Montgomery Gentry - Back When I Knew It All Lyrics

At the ripe old age of nineteen
I bought a short bed pick up chicks machine
Life ran on beer and gasoline
A half a lap ahead of the law
I had a fake I d that got me into "tuffies"
Love was a word I used to get lucky
Was a big time spender with that plastic money
Back when I knew it all

Back when the world was flat and mama and daddy didn't have a clue
That was back......
Back when a pitcher of beer and a couple shots made me bulletproof
Back when god was a name I used in vain to get a point across when
I got ticked off
Lord I'm learning so much more......than back when I knew it all

I found out credit cards don't mean you're rich
And beer and gasoline don't mix
Yeah step side trucks can't jump a ditch
And those " big house" rooms sure are small
I've learned that love is a woman that will settle you down
A sunday sermon can turn life around
Man I can't believe all the answers I've found
Since ....back when I knew it all


Br.... I've done some growing up
And I'm still growing up
So I know I'll never be as smart as I once was
That was back.......


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Montgomery Gentry Back When I Knew It All Comments
  1. xxFaZeGaMeR900

    love this song

  2. xxFaZeGaMeR900

    awesome song *RIP* Montgomery Gentry