Montgomery Gentry - Long Line Of Losers Lyrics

Granddaddy was Irish Cherokee
Ran moonshine from here to Tennessee
Spent half his life in the Montgomery county jail

Grandma she got drunk and left
All her kids on her mamas front steps
Nobody's heard from her since she hightailed

I come from a long line of losers
Half outlaw half boozers
I was born with a shot glass in my hand
I'm part hippie a little red neck
I'm always a suspect
My blood line made me who I am

Daddy never finished school
But he shot one mean game of pool
Took a bullet for stealin' cars down in Birmingham

Mama always went to church
But we soon found out what her reasons were
She got caught at the local motel with the preacher man

I come from a long line of losers
Half outlaw half boozers
I was born with a shot glass in my hand
I'm part hippie a little red neck
I'm always a suspect
My blood line made me who I am

I come from a long line of losers
Half outlaw half boozers
I was born with a shot glass in my hand
I'm part hippie a little red neck
I'm always a suspect
My blood line made me who I am

I come from a long line of losers
Half outlaw half boozers
I was born with a shot glass in my hand
I'm part hippie a little red neck
I'm always a suspect
My blood line made me who I am

I come from a long line of losers......

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Montgomery Gentry Long Line Of Losers Comments
  1. Liberty Construction

    I wasn’t born with a shot glass in my hand but didn’t take me long to find one!

  2. beernliqour for lunch

    Fun fact:I actually was born a bar.

  3. M M

    no shot glass in my hand but sure as hell have whiskey in my coffee

  4. Cooper Vories

    this is my basically my family song... LMFAO

  5. Gary Kerns

    1st time hearing  this. Damn sure be back for more! Thanks so much for this.

  6. Dana Crew

    R.I.P my friend TROY. I remember you were my dads(cody slaughter) best friend and did a lot of shows together. Miss you bro! I know you're up there jamming out with all the other great singers and entertainers. God bless

  7. Northern Redneck

    Love this song l can relate to it

  8. Jake Mccardwell

    Rest in Peace T-Roy

  9. Tommy lee Pate

    Reminds me of some of my wild and fun loving family

  10. Greg Jones

    Song describes my life down to a T! By far my favorite song of theres!

  11. William Wilson

    Unfortunately I don't drink by the shot anymore

  12. Nigel Nobody

    Mum reckons I was drinking the aftershave before I could walk, I'd crawl to the bathroom and pull myself up onto the sink and reach onto the shelf... so the legend goes...

  13. Michael Griffin

    My blood line Irish..Cherokee

  14. ur mom

    I was born like that too but I quite drinking n in I also never finished school it's been hard and on top of it i got a brain ingery it's called brain sheering from a car wreck I died 3 times 3 kids and a wife depend on me my dad and grandpa believe that's y i fought so hard to stay alive I didn't ever want to leave her or my kids hear I never met god but I mety cuzin Robert and I was given a choice between living and dining

  15. Robert Rowlett

    My bloodline made me who I am!

  16. William Larkin

    Good stuff

  17. mossy creek tennessee

    T-Roy , you are missed , 2019

  18. Rowell Mason

    Sounds like my family..not a doctor or engineer among them

  19. Robert Cox

    I Was Born With A Shot In One Hand And A Beer Chaser In The Other Ha Ha Ha God Bless The Irish Mothers Today All Over The World !~~!

  20. Cody Jacobs

    Country at its best

  21. oklaoma66

    Great song

  22. RIchard Hartzel

    Both with a bong in my hand!!!!!!

  23. Boss Prepping

    Cops stop by my house anytime they is a issue on my county road sad but true and I live in northeast alabama

  24. Angel Pieces Baby

    Troy Gentry Rip. 💗
    At his service They said he loved Elvis Presley ! Troy you are a great entertainer for Heaven's Court !!May God Bless Your Family !!

  25. LordzDominator

    Wish the original by Kevin Fowler got as much recognition, but if anyone else could find success with the song, im glad it was Montgomery Gentry.

