Morning Parade - Headlights Lyrics

Late like the evening sun, I
I sink to the ground.
But I'll keep my promises, I
I won't let you down.

'Cause like a rabbit in your headlights
I am the beckon to your call.
And like the early morning headlines,
I am all too predictable.
I am all too predictable.

(Oh oh oh-oh.)

You're steady as I come undone, you
You're quietly bound.
But I'll keep my promises, I
I won't let you down.

'Cause like a rabbit in your headlights,
I am the beckon to your call.
And like the early morning headlines,
I am all too predictable.
Yeah, I am all too predictable.

True like the first born,
Weighed pound for pound.
I'll keep my promises, like
A thorn in your crown.

'Cause like a rabbit in your headlights,
I am the beckon to your call.
Just say jump, I'll say "How high?"
'Cause I'm all too predictable.
Yeah I'm all to predictable.

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Morning Parade Headlights Comments

    2020. The best song

  2. VJ FCC lic Channel vaughnlive.TV/VJRadRick

    + @PUNKSENDER #charity #fundraiser VIA

  3. Art Pen

    Miss these guys. Saw a live show a few years back and fell in love. They had a pleasant sound not many bands u come across can have. Heart was in this music and it still chimes to the beat of my feet in everyday life. Thanks for music that made me smile and frown, feel at home or clown around with my pals. Play you guys all the time even now. Though the band members are in a different place now, the music takes me back to a place I miss and loved.

  4. Ofiicial HENDRi

    May 2019

  5. Sonotemo

    Here in 2019 because I just heard this song and fell in love 🥰

  6. john han

    Old memories, but still gold.

  7. Mellotron Gurl

    i really adore this song! And this video is one of the cutest ever made! I'm not sure if this was fan made or what, all I know is when he is doing the umbrella dance, you don't get much cuter than that! I'm so happy he got the girl at the end! Music really does bring people together and opens up fantastic possibilities! especially a ditty as sweet as this!

    I love you fans of this band! You are sweet strangers that I wish I knew in real life. You must be pretty special people to enjoy and appreciate this music. Feel free to stop by and say hi anytime! I'll get back to ya! "I'll keep my promises, I won't let you down!" Yeah!!!!

  8. Buddha Bunny

    A rabbit in your headlights... Love dust bunnies

  9. Buddha Baby

    Rabbit in my headlights. Love my Roger rabbit! <3

  10. bondoly66

    this should have been the official video.

  11. Mike OConnell

    2017. Still relevant.

  12. Evan Guthrie

    Shallow AF.

  13. Christian Ganz

    And all the memories comes back with this song :)

  14. Randy Pence


  15. Roque Huang


  16. Hugo Martino

    Q87.7 brought me here!

  17. Ashley Nicole

    I love this song. And I just came across this video. Its so cute and the lead guy made me think 'Awe I wish guys in real life did something like this for me' Anyway awesome video! Winner or not its still really good and cute :)

  18. Paul.L. Henderson

    This video is 10x better than the real one. I think it gets to the meaning of the song.

  19. clark jed

    Singn in the rain was great nod to include

  20. Sherice Griffiths

    Harrow, London

  21. xbrianxshieldx

    C:wonderful song

  22. AFrozenSolidAngel

    love this!!!!!!!!!

  23. N Khoury

    was it made in ireland?

  24. N Khoury

    hey..great videpo!where was it made?

  25. Decision BridgeHG

    Heard this on DC 101 in the Washington DC area today. Great sound.

  26. Amanda Robinson

    great music. cute video. these kinds of bands are part of the reason im moving to the uk.

  27. Pierre Henry

    I loved this!!!, Greetings from Jamaica.

  28. Kaitie

    0:31 The guy has Spy Kids 2 but NOT the original Die Hard?!

  29. BookImp

    well, it appears i was wrong when i was humming to myself on my way home today: "because I can rub it in your head lice..."

  30. ambient29

    Nice job!

  31. VicRattlehead79

    Great music video

  32. corey jones


  33. Jonathan Vida

    This video deserves more hits.

  34. Mike Williams

    this is really well made! i love the video. i especially like the movie references!

  35. Sherice Griffiths

    Hi, Thanks for the feedback thats really kind, unfortunately no it didnt win, the winner was choosen by the band and is an animation of a rabbit jumping out of a plane. Despite having more views and likes they liked an animated rabbit more apparently, but I'm glad the video has been received so well, and as long as people enjoy it who cares about winning :)

  36. Dan Gniadek

    This is really Good...
    by the way, did you win? From Chicago Il, USA

  37. Jeremy

    Ok, ok's the break down:

    At 2:01, everbody thinks she'll finally give him a chance, but we quickly find out that's not so...

