Morgan, Craig - God Must Really Love Me Lyrics

There's been times I've let my faith run thin
Not been the man I should have been
After all the trouble I've been in, I'da gave up on me
I've lived hard and I've lived fast
Lost things I will never get back
Cause someone to look past all of that
God must really love me

When I look at the miracles around me
At the way that I live and the way He forgives
I know He's up there smiling down on me
And I believe the only reason why
I'm still alive is
God must really love me

Wake up and feel you by my side
The perfect girl, the perfect time
And see the way our future shines
God must really love me

When I look at the miracles around me
At the dream that I live and the gift that he gives
I know he's up there smiling down on me
And I believe the only reason why
I get to live this life is God must really love me

When I showed the worst, He saw the best
He pulled the world right off my chest
Every day I wake up I feel blessed
Yeah, I feel so blessed
God must really love me
God must really love me
God must really love me

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Morgan, Craig God Must Really Love Me Comments
  1. WOLFY

    Best 3:41 minutes of my life



  3. peggy hicks

    Craig after all your trials and tribulations you never give up or questioned your faith with GOD..Hallelujaha his grace is the greatest strength of all.. I have the same feeling I lost my mom last year and I also havr The Father MY MOM and the HOLY GHOST AMEN

  4. Christopher Jones

    Great song, awesome lirics

  5. Jose Fuentes

    This is why im such a fan.. the only Genre that sings about what i believe.. God Family and Country.. and Craig comes off as sincere as sincere can be.. truth..
    Thanks Craig.. truly.. may you and your family be blessed Always... in...ALL ways.. in this i ask my father.. through his son.. Christ.. our king..

  6. Pats Fan

    Good song

  7. Eunice Eunice

    You truly love me. Proof is I continously running away from You goong to church and leave, continously. It must be Your love that make me still in church

  8. Jerry Zach

    If it weren’t for God talkin to my dad 3 years ago he wouldn’t be alive today. He had clogged arteries and needed bypass surgery for his heart. He told me and my mom and sis he wasn’t gonna do the surgery, he laid in the hospital bed and asked god to send him a sign if he was supposed to go through with surgery and outta nowhere his chest pains started back up, went away for a second he said is that my sign and the chest pains came back. He finally agreed to do the surgery and from then on he didn’t have any chest pains and he came out of the surgery.

  9. Trae Maxwell

    Praying for 71 downvoters.

  10. matthew martin

    amazing this is the best song I have heard in years

  11. Joshua Brooks

    This song is so true. I was supposed to be put in the ground 30 years ago, but someone had a better plan for me.

    Craig is such an underrated singer.

  12. Edward Hammond

    I was atheist until I seen the proof and realized god is the very meaning and being of love. His love is a never ending love. Once I trusted in him my life truly changed. If I could tell athiasts one thing the devil is a liar and a deciver and we all sin but it is faith that saves some one I see how sin destroys are life god's there to carry you love you lead you and give you ever lasting life all he ask is to except him and seek him with all your heart and soul love him as he has loved you. Its way more than just a belief that for sure.

    Tyler Smith

    I’ve been there myself. God bless you

    Christos Anesti

    Sure is.Most need to think.Open up there hearts.

  13. Malia Tate Hill

    Several years ago, I lied a lot about all kinds of stuff. But, I'm a changed person now (Thank God) and I asked for forgiveness for my sins, but there's a lot of times when I think of all the stuff that I've done and that makes me think that God doesn't forgive me. I know deep down that He does, but one of my worst fears is, He'll say that He never knew me.

  14. MLT

    One of the most unrecognized Country 🎶 singers ever.

  15. majr72

    This man is a veteran during desert storm I believe would have loved to serve next to him as my brother in arms. As a veteran I'm honored to call him my brother.

  16. Jym Brittain

    I have no doubt!

  17. Richard Goodwin

    Amen to this song

  18. Bb Salong

    God love me

  19. Robert Johnston

    love this song

  20. Sherry Hollingsworth

    This is Logan Hollingsworth. I have one question for you, Craig Morgan. What kind of leather jacket were you wearing in this video?

  21. Deborah G Gunter

    my prayers are with you Mr Morgan and family

  22. Francisco Robles


  23. Christos Anesti

    good to go back 2 when feel low

  24. James Elkins

    I'm so sick of all this shit about faith and God on all these social media networks, they should ban it like they do at schools. there is no heaven or hell, when you die that's it your just dead!! stop relaying on some fictional character!! God is no more real then Santa Claus or the damn easter bunny.

    Malia Tate Hill

    James Elkins I'm sorry you're blind. Praying for you.