  26. Dakota Carman

    Man... Do i miss troy...

  27. spitchill

    Today's losers still have better morals than any politcian.

  28. Jimmie Hanshaw

    'thank U eternal creator of angels, KiNG Living GOD of Truth my maker, death's destroyer mY witness for hearing my Irish Cherokee papaw in 1955, U healed granny of stage 4 cancer in a pharaoh rock e fe!!er hos\pit/a!bed, hrs from death; i'm proud of U!'

  29. robert e lee all american no color

    Who sold out country fuck stick isnt nashfucker in the confederacy? Your the looser sell out

  30. Troy McNamara

    This song stuck in my head. Theres a country singer inside all of us. This song does it for me.

  31. Eric Jones

    This song was originally done by Kevin Fowler Texas country it’s a better version

  32. joe stevens

    Im always a suspect

  33. The Warden

    I can’t walk a straight line but it’s the path I choose.

  34. Kelly Ryan

    The song Fits my family and my wife's family to the T country as hell

  35. Christopher Hurt

    @ John Hurt

    I have no idea who you are. But when I noticed your name, I felt like I needed to say... hello.

  36. Randall Weaver

    some suit in mcds just ask me to turn this off...Yep turned it up...

  37. T Pabsty

    Kevin Fowler performs this much much better. He co-wrote this song and plus he is true Red Dirt country



  39. Leroy Hall

    Anybody know who originally wrote this song

  40. Roger Allison

    Well it wasnt a shot glass but it was a bottle lol yeah cmone

  41. Darkwolf 01

    I wouldn’t have been born with a shot glass in my hand I would have been born with a whole damn bottle of liquor in my hand yo 😂

  42. Turbo Nuts

    I got a shot glass in my hand right now.. and I come from a long line of losers

  43. Tyler Bishop

    hick..where does it com from?
    if any1 can give me a descent explanation what this song means will win a gentlemans bet.

  44. saremile

    This is a great cover but I will always love the original😁

  45. Hopedieslast89 Lj

    One of the most underrated country groups of all time!! This is what country music is supposed to sound like!I know just about all their songs ~T Roy RIP

  46. Sean Everhart

    I have always been a suspect myself.....

  47. Wendell Cotham

    there is a BOOK that will tell you all about it 🦅🦁😇⚡️⚡⚡😇

  48. Wendell Cotham


  49. Dusty Morin

    Im 100% proud of my bloodline

  50. Brad S

    why else is there 2 minutes of silence at the end of the song?

  51. Growmance

    i was born with a shotgun in my hand .lol

    Midnight Thunder

    Vermont Hippie they say shot glass in the song not shotgun

  52. Sports City

    L ong
    L ine
    O f
    L osers

  53. zig zag

    What the Fuck you think you know man

  54. Jami C

    I drank 53 cans of beer and my girl strapon fucked me. Lesson learned

  55. George Anspach

    Everytime I "went away" my mama would tell people I done had another run in with the police and was on retreat. My retreats took me all over the great state of handcuffs 😂😂😂

  56. My Mountain Memories

    grandaddy was Irish- Cherokee, ran moonshine from here to TN...Hell yeah!
    My best bloodline made me who I am!!!!

  57. pipelineitup 93

    good song. real life shit

  58. arinabee2

    Montgomery Gentry made some of the BEST country music EVER!

  59. TheDolphingirl20

    Montgomery Gentry will never be the same without Troy! R.I.P Mr. Gentry 😞

  60. Robert Aaseth

    this is my song and I'm proud of who in am everything ive done in my life right or wrong made me who I am and that's me

  61. keith kelly

    im just a hick from the sticks of harlan kentucky

  62. Troy Thiede

    Yep, shot glass in hand. Proud of it. One of my favorite songs

  63. Aquatic Scrotum

    It truly saddens me that I will never get to hear them live. Two fellow Kentucky boys that hit it big. RIP Troy.

