Moore, Gary - Surrender Lyrics

Surrender, surrender,
surrender, surrender

Look at me then look at you
The things we put each other through
And everyday that we're apart
The skies run deeper through my heart

Surrender, surrender
To our love so tender

Now that I have tears of pain
When I'm with you the world can wait
Heaven's door is open wide
When it's you I feel inside

Surrender, surrender
To our love so tender

Look at me and look at you
Things we put each other through
Everyday that we're apart
Skies run deeper through my heart

Surrender, surrender
To our love so tender

Surrender, surrender
To our love so tender

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Moore, Gary Surrender Comments
  1. Carole Robinson

    What a great sound

  2. D jango

    Melankolik solo Guitar,my sound..

  3. Jeff Felderman

    What an amazing display of guitar mastery here. His extended solo is so exquisite and soulful. Pure magic.

  4. Amir. Kavari.


  5. SuperBking1340

    The sort of music to drive your car to on a warm summer night with a sweet woman in the passenger seat. Superb.

  6. MrParisienWalkways

    Your gift, which you shared with us, is still playing. R.I.P Gary

  7. Amir. Kavari.

    V I P ⚫ ⚪

  8. Amir. Kavari.

    V I P ⚫⚪

  9. Cristi Rădulescu


  10. Robert Walton

    It IS a knockout of a song!

  11. Ali Javadi

    this song come from the paradise

  12. Larry Depontes


  13. Regina Hosey

    Awesome voice

  14. Shari Sessions

    So much emotions ..

  15. D jango

    Best Guitar Sound for ever,Gary I Love You.......

  16. Jo Porchetta

    Porn music

  17. Edward Sikorski

    Beautiful !

  18. Brian Lawrence

    great guitar work!!!

  19. S .D.K

    This is my favorite, the guitar solo is so soulfoul it reach deep.. he's trying to tell something that you can't explane in words

  20. Jim Bardot

    The man was one of a kind

  21. Zepinou Sébastien

    What a great loss 😰 gary knew how to make his guitar talk to our heart.

  22. Zepinou Sébastien

    What a great loss 😰 gary knew how to make his guitar talk to our heart.

  23. Tony Y

    Beautiful, soulful guitar playing. It reminded me of Carlos Santana's playing (unusual for Gary Moore, his style more often seems quite aggressive to me).

  24. Kayla Schulz

    And yes she remembers him

  25. Yotovski

    R.I.P. Legend!!! Still listening to that one in 2017

  26. LMA UK

    The fucking 7 tossers that disliked this must be a small Mormon family.

  27. MrParisienWalkways

    Gary's sense of timing and delivery was exquisite, with a 'feel' like no other guitarist he could send you mind and senses through a myriad of emotions, a genius of a guitar player.

  28. armando chavez

    Gary Moore and Robin Trower would have made one he'll of a heavenly combination of musical poetry together. Rip Gary.

  29. MrParisienWalkways

    Truely the finest guitarist that ever lived

    #Hesch tag

    MrParisienWalkways not really


    Easily, no one compares to Gary Moore.

  30. S. P.

    Great song. Great artist.

  31. Belinda Smith

    idk but I can't stop listening to it


    Belinda Smith bună

  32. Marcin Stelmach

    How come the "Different Beat" album is NOT on Spotify? Well, Spotify, shame on You! And the song contains -in my opinion - one of all time greatest guitar solos that were made


    Excellent opinion

    Zepinou Sébastien

    When he realised the cd it was hard to find it in records stores. Still got mine and love « lost in your love » .

  33. Enrique Aldanondo

    " Entregar, Rendirse "

    Entregar, la entrega,
    Rendirse, entregarse.

    Me miran y te miran,
    Las cosas que ponemos cada uno a través de otros.
    Y cada día que estamos separados,
    Las cicatrices son más profundas a través de mi corazón.

    Entregar, la entrega,
    A nuestro amor tan tierno.

    Ahora que lo anticipan,
    Cuando estoy contigo el mundo puede esperar.
    La puerta del cielo está abierta
    Cuando es usted que siento por dentro.

    Entregar, la entrega,
    A nuestro amor tan tierno.

    Me miran y te miran,
    Las cosas que ponemos cada uno a través de otros.
    Y cada día que estamos separados,
    Las cicatrices son más profundas a través de mi corazón.

    Entregar, la entrega,
    A nuestro amor tan tierno.
    Entrega, la entrega,
    A nuestro amor tan tierno.

  34. janet warner


  35. Harald Eckstein

    Can a guitar sing ? Yes, in hands of Gary Moore !


    Harald Eckstein so true!!!

    S .D.K

    sing but also talking, express your feelings

  36. Наташа -


    Oleg Tymsan

    muraski po koze iz 2h hot vytaschit takoj shedevr supppppper

  37. George Valencia

    Gone to soon, but will play in my heart forever. R.I.P. Gary.


    Beautiful sentiment, God bless you.

  38. George Valencia

    240 on the Quality? Should be way higher. What a rip off from YouTube.........

  39. purushottam kotwal

    It is worth to listen such beautiful song in the night!

  40. alexis pilia

    90' sound

  41. Bożena Kuraś

    Magiczny :) zakochałam sie i nie mogę się nasłuchać

  42. Professor Mungleton

    Gary played this one for me (and the rest of the crowd at Portsmouth Guildhall) just after the album came out, we cheered through all the other songs but we stayed silent for this one so we could experience it properly.......................

  43. Anna bella

    Gary Moore is Brilliant....Soulful...

  44. Donnie Maxwell

    Love this tune , I am just knocked out by the clean playing and it's hypnotic beat..

