Monet, Jerzee - Twisted Lyrics

Play...turn up in my ear just a tad bit

[Ja Rule]
Baby who got you twisted
In a way that chu be missin
The love that we share
The time that was rare
Sex drive at 50
As we swerve on them shorties
Goin through red lights
Baby ain't that funny
Now I ask you
Now I need you
Before you know it
Ya girlfriends tryna reach you
Am I twisted
Cause you is my mistress
Good and all
Cause you be always there
When I call

Your love
Has got
Me twisted, yeah
I will admit it, ooo
The way I feel
When I'm with you
So every day of my life
It feels like paradise

I can feel your footsteps in the wind
I can smell your scent every now and then
I can walk to a certain place
And swore I just saw your face
I know you say that you care
Even though you're never there
Boy, I swear I can taste your love in the air

Baby who got you twisted


I know you say the things I do
Aren't always right for you
But I confess my love is true
Cause my love is only for you
I know you say that chu care
Even though you're never there
Boy, I swear I can taste your love in the air
Yeah, yeah, yeah

That's just the way it is
When you fall in love the right way
Don't let this go
And be on your own
Cause I won't settle for nobody else

Baby who got you twisted


See everyday of my life
Without you is critical
I'm gettin confused
I'm starting to lose
My mind
Remember the times
We rived in the Porsche
When the police
And ended up sexin on the beach
Them was good times
And good livin
Even the Lord is forgivin
You can forgive the Ru for forbidden
My heart to get involved wit it
Just so cold
I need you to warm my soul
Before I'm twisted


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Monet, Jerzee Twisted Comments
  1. Obiorah Chuby

    I miss this lovely song and all the rest of the tracks on the album

  2. Ud S.

    That wave of Nostalgia you feel all at once when you hear this, that makes your heart skip beats...


    2018 2019🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥your love has got me twisted

  4. Wanessa Carolina

    Musica muito foda... Pena que nao teve o mesmo sucesso que as outras.... Fera demais.... Estou a muito tempo proucurando para escutar.....

    Reynald Ramalho

    Podes crer

    Binho RuleYork


  5. Shamiso Chido

    Oh this song brings back memories of a simpler time! Still love it.

  6. Vocalz By Jamelle

    Wow me and Jerzee wrote and recorded this record years ago! #goodtimes

    guess who

    Vocalz By Jamelle first time hearing this... u wrote a good song girl xx love from New Zealand


    Vocalz By Jamelle wow AMAZING👏👏👏👏👏

    Alexis Yeldell

    So underrated!!! I love all of Jerzee's music and waiting patiently for her return 😊

    Alexis Yeldell

    Oh yea, here in 2019 wow!! That's love lol!