Morning Parade - Shake The Cage Lyrics

Berate and sing songs of ignorance
A heart so filled up with insolence
Carefree and unsung your cross to bear
Like a wasp in a jar just gasping for air

You shake the cage
The cage

Where once your words fell upon your plate
Through space and through time they permeate
We want to live a life less ordinary now
We want to take a bite and taste the cherry now
Your tongue longs for the bittersweet
Your tongue

Shake the cage
The cage
You shake the cage
The cage

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Morning Parade Shake The Cage Comments
  1. Carlos Gonzalez

    Someone can help, please? I need the chords/notes for acoustic guitar from this song 🤚

  2. Phillipe Cunha

    PES sempre presente em partes das nossas vidas

  3. Adriel Alvarez

    why did they delete the official video?

    Gabriel Carvalho Moreira

    Wish to know that too

  4. Mark Brown

    i am surprised that have only been around from 2007-2014

  5. Gui Cast

    PES 2015

  6. Brady Pochon

    This dude's voice kicks ass.

  7. ifeanyi ibeanu

    Such an amazing live performance!

  8. AzuraPlayer


  9. Daniel Oliveira

    I'm here for the PES 2015!

  10. Ruben Almighty this song....don t kwon before pes but you rock.............congratulacions

  11. muhammad nizaela Ghifari

    Cant stop listen to it at this time

  12. Juanchovi

    lol  pes fan  overr heree!!!

  13. Carlos Jiménez

    Pes 2015 song !!

  14. Carlos Jiménez

    Pes 2015 song !!

  15. GamerstvUruguay

    Song for PES 2015 - PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2015 - Konami