Money Man - Passion Lyrics

Load up the truck I be trafficking
Diamonds on me and they African
Gold on me like an African
Bitch I'm the king of the jungle
I pop a seal pour a 4 and stumble
She hop on top and ride me with passion
I'm in the kitchen I break down the brick with some passion
Break down the bale with some passion
Just hit a bitch on the kitchen counter
Just put a 50 in a money counter
We made that dirty money take a shower
We made that dirty money take a shower
I fucked around and swiped a lil plastic
I fucked around and served a couple addicts
I hit the moon rocks I'm on another planet

Load up them keyloads and P's
We used to traffic with ease
We used to buy em and leave
We used to serve em and leave
Now we be growing them trees
A couple losses had to hit my knees
Carbon 15 for enemies
I went and started an enterprise
I never cried a Lil Sosa died
I shot at robber he thought it was sweet
You see Margiela's on a nigga feet
Activism all in my bloodstream
Vvs' in a nigga piece
I had to turn that dirty money clean
She just gone hop on top and ride me with some passion
I had to trap out a house that's abandoned
Just put like 50 in a nigga car
Then I went home and I popped a bar
Hit the moon rocks and I go to Mars
We had to hustle for wishing on a star
Feeling so greatful my check up to par
Came from the streets and it left me with scars
I put that dirty money in the shower
I want that dirty money and the power (hey)


[Shy Glizzy:]
I woke up in my loft
Bitch play with my balls
I took a moment thank god
I took my son out to the mall
I'm out of work I supply jobs
Playing get hit with these hot bars
I'm on some islands with foreign brauds
All in they buns like a hot dog
He not a G, No, he actin
He got funny money Micheal Blackson
Diamonds on me like an African
Tell them niggas come try again
Yeah I'm that nigga who shot at him
Yeah I'm that nigga who gotta win
Fuck niggas say bye to him
Mama told you I'm not your friend
Bitch I got passion for trappin
I whippin out bricks and I'm dabbin
I've always had passion for fashion
45 in my barmar's and they saggin
I do Louis Vuitton on a average
Nigga what's Gucci you know I'm a savage
Got iced out Glizzy my bags
So sucka don't ask me how many my carrots


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Money Man Passion Comments
  1. Derrick & Derrion

    Jus hit a bitch ona kitchen counter, jus put a 50 ina money counter...

  2. Peyton Salinas

    Fav song by him still

  3. juice

    Bitch I’m the king of the jungle💯

  4. Amir Rose

    Glizzy gang faaaeva 💯

  5. Peach Alyse

    I’m here for it ❗️🕺🏽🕺🏽

  6. landon Mcfee

    Diamonds on me and they african

  7. George King

    That first verse thoe

  8. Deddrick Robinson

    Alex Alx18th

  9. Mistah Get BUSY

    The end of shy glizzy verse got me so hype every time, and the beginning of money man verse same shit cuz my bro made a tracc (and shouted me [shizzy] out in it) and the hook was influenced by the beginning of money man verse. Look up Chvmpvqne - From The Streets here on youtube and you'll hear what I mean

  10. Evan Schroepfer

    These 2 together mKe sense love it

  11. Taliband Pakistan

    Shawty a lil robber he thought its was sweet

  12. thiefinthe nigh

    shy glitzy fucking sucks 😂😂😂😂

  13. Kenneth Johnson

    This is fucking fire!

  14. Red Youngster

    This that shit you ride to

  15. J Malibu

    Y’all don’t even get it😂😂💀💀”I always had passion for fashion” that beyond scared straight Maryland episode😂glizzy that nigga

  16. Sandino Slim

    Play This Song When You On The Interstate Riding Dirty I Bet You'll Have A Whole New Prespective On This Song

  17. Jamie Nelson

    You the king of jungle 😎😎🤑🤑

  18. Angel Munoz

    Like if y’all still rockin wit money man 💯

  19. Drego PCE


  20. JuReal Foreal

    Just hit a bitch on the kitchen counter

  21. King Thompson

    Money man 1000💪💪💪

  22. Education Financial

    A was trapping

  23. Education Financial

    Riding over bridges

  24. Education Financial

    Damn A you was out there

  25. Hfucd Ffdujc

    Load up the trunk n I'm trafficking 💊⛽💯🤑

  26. Prince Sanders

    So soon as I open my IG @realnofame1 Im Back For The February 20th Freestyle 🙊🏋🏿‍♂️

  27. Jayboy G

    Glizzy 💯

  28. mikeyy I

    Glizzy made this song

  29. Mistah Get BUSY

    We was bumpin this man tracks back to back on repeat in 2016.

    But yo shy glizzy went *in* on this

  30. Anthony Oliver

    Load up the trunk we be trafficking!!!!

