Morgan, Craig - The Father, My Son, And The Holy Ghost Lyrics

Lights are shining bright, it's always downtown on the road
I have friends that come from outta town asking me to go
They say, "There's so much going on,
Why don't you come along and show us around?"

I tell them Karen's not feeling well so I probably shouldn't go out
Besides I've gotta fix a list of things I need to do around the house
Then I hang up the phone, turn the radio back on, and sit back down
I know my boy ain't here but he ain't gone

In the morning I wake up, give her a kiss, head to the kitchen
Pour a cup of wake-me-up and try to rouse up some ambition
Go outside, sit by myself but I ain't alone
I've got the Father, my son, and the Holy Ghost

I've been beat up, I been pushed and shoved but never really knocked down
Between mom and dad, Uncle Sam and friends I somehow always pulled out
But the pain of this was more
Than I'd ever felt before, yeah I was broke

I cried and cried and cried until I passed out on the floor
Then I prayed and prayed and prayed till I thought I couldn't pray anymore
And minute by minute, day by day, my God, He gave me hope
I know my boy ain't here but he ain't gone

In the mornings I wake up, give her a kiss, head to the kitchen
Pour a cup of wake-me-up and try to rouse up some ambition
Go outside, sit by myself but I ain't alone
See, I've got the Father, my son, and the Holy Ghost

I hope, I love, I pray, I cry
I heal a little more each day inside
I won't completely heal till I go home

In the morning I wake up, give her a kiss, head to the kitchen
Pour a cup of wake-me-up and try to rouse up some ambition
Go outside, sit by myself but I ain't alone
I've got the Father, my son, and the Holy Ghost
One day I'll wake up and I'll be home
With the Father, my son, and the Holy Ghost

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Morgan, Craig The Father, My Son, And The Holy Ghost Comments
  1. calm dom

    The tears won't stop, saw him on Kelly rewind the show 20 times. To anyone who has lost this song gives hope. Good cry


    Wow wow wow...I lost my mom 2 years ago, and hearing about this song on Kelly Clarkson Show, and WOW. I replaced the lyric "son", with "mom", and wow; inspirational song!

  3. Camilia

    to be this brave< to pour your pain out for the world to see is remarkable I couldn't imagine losing a child. may god always be with you and your family

  4. Kimberly Duncan

    My heart breaks every time I hear this song. Tears stream down my face. Such a raw & beautiful song. I almost lost my daughter 10 months ago, it was so scary. I can't imagine what Craig & his wife are going through... I am so sorry for your loss, Craig. My love & prayers are with you and your family. <3

  5. Lauren Blythe

    So beautiful. I am so truly sorry for your loss. I’ve always loved you and your music. I will continue praying for you and the family. Thank you for sharing this with us. ❤️

  6. Karlene Davies

    This song brought me to tears
    You could see all the hurt and pain and emotions in his eyes.
    God bless him

  7. Lila Fay Munoz

    Touched my heart. Never had a big loss in my side of the family. But i felt it this song hit my heart deep.

  8. Elisha Voynow

    This song means so much as we lost our son 1-2-99 - 8-6-18

  9. Tristan Boyd

    I love it

  10. Michelle Holland

    My son Christopher passed at age 29, by 13 days.
    He was my best friend, and I miss him dearly.
    Graig this song lifted my spirits when I heard the words.
    I feel like my sons death has brought me closer to Lord And Savior Jesus Christ.
    May God bless all of you with your pain and mourning for your beautiful son.

  11. Seth Leach

    Anyone 2020

  12. Sargehill67 Rudnick

    Craig your song always hit home with me thank you sir for your service from army veteran keep up great work

  13. Stephanie Stanley

    What a powerful song, God bless you Craig Morgan.

  14. Michael Hixson

    I heard this song for the first time on December 26th 2019 driving down highway I-70. Today just happened to be my sons birthday. We lost him in February of 2019. Grown men dont cry.........Well I'll tell you something I cried like a little baby today. It hurts that hes not here to celebrate his 24th birthday. Thank you Craig Morgan for this song. God bless!

  15. James Baker

    Fucked me up with that one 😭

  16. Jasper Wilson

    Beautiful song hits home with me my son is missing and presumed drowned..