    Unknown god destroyed sodom and gomorrah because all the people were gay

    Ally M

    Oh my stinking goodness this comment section has me absolutely appalled as a Christian to see how you guys are acting first of all when you are trying to talked to someone about God and you just sit there jumping down there troughs and cussing you make yourself seem like you don’t know what you are talking about and that’s and the way you are talking about this stuff doesn’t make you seem like a very great Christian no being gay isn’t right but so is not loving you neighbor and it sure sound like y’all aren’t showing one another respect gay or not that was a horrible tragedy that’s guy who killed them went against you should not kill what I’m trying to get at is we all sin and fall short and it is in no way shape of form our place to sit there and judge people or try to condime them we can tell them about Christ and everything that He has done pray for them and show them Him through the way we live but when it comes down to it there the one who’s gunna have to answer to Him yes

    Ally M

    When you die your dead? But energy doesn’t die so where does it go? It’s like air can you see it no but you know it’s there I personally dont believe that there was nothing and that nothing accidentally exploded and made something and then we all accidentally got here and evolved from monkeys and all of that stuff there is no way that everything in creation is just a big Accident. If Christianity should be banned people should get banned from saying they believe in nothing or some other god. We have freedom of speech if you don’t like something someone is saying or singing or talking about you can just click out, walk away or ignore it simple as that

    John Thomas

    There is a God and He loves u so much that He took my punishment and your punishment upon Himself on the Cross and rose on the Third day and beat death Give Jesus a try man He'll change your life and He's amazing

  25. Christos Anesti

    watch alot to remember how ive been helped.still dont know why.well kinda.maybe 10 to 15 hours a day in Bible 4 a year to know truth for a year when injured.maybe heart mush and isnt like the worlds.maybe just becauce he wants me with him and will do anything to wake me up.I guess he does really love me.not many do.few count in life 2 me 1 is Christ and 1 is Max a lil boy 2 1/2 thats not mine but always joy when he comes around.a friends child.only 2 I know dont c bad world stuff in..true

  26. pdfrye1

    Prayers for Craig Morgan (Greer) & his family. Craig's son Jerry died in a boating accident on Sunday 7/10/16 :(

    Francisco Robles

    Yeah @craig Morgan are prayers are with you

  27. MLT

    Biggest overlooked singer in Country music.

    Solomon Jacob

    Agree, not enough of his songs on country radio. What a shame. thank God for You Tube.


    @Solomon Jacob so agree.


    Don't you know it. Craig Morgan sings from the heart and his life shows it. He is a member of the Grand Ole Opry so at least Country Music believes in him as do I.

    Leslie Tonn

    MLT I too love this song, it gets me all misty-eyed.

  28. Brandon Creshaw

    i cired when i hard this song

  29. Amalie Stendal

    LOVE THIS SONG  <3 <3

  30. Leona Rhaburn

    Love this song. I needed to hear this.


    +Leona Rhaburn me too

  31. Jennifer Allender

    So true! AMEN

  32. Alicia Dowda

    Awesome song. I needed to hear that. God bless


    +Alicia Dowda me too

  33. Annie Weatherly-Barton

    Fabulous song and fab singer and this is one of his best.

  34. Paul Bruntons Odhiambo Jodo

    Craig is just amazing.

  35. Robin Stover

    I can't think of a single song you do Craig that I don't like. You really are one of the best in any music genre.

  36. Intars Ābols

    Love this song....I believe for every peolpe god has a plan, but for my not

  37. brett grandon

    god has a plan for evryone

    Timothy Heikoop

    +brett grandon its not always a good plan though

    Rick Grimes

    +Timothy Heikoop actually his plans are perfect it's because we sin that are lives are full of struggles

    Timothy Heikoop

    i know. ur right

    Rick Grimes

    +Timothy Heikoop the difference between the believers life and the unbelievers life is that the unbeliever has a tough life but he has no way out while the believers life is much tougher but he has redemption through the blood of Jesus Christ our lord

    Sheldon Smith

    Amen! Glad I didn't become a victim of my past. God revealed his will to me through scripture. Now, I live to help others overcome their past too. We must choose to be the light of the world.

  38. Shawn Jenkins

    Yes, its true!  Its really true!!  There is a God in heaven, and yes, He really does love you.  For some, this may seem too good to be true, but please, Give God a chance. You won't be disappointed.  Have a great day everyone! 

  39. T.H. Pitman

    Great song

  40. Angela Mitchell

    this song makes me think. We were involved in a horrible accident yesterday where a woman died on the scene and her husband may not survive his injuries. My husband, children and I walked away. Property damage is nothing when someone pays the ultimate price. I can not thank God enough for making sure my babies were safe and for letting me keep them a while longer. It really put things into perspective that we never know when our time is up. Thank you God for today.

    kathy cast

    Angela Mitchell do you know if that woman’s husband survived?