    At 2:20, we have the climax of the ultimate walk of shame and rejection...head down..

    At 2:27, we have hope...

    At 2:42, he's straight beastin now.... he just calmly slides two tickets under the door and walks away...

    But Dude, 2:58 is Epic, she finally has to admit he's the one, and she rejoices at the wonder of it all....

  38. TheKid .Jersey

    Best band out there right now!!!!

  39. MrVonPersonstein

    Yeah, forget all of the charming stuff he did to win you over. You only like him because he can afford concert tickets. =p

  40. tlaloc8al5

    lol as easy as doing something she likes.... im going to invite my English teacher to a concert to wish me luck.... .

  41. mctraveller85

    Sirius/XM -ALTNATION is where I heard this song and love the song

  42. aleshita19foreva

    what can I say? It was really good!! Congrats Guys, Peru sends love to ya'll.
    Loved it!

  43. LetterbehindIvy

    this is exactly what I call modern quality music♥

  44. Sherice Griffiths

    Thank you for watching, Hope the weather is nice in peru :)

  45. Sherice Griffiths

    Hey thanks for all your comments guys, really positive stuff, In response to Loicamar, it was filmed around Harrow in west london. Thanks again for watching!

  46. canvas shoes

    Where was this filmed?

  47. HeavenWolf712

    Is there a reason she only accepts going out with him -after- he bought her something she wanted? <<

  48. mark david Rollamas

    ...i want to climb on the playground...

  49. flower thief

    hes so cute !

  50. Stacey P.

    this was so cute!

  51. SpaStvnvid

    Love the beat!

  52. Nate Kosty

    Amazing almost thought it was the real official video.

  53. thegodshills

    Cool song!

  54. Jose Vargas

    There's been a handful of songs in my life that I loved instantly. This song makes the list.

  55. c5ls

    Alt Nation

  56. ih8talkingmonkeys

    If he only took a mentos, this could have all been avoided.

  57. pinkjenStewart

    sexy voice, just heard them on j leno

  58. vintagepremoon

    Brilliant talent!

  59. Angel Christov

    Just heard this song playing when I went out driving at 5 this morning on my favorite station. Instantly grabbed my ipod to shazam it. Love it, great video too.

  60. ajjj4guys

    he said they had a rnr vibe

  61. Naomi Thomas


  62. Angelicaa Garcia

    Imagine Dragons brought me here. c;

  63. Omar Khan

    Oh pipe down buddy.

  64. mlboots940

    I missed that issue of kerrang -.-

  65. me chu

    well that sucks that she only likes him for the tickets....that guy should have punched her in the face or something

  66. grecia tafur

    E! news sent me here :)

  67. Savanna Spaulding

    rabbit in my headlights*

  68. Nat Goo

    cuts like a rap it in my head lice?

  69. arning echano PH

    I thought MP stands for manny pacquiao ^^ trolololol

  70. Kevin Wood

    They are down to perform in Peterborough on 3rd July 2012 at the Olympic Torch Relay Evening Celebration at The Embankment :) Like this song + video.

  71. roseann sweeney

    Awesome video. I can relate. I'd make up for tickets to my favorite band (Snow Patrol). I like this song. Reminds me a bit of SP.

  72. Nick B

    Not bad, I thought it could have used a little more editing, but I almost thought I was watching a real music vid. good work mate.

  73. Alex U Rock ImI

    q buena cancion una de las mejores canciones q he escuchado este 2012, i'ts a very good song one of the best song that i've heard in 2012

  74. sallizabeth

    I think the lyrics of the last verse are actually "Just say jump, I'll say how high". Thank you for uploading this!

  75. Joshua Taylor

    OH HELL YEAH!!!! I WON't LeT yOu DowN!!!

  76. Matteo Gori

    More beautiful

  77. Josie Zucconi

    Poor guy. :\ But I'd date him too if he were to take me to Morning Parade. :D

  78. Shawn Mastroni

    Love it!

  79. Adrian Zgoda

    Same here

  80. megan avery

    Love this!

  81. ViperishTiger

    Awesome video... and an amazing song!!!!

  82. DriftKing1813


  83. Peyton McCann

    i love it all

  84. EU News Videos

    Not what I call a music revolution.

  85. J. Harrow

    great tune nonetheless!

  86. J. Harrow

    hmmmm.......not the type of vid I was expecting.