  64. Tricia Bales

    RIP Troy Gentry!!!

  65. Michael Griffin

    Good song Irish Cherokee my bloodline..

  66. Greg Williams

    Amen to that pulled my time thinking my son,s going to Die there hope he comes home one day,6 life,s seems real for now just hope to see him some day,Alabama don't play that game,love you son hope,to see you again soon,Dad.11 month you been gone 15 years turned 31 last year,hope is all we got,pray every night 1/2019 I,ll b looking forward to seeing you,

  67. Yellakilla Yellakilla22

    It's me all day

  68. Juan Santos Echevarria

    R.I.P. T.Roy

  69. Rocky Marshall

    The marshalls kingsport tn

  70. Regina Thompson

    Daddy never

  71. Dan V.

    What a tragedy. It goes silent at 3:42 though. I came from a long line of winners that, I thought , appreciated the sacrifices of others. Turns out they were just a bunch of Scrooge type capitalists. After working me like a mule for a ranch I was supposed to inherit Big sis took mom away one night and apparently the ranch was left to her after oil was discovered on it. I'm a lawyer and no way I could afford to sue for my rights in Texas. Women rule!

  72. Rick Scoles

    Got bond money for my birthday

  73. Eric Melvin

    RIP Troy gentry

  74. DarkGlacier78

    No disrespect to MG but it's strange to hear two guys from Kentucky mention the Montgomery Co. Jail, Little more convincing coming from Kevin. Growing up in MoCo, it always sounds crazy when people that have never been incarcerated there refer to it.

  75. Chad Snow

    My blood line maid me who I am

  76. zig zag

    Man that is my people. God honest truth. This is my song. Sounds just like my family and myself. And if you are anything like me then God bless you have a story to tell. So give us one big hell yeah rebel yell.

    zig zag

    Man this is my family song just ask any one about the Jackson family in Asheville north Carolina you will find out fast.

  77. Beat my Yeet

    RIP Gentry. One of my long time favorites. Listened to you when I was knee high

  78. Omar Arredondo

    Don't know just love this kinda music true Rip

  79. Pall Mall

    323 dislikes?323 people are bald headed turkey fuckers I guess

  80. CrazyLady34

    We may fight amongst each other but god help the idiot that try’s to fuck with one of us.

  81. Johnny Patton

    That's my family thank God

  82. Scotty Nestle

    Irish cherokee thats what made me who i am

  83. Chantel K

    This is my kin through and through that's why my brother and I are tatted bad company we mean well but some say we stick up for the wrong reasons were under dogs with big balls and a big heart and I say big heart because we all beat with one heart

  84. Amy Shepherd

    So my family!!!! We are proud outlaws love and hate them all at the same time. Born with a shot glass in my hand

  85. Cory Brown

    RIP Mr gentry ☹

  86. billcharlene1450

    Who else was born with a shot glass in hand?


    Kevin Fowler

    tired comet

    I can break it📢

    Kevin Yarbrough

    Shot glass in one hand a bottle of George Dickle sour mash in the other.............


    Hell yah

    Marshall See

    Fifth of rot gut😆🇺🇸
    Mr Boston’s rocking chair

  87. Ashley Powell

    Saw them live about 4 years ago & it was one of the best shows!! They put on a show to celebrate our troops, as I'm in a military town. Awesome job guys!RIP~ Troy

  88. charles loiseau

    Im black and i love this make me realize that there are as many fucked up white people as there are anyone else.

  89. Marine For Life

    RIP troy

  90. 14/88 UNBROKEN

    Irish Cherokee all the way

  91. Elliott Michaels

    R.I.P., Troy Gentry. You'll be greatly missed.

  92. Rachel Headley

    Your missed Troy!!!! Rest easy ...


    RIP Troy.

  94. Pall Mall

    RIP Troy Gentry,you guys were some of the last outlaws with real country music

  95. Jason Thomas

    rip troy