Motorhead - Ain't My Crime Lyrics

I don't believe a word, I know you tell me lies
Just watch me flip the bird, right in your lyin' eyes
You just can't figure out, why I'm the way I am
I'm low-life born and bred, and I don't give a damn

I've had enough, I'm stepping out of line
Ain't gonna stop me babe, you ain't worth a dime
You nearly had me fooled, wastin' my time
You might've broke my heart
And if you broke my heart
I know it ain't my crime

I'm here to tell you, was here and now I'm gone
You need a wages slave, but I sure ain't the one
I'm moving off the lot, just hire another act
I don't need what you got, that ain't where I'm at

[Repeat chorus]

Just show me the door, here I go again
I seen it all before, happens now and then
No tears in your eyes, sure ain't none in mine
Two people in disguise, frozen in time

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Motorhead Ain't My Crime Comments
  1. Philip Holmes

    One of the best Babe !

  2. Jayden Hoeg

    Good song aye young fella.I saw the origanal line up in 1983or 4 in Wellington NZ

  3. 6-thornton

    Perfect lyrics from a hard lived perspective. I got nothing else. Motorhead meant a lot in my life and it still does.

  4. Edson Martins

    Celebrating valentine's day here in Brazil listening this bealty song with my girfriend !

  5. Ernesto Jerezaguilar

    All the motorhead albums, there's your God damn playlist

  6. anti thug

    Damn! I love the lyrics to this song! Been there and done that on more than one occasion & always listen to this afterwards. I can't believe that there are 11 idiots in this whole world who'd thumbs down this song. Must be Beiber & Kanye fans.

  7. Paul Buttress

    We miss you Lemmy

  8. Mikael Valfridsson

    RIP Lemmy Kilmister ❤

  9. la sonrisa de la mona lisa

    First time i hear...guau

  10. Pat Thompson

    The man was a genious. RIP Lem

  11. The Iceman

    Right on Lemmy! FUCK THAT BITCH! FOREVER!!!!!!!!

  12. Kevin McFarland

    Awesome song, gotta love Lemmy's bass playing

  13. Baron Teddy Von Forsthoffer

    The last of real rock & roll

  14. Fabiano

    Putain ça c'est du Motorhead bordel!!!

  15. juschu67

    Spot on from Lemmy like always

  16. Dennis Schäfer

    A highly underrated song in my opinion.

  17. Nuked652

    I’m lowlife born and bred and I don’t I don’t give a damn!

    John Karpierz

    Sounds like someone from Kentucky, Lol

  18. Shpadoinkle

    Just watch me flip the bird right in your lyin' eyes!

  19. Xavier Guillen

    love this song

  20. Evil Diesel

    Guessing this song is about Lemmy? telling an ex gf to fuck off after she dumped him because he wouldn't change to what she wanted?

  21. Frank Lefebvre


    John Karpierz

    You, got that right!!!!

  22. nemesis92jc

    This song goes with a lot of things. BUT GODDAMN IT'S AMAZING!

  23. Wolf †

    RIP Lemmy. :(

    Você sempre será FODA !

  24. Michael J

    This is still my favorite Motorhead album, this song a top three.

  25. Nugget Prich

    Motorhead's Heavy Metal album. 1986's Orgasmatron. AWESOME!!!

  26. Super Blackhawk.44


  27. maxxy !


  28. maxxy !

    iwantyou aint my crime

  29. maxxy !

    sinceramente a música mais empolgante,em seguida *claw*! 👓maxxy

  30. John Karpierz

    I was Born to Rock-N-Roll, I was born for SPEEEED.



    John Karpierz

    I hear Ya, LOUD and CLEAR!!!!!!

    Isaak Erlandsen


  31. Arthur G.


  32. claudinar santos Santos

    adeus querido lemmy ,vc fez a diferença !!

  33. Barek Halfhand

    RIP Lemmy!

  34. BDawg

    Man the solo is beautiful.

  35. Jeff Weir

    Blazing tune from an awesome album! I wish I could find a shirt with the album cover image on it. That rock'n'roll train is definitely turned up to 11.


    Jeff Weir I still have my shirt from this tour. It's got "I CAME, DID YOU?" on the back. 1986, Halloween night at the Aragon Ballroom (Brawlroom), Chicago. I was the first time I saw MOTÖRHEAD. My shirt is a bit threadbare and I haven't worn it in decades, but I will NEVER get rid of it. I was a senior in high school then and there were a couple teachers who didn't like it, but I had several teachers tell me to keep wearing it because it is really a simple question. So I did. - Jason MOTÖRHEAD McVey.

    Michael Ogorman

    Jeff Weir eBay. I know it's an old post but I've just ordered one from there

    Lloyd Spencer

    maybe the Motorhead store

    Jayden Hoeg

    @MOTÖRHEAD McVey .Nice brother.
    Any relation to Tim?

  36. Adam Red

    One of their catchiest! Still in love. And Lemmy can sing, if you havent noticed yet!

  37. fluffydolly

    from my fav motorhead lp !!!!

    Michael J

    Mine too. I thought I was the only one. I've owned many of them but this one still works best for me.

  38. guibox3

    My favorite Motorhead song next to Ace of Spades


    Yess,this is one of the best songs of motörhead

    Grimm Sleeper

    I also love fast and loose and many more 😜

  39. Hardrockstorm

    best Motörhead Album Cover