Morgan Page - We Receive You Lyrics

We receive you

The night, the dark, the trouble, the spark
The heat, the high, the rumble, the life

We receive you
We receive you
We receive you
We receive you

The love, I bet the last on the stakes
The rust, the brakes, the time, the chase

We receive you
We receive you
We receive you
We receive you

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Morgan Page We Receive You Comments
  1. Snowjaeger

    So much to like about this song, the trancy house style progressive build-up total awesomeness until 1:50 and then skip to 2:23...And then same again at 3:07 - Just let it end... That would make the song so chill instead of hardcore! But that is Morgan Page I guess...

  2. Scott Lassen

    Absolute favorite song right now and one of the best albums that's came out in the last few years.

  3. fabian tamayo

    Love this song👌

  4. DWJ42

    What's with the X-Wing fighters?

  5. Gregório Filho

    a remix of that song with the old morgan page style would be awesome.

  6. Taylor Lawrence

    "The Lust...Our Mistakes..." Best lyrics of the song. This is a great track, as is Open Heart! Can't wait to hear more!

  7. Steve Nails

    the worst Morgan Page track EVER !!!! :-(

  8. ahassan7

    12K views? Is this a joke? This deserves a few million at minimum. Step up your promo MP.

  9. 6ix .Six 6ix

    Great One :)

  10. Josh Hartzell

    old style was better, I thought I accidently typed in Tiesto

  11. MelibelUd

    The best!

  12. Stereoscopic | GFX

    the feels in this song!!!! HOLY SHIT BALLS! Simplicity at its finest!

  13. William