  17. metalattheshop250435

    I ain’t a father but I’m a Firefighter/EMT who has unfortunately lost babies on SIDS cases, drownings, fires. For all of you I’m sorry. And to the parents who’s kids I couldn’t save, I hope you know I’m so, so sorry I couldn’t bring them back, I’ll never forgive myself for not bringing them back to you.

  18. Nerso Bagman

    OMG!!! I felt your pain. God bless you

  19. Billie Rabe


  20. Leah Waites

    Makes me think of my uncle Ron💔😟 November he lost 1 of three sons in a car accident..died of his injuries, may he rest in peace❤

  21. Cindy Church

    I’ve never been more in love with a song/singer than I am right now!! 😍💙

  22. Burning Blacktop

    God had a pencil Craig’s son had a highlighter god drew the world Craig’s son made it brighter

    C-man Kendall

    Well said

  23. Burning Blacktop

    Best song ever bless you Craig

  24. Liam Tawa

    Absolutely love this song! So much meaning & power behind it. Love from New zealand 💜🙏🏽

  25. S.Phavuth


  26. Lynda Threat

    Sorry for your loss, this is a beautiful song! Beauty for ashes. May God the Father continue to strengthen you.

  27. Chris Bowles

    This song is sooo amazing..the strength he has to sing this is Soo amazing...

  28. Bradley middleton

    So beautiful. Your faith helps me

  29. Sammi Schoppe

    God bless 😪 my heart breaks for you. This song is beautiful. Rest in peace.

  30. Marcia Johnson

    Wow. I love his songs. That one you could hear the pain 😢.

  31. scott jones

    I know whst he is goin threw i lost my son too

  32. scott jones

    It reminds me of my dad since i lost him

  33. Jason Fritz

    I've never felt the pain from a singer to the degree I feel his pain in this video. The balls it took to make this video and to even sing this song more than once is amazing.

  34. Jonathan Holliman

    i am so sorry for your loss

  35. Saleena Berry

    I haven’t felt so much emotion from a song in a long time! I felt every ounce of your pain. What a powerful way to release the pain.

  36. Hailie Masters

    Cried as I asked my dad if he listens to Craig 😭 I just can’t imagine losing a child.

  37. michael widmann

    What a great song!!!

  38. Lateshia Childs

    This is a beautiful song I heard him sing it on Kelly Clarkson show.

  39. Katrina Allen

    This song....Breathtaking! I am so incredibly blessed to have, all I have. My husband, four boys, grandchildren and family that I get to see daily. Thank you Lord for everyday. If I could share with Craig Morgan the impact that this song has had on me. Thank you for allowing our God to use you as his vessel to share him with us. Praise the Lord our God!

  40. Heather Vintinner

    I lost my father 9/25/18 and life just hasn't been the same. This song helps to renew my faith! My Daddy was a very devout Christian and I know he is finally home and I can't wait till the day God calls me home to be with my Daddy again! Thank you for this song! Thank you for sharing your grief so the rest of us can feel we are not alone. Thank you 💜💜

  41. Tiffany Bryant

    😭😭 The emotion hits. You probably won't read this but prayers to you and your family❤

  42. Ricky Davis

    If you don't like this song, you were raised heartless. This song is amazing.

    mark mccormick

    Ricky Davis i love this song so powerful

  43. Chuck W

    You sang my life brother. Praise God. I haven’t lost a son but I’ve lost a lot. If I did lose a child and didn’t have faith I’d die.

  44. Michael Lopez

    This resonates with so many of us who’ve lost children. this Wednesday 12/18 would have been my sons 23rd Bday we lost him in a motorcycle accident 2/14/17

  45. BigBlueMSP

    Miss my Corrin. 3-11-2001 taken by a drunk driver at 3 months old. Never a day goes by it doesn't hurt inside. If there's only one law i ever vowed to enforce to the teeth it's driving intoxicated. I never ever want to deliver the pain that was delivered to me that morning.

  46. joseph labelle

    This song is so very real to how this grief feels. Thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute. This song is my heart put to music and it helps.

  47. Jessica B Harding

    So powerful! Im so glad god gave you the strength go share your story and carry on your sons name through your music ❤

  48. wolfevie01

    I Love-Love this song it's so touching it moved me to tears I have lost my husband this year 2019 and it's hard for me to try to move forward but I just have too cause he wouldn't want me to give up on life, as I still hold my broken heart in both of my hands but I am trying to find a way to keep moving forward by talking to God and Jesus and my husband to give me the strength to move forward cause I do have my husbands dog and my dog to live for cause they do need me and I need them... This song is so moving in a way the Holy Ghost finds a way to give us the strength, Craig Morgan had to wright and to sing this song it's an inner light that comes with the true love we have for the person that has passed away he had to write this song to help others heal and himself to heal as well how amazing is that God Bless him in all he does this is So moving... Amen...