  41. tj lamberth

    Great song 

  42. Katie Burchett

    Beautiful song

  43. unclecode3

    god this song always brings me to tears cause I think about when I was fifteen and was so close to ending it all then my at the time two year old nephew came up gave me a hug and said I love you and them three words saved my life I still suffer from depression but not as bad and when I think about life being better off with out me I think of my nephew and how if it weren't for him I would be dead so hes my reason for living and if I had taken my life it would have been a crime in its self

    Ted Sutherland

    i was going through the same thing you were going through but i made the attempt but was unsuccessful and the best advice i can give you is dont do something permenantly stupid for a temporary problem

  44. Jay Weekes

    don't give up on his love, cause his love wont give up on us.

  45. Eli Jackson

    Hallelujah for His blessings

    Ah, but how much more glorious are His hardships?
    for how would we know the Light if we never knew the dark?
    what don't hurt you don't help you and what don't kill you makes you stronger
    whether that be mentally, morally, or physically

    How do we build muscle but by breaking it?
    How do we achieve our dreams but by sacrificing for them?
    instant gratification is a vile, foolish thing,
    there is a much greater Truth and True, everlasting joy to be found down the narrow track of our Lord than down the devil's long railroad to wrong

    so indeed I believe more often than giving thanks for what we see as good times, times that could make us weak, make us soft

    we should give thanks for the hardships, the long labor of love that our Lord grants us
    that we may achieve victory over ourselves, and the demon that dwells within, that we might cast him from us, and scorn him, for we know that our Lord beat him once and for all on Calvary mountain, long ago

    God bless y'all now, have a fine day

  46. Jasmine Moore

    This is such a beautiful song....<3 It made my heart swell up in my chest. It also reminded me about just how much God truly loves me.(:

  47. Kheronissa Jairos

    amazing song

  48. sepesa sigatokacake rasili

    amazing lyrics...speaks to everyone!!

  49. Jacob Smith

    This really describes my life.. God does really love me!!!

  50. Robert de Boer

    There had to be some reason for God to love me, why he would want me as a son?
    The battle is over but the war goes on.
    The most incredible love story ever told.
    “Beautiful Christian Songs” thread Sciforums – Google it.
    It will amaze you. It full of great music and learn who the Twin brother of Jesus was. (Page 45)

  51. Robert de Boer

    "Beautiful Christian Songs" is a thread in “Religion” subforum in Sciforums – it is a thread well worth the read. The thread used this YouTube video " " on page 31.
    It is the most incredible love story ever told.
    Google "Beautiful Christian Songs" + Sciforums, and be amazed.
    "This has become my favorite today."

  52. unclecode3

    and although i still suffer from depression and have them thoughts like life is pointless i look at my nephews picture and think i have a reason for living and its that little boy he's not my child but i love him just as if he was my own after all he saved my life if god hadn't let him be born i may not be here today.

  53. unclecode3

    this song reminds me of my school years i was bullied from first grade up to the day i left high school and it got to the point where i wanted to kill myself because i had no reason for living i saw myself as worthless but one day while i was sitting there thinking about killing myself my at the time 2 year old nephew walked up and simply said ''i love you'' and just like that it was like a light at the end of a long dark tunnel...

  54. blondedbythelight703

    Kenny Chesney and Craig Morgan like to have Gay Anal Sex!

  55. mark heberling

    having lived 50 years married 24 years divioced raised 2 childern, my business beaten badly by the recession in Michigan,had to buy back everything I owned on the courthouse steps and not a single person bid against me, My GOD never left me even after I walked away from him several times , what a AWESOME GOD i have, what a true to life song.

  56. S3kShUnx8

    Everyone knows suicide is serious but all honesty if you take that route it proves that you are weaker than others and before all the hate i was almost their before but i got smart and realized despite the bullyin i have no reason to end it but instead be happy in my life but no our society insists on makin suicide a "easy way out" and im supposed to feel sorry for those people ? Nah ill show my emotions towards the people strong enough to overcome the hate and show they want to live not die

  57. Jorge Raymond

    dont get mad hahaha just go read a bible. and its called a therapist go see one or go to a mental hospital if your that fucked up.

  58. totaler166

    You are a jackass. Suicide is a very serious thing. They don't talk or think about it because they are "stupid", they have these feelings because they are being inflicted with severe mental and emotional pain and when there's no other way out, they can turn to that route.

    Shut the fuck up you arrogant, ignorant, Bible-thumping prick.

  59. Jorge Raymond

    all these people talking about suicide are stupid, its a sin so stfu!

  60. starcitygal

    Tyler - don't you believe the things your head tells you - God loves you and wants the best for you - He doesn't frown on you, He takes joy in you. Have you found someone to help you with what you're feeling? I will pray for you. Don't give up - a miracle may be on its way...just hold more day...