    Jim Bardot

    Donnie Maxwell the man was one of a kind

  45. R R

    cały świat w tej piosence

  46. Malaquias Cifuemtes

    Lo maximo. Excelente músico.!!

  47. karim bouyaziden

    how can somebody NOT like this??

    Rob van Unnik - Amsterdam

    +George Valencia........ Relax....I just happen to have a lovely granddaughter who is listening to Bieber and she certainly is no fool!!!

    George Valencia

    +rob van unnik - Amsterdam  No one said she was!

    Rob van Unnik - Amsterdam

    +George Valencia Whatever!.....however, you've said it all. Stop your comments or I'll block you. Have a nice day!

    Rob van Unnik - Amsterdam

    +George Valencia Hi ho ha, when your mama knows that you're using those words, she's gonna spank ye and you'll be grounded for a week, so you'd better behave!! BTW, you dont look stupid, so don't act like that!

    Vladimir Romanov

    While Justin Bieber can play multiple instruments and sing (I'll give him credit where it's due), he's no Gary Moore.

  48. cruiser

    this song is definitely bump and grind music.

  49. Andre Callebaut

    This music is played in heaven ....

  50. Rodrigo V H A


  51. Jose Roberto Eiras


  52. kenny moore


  53. Ion Pavel

    Thanks  !  !

  54. Huguette Duchemin

    J aimerais avoir des chansons en français

  55. Mark Azevedo

    GARY MOORE - Surrender
    Great !
    Thanks for posting,

    rob van unnik - painter/photographer - Amsterdam

  56. John Doe

    It's now time for everyone to surrender to life ~~► start by reading "The Present" at TruthContest○com

  57. malibubeach86

    trully right with "drowning in tears" its hes best solo ever for me... i know that he is a genius but these two song's realy make me fell something... someshing that he felt.....   It's sad the genius leave this pathetic world so quickly.... R.I.P  best of the best... Gary Moore.....


    I am the same with "Picture of the Moon"! Listen to the feels on the video

  58. Michael Jung

    surrender...... surrender.... to our love... so tender... look at me and look at you

  59. Alberto Ninamango Cayo

    Omg... that feel!! 

  60. cruiser

    baby, c'mere and love on my awhile.

  61. Саня Дизель

    согласен )))


    his guitar in this track sounds like Carlos SANTANA

  63. Desthechef

    end of the show, will come soon, see you

  64. jalaliito

    Awesome ..................

  65. Eileen Bento

    Surrender my heart to his soul...for years of his awesome talent and music..RIP Garry Moore

  66. BeckyLMC

    We just keep his light shining in this world of sometimes darkness and remember his talent made it a little easier for us to tolerate the ups and downs we run into daily. Thanks Jude...God bless!

  67. Jude Linsell

    I loved Gary playing with Alber Collins, Albert King and BB King, he was sympathic and empathetic yet still displayed his awesome and evocative playing.

  68. Jude Linsell

    Yes Jimbo my heart aches when I here Still in Love with You, maybe like Gary we've been 'there'. Love never dies.

  69. Jude Linsell

    Becky my thoughts too thank your for voicing them. Heartbreaking end to a great musician and a man who was so spiritually connected to his music that it shines through in everything he does. He moves me like no other. Bless him and all his fans, he lives on. X

  70. Jude Linsell

    This amazing track......sung and played so beautifully by Gary Moore, love you Gary for leaving this for us. X


    Moore at his best-this was done in 1 take and unrehearsed and they just left him too it.
    RIP Maestro Moore

  72. wilson fogaca de almeida

    musica linda dinais

  73. maria malinowska

    a gzie moj komentarz wpisany 2 tygodnie temu

  74. BeckyLMC

    It makes me feel good to see so many nice comments about Gary...and his passion for his music. I think he would smile. All of us need to know that what we have done is appreciated and that there is something of ourselves left behind to be remembered. I just hope he knew he was loved before he died. I hated him dying alone like he did. No one should have to leave this earth by ourselves. Very appreciative of his work and he will always have a place in my heart...thanks, Gary.

  75. Jimbo W

    You should try 'Still In Love With You'. Heart aches.....

  76. BeckyLMC

    Gary seemed to be a humble and kind of shy until he got on the stage...then he barred his soul when the music started and it was so evident he had natural talent to the max. He became the song...his guitars became a part of him. Pure talent and passion.

  77. Pavel Avram Fröhlich

    Amazing song and sound! Gary, you was realy Master. We remember...

  78. Joanne Craig

    I love this track.

  79. luis antonio vallejo toro

    music forever

  80. Dave Bike

    cool dude RIP

  81. Александр Петричко

    хорошо под эту музыку заниматься сексом с любимой девушкой класс...

  82. Ayman Rady

    I just love you Gary... Rest in peace brother...

  83. MrParisienWalkways

    Music ran through his veins, and the wonderful melodies were always delivered from his soul.

  84. PlayItAgainLouder

    Surrender to the soul of Gary Moore.

  85. florent pistorius

    Oh yes , what a loss as someone said ! your guitar playing magical mystery will always

  86. ZitherBeast

    I want to ask her to marry me to this song, So special, so Awesome, so Fucking SWEET!

  87. MusicianManny

    AwsomeTone Feeling and Soul This guy was a really big influence on me as a kid and still is today in my music career !

  88. Jeff Remillard

    Great song, Gary was a PURE talent that will be missed!! Keep posting his music!!

  89. Joao Gouveia

    R.I.P. What a loss, but he will stay for ever and ever. cheers, joao

  90. screwmaster404

    This is a good way to remember Gary Moore.

  91. itisitsits

    Beautiful, thanks Vanu. Blessings to Gary Moore and his family and friends.