  49. leo layzell

    Who ever disliked this song has no heart and no soul

  50. Gail Hobby

    I have never seen this.. My first time.. Thank u..

  51. Jed Massey

    We love you Craig always in our prayers

  52. Bobby Heck

    I'm sorry for your loss. This is a beautiful song. Praise God you walk close to him. Again beautiful song.

  53. Robert Eldridge

    This song hits the heart. I lost my son 16 years ago.

  54. David Rooney

    There's Devine intervention in this song. Craig dreamed the melody. He said he wrote it in 4 hours. The organic quality of the lyrics is very evident. This song is a gift to us all.

  55. Lunatic Lefturds

    I lost my precious son 4 years ago to suicide he would have been 39 on Christmas. My life has never been the same it just doesn't feel real. I always wait for the phone calls, text messages or just showing up for a visit. It's been a extremely lonely time my heart is still broken in pieces and I feel so empty. I ache for the day I see my son again it doesn't come soon enough.

  56. b ray

    My goodness I love me some Craig morgan

  57. Regina Rodgers

    I'm so moved by this song 💕

  58. Hisgirlforever1012

    This song made me tear up.thank you for writing this song. I'm sorry you had go through this no one deserves to go through this. God gave you an amazing talent. You can reach out to people. You make people feel like they're not alone in their gief. My husband died 25 of july 2019. We have a 6 month baby now. I'm so grateful to have him . I know his dad is in heaven but it feels like I have a part of him. Our son is everything to me . I know I'll loose my mind if I didn't have him . I thank God for him every day.

  59. BrAD Strayer

    Was on my way back state side from Nanticoke Ontario with a load of diesel when this song came on in my truck. Cried for about 30 minutes straight. Miss you Kenzie. 10/31/2008. Love you baby girl.

  60. Kevin Nunn

    If you dislike this!!! You need to live in the Middle East and die like the rest of stupid people

  61. 29streetrodd

    I have never heard a song that is point on as to what i go through on a daily basis.Thank you so much Craig Morgan for this song and God Bless you.

  62. Anonymous6716

    Great song for anyone who’s lost a child. I lost two in miscarriage. I know I’ll see him/her again one day. I won’t be healed all the way until then.

  63. chris pergram

    211 idiots disliked this song? Wow. One of the most heartfelt songs ever straight from his heart.

  64. Allan Bonney

    All I can say is wow 😪🙏

  65. Jamie Walker

    God Bless You, Craig Morgan, one of the hardest-hitting songs I’ve ever heard. It takes a hell of a man to sing about the loss of a loved one and to boot, your child. The old saying goes, You're not supposed to bury your children, as only God knows how hard it is for each of us to Bury our parents. No amount of prayers can stop God when he calls their numbers to him. Amen...

  66. Glenn Wilson

    I remember hearing on the news that His son had died in a boating accident. I called my cousin and asked if he had heard about it as he and Craig are friends. Cousin hadn’t heard . He called Craig and verified it. It tore my cousin up. Can’t imagine how Craig was feeling. This song is special and should be #1! Gonna touch a lot of lives!

  67. XInSaNe ClAmPzz 6

    Bet that’s the song of the year only heart felt thing I’ve heard that’s my guy

  68. Kiernan

    God Bless You, Craig! Beautuful song. We pray for God to help you carry on.

  69. QuadCowgirl Tubes

    My husbands best friend just lost his 7 year old daughter. They were best friends growing up and didn’t talk for years. Turns out we both had daughters named Brooklynn spelled the same and both 7 years old. They loved to play together and now she’s gone forever. I can’t imagine the pain her daddy feels.

  70. iNESi4N

    Nothing but LOVE for this Man 💙❤️✨

  71. Beth Hoy

    Man u cn feel the spirit while singing this ❤

  72. Austin Williamson

    What happened??

