Motley Crue - Friends Lyrics

[music & lyrics: John Corabi]

I'm sitting in this room alone
Time is passing by
I think of things I've said and done
And now I wonder why
At times all my eyes see
In a world of misery
When I'm overwhelmed with pain
You tell me how endeared I am my friend

Somehow we know just what we're thinking
And listen when the other calls
I'm here just waiting for your call
And when we're feeling down
We pick each other up before we fall

You're sitting in your room alone
Life is passing by
You think of things you said and
all that you've done
Now you wonder why
And when all your eyes see
This world of misery
When you're overwhelmed with pain
I'll tell you how you endeared you are my friend

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Motley Crue Friends Comments

    ELO meets The Beach Boys meets Cheap Trick meets The Beatles!!! LOVE!!!
    xoxo The Clarences


    Best song on “Quaternary”!!!
    xoxo The Clarences

  3. Benjee ralte14

    This songs reminds me about queen band😱

  4. Phan Garcia Sanchez

    ¿Alguien me podría decir el nombre de esta canción por favor?

  5. Johnny Large

    I think they were afraid John was more talented than they were.


    Eh, more talented or not, guessing they preferred higher sales.


    Mick Mars is on record (no pun intended) as saying that he enjoyed working with Corabi and still thinks that the self titled album was very good. Having Corabi on instrumental freed Mars up a lot and allowed him to be more creative.

  6. Jackki Boy

    "Granny fantasies!"

  7. Hunter Hilton

    This EP is kick ass, really wish it was still in print

  8. Belfazt Cult

    So Beatles vibe. i love the johns work

  9. Billy Villarreal

    Boning Heather lmfao..

    IndoSmoke151 FREE

    Don't 4 get granny fantasies lol

  10. Al Horta

    Definite Beatles and Cheap Trick influence. Great song. Corabi said that he sat by the piano and just wrote this song and said he never even knew how to play piano.


    i actually hear it also. listen to "Voices"...

    CLM 1224

    Totally agree on the Beatles influence.

  11. Michael Maier

    I do so love this song.

  12. Sean Snyder

    This has to be my favorite Motley Crue/John Corabi song of all time.

  13. theodore lakeman

    the full length album they did is supreme and original

  14. turoniner

    Corabi is cool and it would have been interesting to hear them continue with him. But these songs are completely unoriginal ripoffs of the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and the heavy rock of the mid 90s (Metallica, Pantera, etc)

  15. Ronneil Wade

    Corabi brought more balls. That's it.

  16. Rock74

    Wow, I hadn't heard this one from the Corabi era. This is fantastic!

  17. Cormacio Fino