  61. starcitygal

    Thank you, Veronica - no one is more amazed than I am!!!

  62. Veronica

    Congratulations :)

  63. hansonjesus


  64. starcitygal

    20 years sober today and I cannot get over it - grace, grace, grace. God must really love me...

  65. Clay Ferguson

    thank you mariah ashley g

  66. Clay Ferguson

    god must really loveme cuz of the wounderfull woman he put in my life she is just the best girl ive ever been with yes we have our differnces but he still hod togather and i love that girl she is the center of my world and she loves me

  67. Jesse Kruger

    God doesn't frown on you at all. He is deliberately waiting for you to turn to Him for your needs and trust in Him with your worries. Jesus tells us in scripture that we are not to worry for anything for God will use everything for our good. If you have a Bible I would suggest that you read in 1John and cry out to God to help you and guide you. Give your will to Him so He may live through you and give you his guidance. Check out Speed the Light Speed the Recovery on Facebook. Ask Seek and Knock.

  68. Tyler Davis

    I've just turned 19 and I have been taking concerta 54mg and clonzepam 1mg. To be honest I'm lost and at a point, where I can't tell if I'm addicted to prescription drugs. I need Gods help because taking these medication help me it just I wish people would understand me when I try to tell them about how I really feel deep Inside. I feel as if God frowns upon me for abusing the concerta 54 mg pills. Please keep me in your prayers whoever reads this and feel free to comment and give me advice..

  69. OH cornplanter

    Thats pretty good, i'll have to remember that one! I've never thought of it that way.

  70. Michelle Deal

    Oh wow; thank you for sharing your testimony! We serve a wonderful God!!! Thank you Jesus! Ain't nobody that can do it like HIM!! To God be the glory!

  71. john collins

    just randomly

  72. NoShippingInPolitics

    any particular reasoning, or just randomly?

  73. john collins

    it just feels that way

  74. ALBassMaster

    I was bullied along time ago still fells like yesterday at times though. I thought about killing myself but It felt like God was hold me telling me to stay strong, (right now I'm actually crying), I got myself out of the school(none of the teacher and principles wanted to help me, and I was home schooled for 2 years, now next year I'll be a Senior in High School. God Must really love me otherwise I would not be here.

  75. NoShippingInPolitics

    What makes you say that?

  76. stranger heart

    God must really loves me...... cause He never leave me alone.......

  77. Christian farmer

    don't worry he does and hes not the only one

  78. Nikki Leggett

    This is the thing about Craig Morgan. He is by far one the most inspirational artists of this generation and every generation since. You hear his songs on the radio for years and never actually comprehend the fact that his songs mean so much more than any other song out there. They help you when you are down, keep you from going insane with everything happening around us. That is why, in my book, Craig Morgan is the BEST artist yet to come.

  79. Tommy Thompson

    This song is amazing!!!!

  80. I hate To say GOODBYE!

    great song....I'm so thankful because I chose to watch his video and listen to all his songs....worth it....the time and understanding...very worth it...:)

  81. Allen Marvin

    this song does not get the views it deserves !! this is a awesome song!

  82. john collins

    God Must Really hate me

  83. Tommy Duncan

    he really is good i undestand this very well love god

  84. william martin


  85. meana narine

    god is great god is good we love you lord jesus as i write this my eyes are fill with tears for i love my lord.

  86. Helen Watson

    Wonderful. Thank you for reminding me how fortunate I am.

  87. Ken Chailland

    Yes He does!

  88. goucher whiteplains

    This song is beautiful

  89. Luke Blunt

    Yeah, actually, my Grandad was diagnosed with depression.. to the point where to took his shotguns off him. BUT.. he managed to stop being depressed because he decided to see life as a privilege rather than a right. He also chose to use his life to live.. and not to start petty youtube arguments.

    Bottom line: This song is about being alive.. not having God kill you.

  90. dogwafter

    You do realise that when you say "Stop being so depressive" is like telling a psychopath to have empathy, you cannot just "Stop" having a mental illness, If you knew anyone with diagnosed depression you would understand.

  91. Jason Palmer

    I shot myself in the head with a .357 magnum 6 years ago today. Now I'm married with 5 kids. I am walking truth that God loves people. You have to believe it for it to work. If you don't then its your right.

  92. Luke Blunt

    i feel bad now. sorry for being mean dude! Stay happy though.

    EVERYONE .. smile.

  93. Luke Blunt

    .. no.. if God really loved us.. he'd take people like you -to do us all a favor. Stop being so depressive and enjoy the music.

  94. Nancy Rivera

    God has a purpose for EACH and every one of us. Don't give up, God doesn't know how to fail, GOD DOES REALLY LOVE US.