you lemmmmmyyyy

  32. asdfg wasd

    There's some criminally underrated songwriting on orgasmatron.. its a shame production sucks so bad :/

  33. Andrea Riccio

    Limortale lemmy 🤘🔥🤘👿🔥🔥🖤

  34. Movie Man

    rest in peace lemmy!

  35. vmaxpowered

    Motorhead fan since 1979, I love their music from 70's to most recent,long live Lemmy,Fast Eddie,and filthy animal Phil Taylor motorhead is an icon

  36. Not Sure

    Fun fact, this song was a huge part in my English course back in the late eighties, the very first English one I knew by heart, had to ask my English teacher what "ain't" was meaning, I still remember her smile this day! And now I'm a XIXth century bladed weapons dealer and French & British sword collector, sitting on my chemical engineering studies cause who cares, don't tell me Lemmy is dead.

  37. SouthernGhost 1865

    No brakes on the Motorhead Train

  38. Mark Huddleston

    My themesong!! Beat that drum!!!!beat that drum!!!!!

  39. Philippe Cirse

    The lyrics and music remind me in their brutality of King Crimson's "21st century schizoid man" (1969) that Lemmy would not have denied !!

  40. Fabio1349

    Every time I hear "Pokémon Sword and Shield" I think of this song. Damnit XD

  41. Ron Villarreal

    Lemmy you rock R.I.P Toledo oh

  42. Hermano Melo

    71 people dislike this video, how miserable their life must be?

  43. KST

    "win or lose nought to choose all men are equal when their memory fades
    no one knows friends or foes if valhalla lies beyond the grave"
    What a line

  44. chris miller

    unseen witness???
    witch on heavens gate

  45. В А

    Лемми один из лучших в рок музыке!

  46. Omar Pavone


  47. Μανωλης Φιολακης

    Ομπρε, Ομπρε!

  48. Oxytocin 97

    I feel so bad that my generation has so many are unfun pussies and I just wanna live. Lemmy is extremely inspirational to me but I don't have friends of the metal/punk attitude or drive for living in the moment with me. People shit on people who drink, smoke and occasionally do the "wrong" drugs and shit when this nation is filled with boring testosteroneless potheads and heroin slaves.

  49. Ivo Linhares

    Alguma menina linda que gosta do bom rock and roll

  50. Dario Western

    The Osmonds “Crazy Horses” brought me here. Wish Motorhead had covered it. This is still a good song though. RIP, Lemmy!

  51. silky johnson

    All men are equal when their memories fade, Such a great lyric!

  52. Jarno van der Zee

    makes me want to buy a motorcycle

    Douglas Johnson

    Buy that motorcycle. Make sure it's the right one, and you won't regret it!

  53. Jim Williams

    I wish Lemmy was still here...this is what I am playing on my way to vote on Tuesday...I am voting straight Blue!!!!

  54. Panos Montana

    What a song,,,Original Pure Metal sound!

  55. Alex Mcfuckass

    This song was so loud it made me "Deaf Forever"

  56. Steve Haller

    I was listening to this song a while back my neighbor's said I had the music to loud. Is there any other way to listen to motorhead without waking the dead?

  57. SwankSong

    I lost partial hearing in my right ear courtesy Lemmy and Co. back in the mid-90s. Hasn't been the same since.

  58. Docter Dick

    maybe we could be in Valhalla if we stand up against Muslims , i for one believe in our heritage , religiion is what masses make of it
    i strongly believein our pagan beliefes , it made us strong

  59. thorgal70

    Lemmy louder!!!

  60. txmetalhead82xk

    The Masters!!

  61. Los Brakon'eros


  62. Steve Haller

    This is one song you cannot play it loud enough to get the full mind blowing impact of it

  63. Pär Vers

    Some deaths are really hard to put up with. Lemmy is definitely one of those.
    I miss him so much...

  64. Jeffrey Simpkins

    Some peoples call me a shithead. Only cuz I know more shit than they do.

  65. Davo 2166

    Great Song 👍🏻

  66. Barny Thomas

    Proper metal this

  67. William

    Seen Motörhead 5 times. They were the loudest band I ever seen live. 🤘🏼🎸🍺😎

  68. Ray McCormick

    I have died, but my Rock'n'Roll will live FOREVER !


    Great song.


    when you listen motorhead deaf....forever!!!!great song

  71. blazeandcyrus

    I think think is my fav Motorhead album... only because it came out when I was in high school and it brings back lots of memories.

  72. Moses Botbol

    My favorite rock trio

  73. pyroelves

    Im starting a vinyl collection. The first time i realised this would be a long running and expensive project is when i realised that literally every motorhead album is consistently god tier through all the tracks, and all the years.

  74. Lovely Leya


  75. Jet Engine Thrust

    Now we just lost Fast Eddy last night :-( GODSPEED Eddy


    Jet Engine Thrust the entire original lineup of Motörhead is now gone.


    the best lineup they had

  76. MrRenegadeshinobi

    Two years to the day and Lemmy is still missed.

  77. eradeziel

    " or lose, not to choose, all men are equal when their memory fades." Such great lyrics. RIP Lemmy, you guys were fucking awesome.

  78. Lemmy Aguiar

    motherfuckeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Motorhead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Tom H


  80. Eck Alston

    You are when you've seen them five times my ear's are still fuckin ringing


    Eck Alston lucky!

  81. Edson 232922ee

    best song and best album , dirt and heavy , in memory of Lemmy .


    FUCK YEA!'!!! Roll on forever!! The train!!!

  83. Adam Wolfe

    all men are equal when their memory fades

    Leonard Thomas

    best line in this song

  84. Frank Hood

    being temporarly deaf would be really weird

  85. Bo Elias Dacke

    heel rock an roller

  86. Jordi Andreazini Ciurana

    cn't stop listening although i'm deaf forever :S

  87. Chickenbeek

    11/10/1986 Civic Auditorium,Santa Monica,Ca. One of the Loudest shows i ever saw. Deaf Forever pretty much sums it up.


    Chickenbeek lucky.


    Saw this tour in Cleveland. Some parts were so loud you couldn't tell what song was playing. Like a jet engine.


    That's the year Mettalica opened for Motorhead in L.B.

  88. chris miller

    memory fades: Road Warrior!

  89. Eisenfaust


  90. Maniam Raja

    I'm ALIVE it's ALIVE


    lemmy Great forever

  92. B.U.V. 82

    Celebrated my 20th, my 25th and my 30th birthday at a Motörhead concert. I'm turning 35 this year and you can damn well believe I'll play Motörhead as loud as I can!

    The Eastern front

    Fuck yeah!!!!!

    The Odder Otter

    Goodluck, he is dead now. RIP Lemmy


    Celebrated my 20th at a Motörhead concert too. They will be played exceptionally loud at my 50th next year. If nothing get's in between. :D

    Do what you must, I have already won

    That's the spirit bro!

    Debbie Athy

    That’s awesome

  93. On Parole

    Lemmy was the greatest songwriter ever! Love him forever!

  94. jcmangan

    Great song, great sound.

  95. MrRenegadeshinobi

    A year to the day, and Lemmy is still missed.


    Yes. Let´s raise a drink.

  96. bob dawg

    great fucking lyrics. the only way to listen to this is FUCKING LOUD!!

  97. ricardo rtp209

    lemmy the best vocal

    Sam Brook

    you could of ended at best

    ricardo rtp209

    entao ta entao ...

  98. Hawkfan B

    My 5years old daughter loves this song.

    C Ypma

    My 6 year old loves this song!!haha
    Good taste for music!!