  31. Kevin Reese


  32. Marco Holmes

    That boy🏁🌋☄🔥

  33. ClevelandBoi OHIO

    I never cried when Lil Sosa died 💯💯💯💯

  34. Glenn Johnson

    My guy keep going stop music bag 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎤🎤🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁

  35. Angel Boyz

    Book Store

  36. Daniel Vera

    Dam love his rhythm 🔥

  37. Derric Brock JR

    She just gone hop on top n ride me with some passion

  38. w e e b c h a n

    Im the king of the jungle


    shit like this make a nigga grind 💯$

  40. M0ch0 0fficial

    dirty money take a shower jheeze

  41. abaco newline camp breeders

    So only me notice this nigga sound like future too hmmmmm🤔

  42. tysean shannon

    Like if moneyman underrated 😔


    He's the GOAT!!!

    Tarus Ficklen

    Very underrated


    tysean shannon yess😔


    Listen to ‼️XXL LAVATEAM 🌋‼️

    Lul Cloud

    If u think he unrated don't comment we not the same

  43. Sabrina Johns

    We made dat dirty money take a shower®®®

  44. Donta Sellers


  45. Troublsum GuddaGudda

    Bitch UM tha 👑 of tha JUNGLE 🖕🎶

  46. BIG SAM

    My favorite line from Money: he tried to kick the door 🚪 but I shot through it I HOPE EVERY BULLET JUST GOT TO’EM

  47. sneaky scratcher

    This Would have been cool on the black panther soundtrack

  48. Aqulia holloway

    I want dat dirty money ND Power💯💪

  49. Kendall Dent


  50. Dumd Buck

    I hit da 🌙 rocks am on another planet

  51. Rome Jackson

    I hit the moon rocks and I'm on another planet#

  52. Lupe Villegas

    What's his instagram

    Demetrius Colburn

    charlie bum bcmoneyman

  53. anas b77k

    dam it real music fuck all these new rappers this is real shit

  54. Donald Trump

    I want that dirty money and the power...

  55. DONFrom CincoWorld

    Dis nigga the truth 🅿️🆔😂💯

  56. H 2

    Maan dis shit is fire🔥 🌴🍁

  57. TCON

    One of Glizzys hardest verses


    TCON hell na that shit was soft big dawg


    Circulars 🤣🤣🤣

  58. Johnny Kush

    Fire it’s all good

  59. OMF BITCH Atlanta

    I'm on my money man shit ......

  60. Contina Williams

    this my shit he fuck around n served a couple addict

  61. Contina Williams

    this shit is live

  62. John Doe

    We had to Hustle... Wishing upon a 🌟.....Mama told ya that ain't ya friend # MemphisLyfe

  63. King Zakari

    Gold on me kuz I’m Afrikaan

  64. Ricky Racks

  65. lovelypinky04

    "I got passion for fashion"

  66. Ockwithdaglvk

    Super hard

  67. Black South

    What I wake and bake too the hardest too ever do in the south

  68. Giuseppe Jay Gambino

  69. Nicholas Glover

    Beats hot lyrics hot 💯💯💯💯💯

  70. James Guinn

    T up then

  71. tzunammi shadai

    Dam.... Just dam ... Diamonds on me and they African... We make that dirty money take a shower... Wow.." Ghana

  72. Jaden Carter

    Listen to my shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥 subscribe and leave comments Got about 65 songs uploaded on my youtube account
    Please and thank you💯💯💯

  73. Vincent Swoope

    Got damn christina.....we use to vibe to this

  74. Vincent Swoope

    I break them briccs wit some passion....i break down them bells wit some passion

  75. Bc emurotu

    Gold on me like an African

    Toni Herring

    Bc emurotu my favorite part 🕺🏾

  76. Bc emurotu

    Bc African

  77. G.O.A.T

    money man keep rapping he .up you got flow and barzz

  78. austin G

    Shy Glizzy's higher pitched voice sounds like a non mumbling version of Uzi 😂

  79. Cute Genius I Am

    We Make That Dirty Money Take A Shower

  80. Obama World

    Come to da sip money man.

  81. Obama World

    Come to da sip money man.

  82. Obama World

    Come to da sip money man.

  83. Obama World

    Come to da sip money man.

  84. Obama World

    Come to da sip money man.

  85. walter andrews

    I pop a seal poe 4 then stumble 🔥

  86. walter andrews

    I shot at a robber he thought i was sweet
    These is margellas on a nigga feet!!!

  87. Alexis Gomez

    Needa make a video!! Just put like 50 in dat niqqa car just home and i pop a bar wooohhhh!!! Ahh 💯

  88. George Looney

    i got a passion for hash an passn

  89. Justin Mitchell

    I shot at a robber he thought it was sweet 🔫

  90. Amanda Tierra

    Feelin so grateful my check up to par 👌🏾

  91. Joseph Allen


  92. Joseph Allen


  93. Joseph Allen


  94. Queen Veda

    Follow me on ig @lovelygoddess_20