  73. Mindi Lilley

    This song has helped me so much since my precious daughter, Corporal Erin Rachel Lilley-Fogle, who proudly served in the USMC at Parris Island, SC was killed October 11, 2019 when she stopped to help someone that had been involved in a car accident and was hit by another vehicle. God bless you and your family, Craig Morgan. You will be in my prayers. Thank you so much for this song and how it has blessed me and brought some peace. Someday, we will both be home with your precious son and my precious daughter. I can't wait until that day comes....I love you my sweet Erin Rachel.

  74. patrick kennedy

    the emotions that cut right through one's soul and peer into another one's soul with such a gripping connection are absolutely phenomenal. the pain is so great for Craig a hardened Airborn ranger green beret. and this is so powerful to him that it brought him to his knees.

    God Bless you Craig and may you find peace in all of the memories you have of your son

  75. Rance Longenbaugh

    God bless you Craig

  76. lscott 94

    The strength is took to be able to sing this without his voice cracking is astounding in itself.

  77. SmallestWARRIOR

    Oh my GOD.. It just took me this long to realize when he says Uncle sam, he meant MILITARY! I could just slap myself I cannot believe I thought he meant a real uncle named Sam! Uncle Sam is a military term, and he IS a vet! Fuck! I feel like such a dumbass!

  78. Cindy Whittaker

    This is beautiful. Losing a child is the worst pain. You are honoring your son and all the parents who have lost a child. My folks included. God Bless you and your family.

  79. Lana Isaacs

    Love you heart, very precious, beautiful voice.

  80. HiJacker

    Life’s moments are the one value in life that you can’t plan for. For everybody out there, enjoy the moments you have and treasure them. “Time is one thing in life you can’t stop, so make the most of it” R.I.P Morgan Jr. 🙏🏻

  81. Amber Butler

    This song really sharpens the stinging pain my heart feels. The pain of a parent losing a child is awful. The fact that Craig Morgan turned his pain into hope, it is so inspiring. “The pain of this was pain I’ve never felt before. Yeah, I was broke. I cried and cried and cried until I passed out on the floor... Then I prayed and prayed and prayed until I couldn’t pray no more..”

    It is truly amazing what music can do to a person. This song breaks me every time I listen to it. The pure pain in his voice, longing for his son.. Having hope. Still keeping his faith. I hope someday I’m that strong.

    kyle g

    Amber Butler well said and I’m sorry 🙏

  82. Lil_Jei

    I might not be Christian but I saw him sing this live in concert and the pain and grief surpasses religion. Idk y someone would dislike this bc it's sooo heartbreaking & real.

  83. Gianna Amela

    Love the song from the first time hearing this ♥️

  84. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot 420


  85. john quinn stang

    I have walked in your shoes....thank you for enriching my life with this song

  86. Jason B

    I know this is his story, but it speaks to us all. Everytime I listen to it, I always get choked up. I know with the Holidays upon us, just remember someone loves you and is thinking of you. Pick up the phone, call that loved one or go see them and say hello tell them how much you love them.

  87. Texas Bunny

    Love you Craig Morgan ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  88. Krystal Heinzelman

    My brother died September 7, 2017
    He was my parents first born. Watching what this song does to my dad completely breaks my heart.

  89. blaine clark

    God bless you Craig Morgan and your son

  90. Angel Bustos

    Craig i love God to I am Christian to like you Craig god will be

  91. Ed EllMaxx

    Anthem For Anyone Whose Experienced Such Pain..God Bless You And Your Family

  92. Donette Foote




  94. betna13

    A very powerful song ❤️

  95. Nancy Brown

    God Bless you, Craig. I felt so strongly your pain and emotions. I lost my first baby, my daughter Kali, nearly 24 years ago. What a beautiful way to pay tribute to your son. May you find peace in your days and comfort in your memories.

  96. Josh Johnson

    My dad lost his son and i lost my half brother, we never got to officially meet, but one day I'll give him big hug when we meet in heaven. R.i.p Bobby ray

  97. Norma Ragland

    this is the most beautiful song I think ive ever heard him sing , my son was still born and I had him at home by myself , made me cry thinking of how he would be or what he would look like at 30 , but this man is amazing because I know I wouldn't be able to sing this at all … GOD BLESS YOU CRAIG MORGAN

  98. Scott Sparks

    How can anyone give this a thumbs down..?
    You have no heart..

  99. Felicia D


  100. Barbara Davis

    Been there. Thank you for this song that cost everything. God bless you and yours.