Monáe, Janelle - I Want You Back Lyrics

When I had you to myself
I didn't want you around
Those pretty faces always made you
Stand out in a crowd
But someone picked you from the bunch
One glance was all it took
Now it's much too late for me
To take second look

Oh baby give me one more chance
To show you that I love you
Won't you please send me back in your heart

Oh darlin' I was blind to let you go
But now since I see you in his arms
I want you back
Yes I do now
I want you back
Ooh ooh baby
Yeah yeah, naw

Trying to live without your love
Is one long sleepless night
Let me show you girl
That I know wrong from right

Every street you walk on
I leave tear stains on the ground
Following the girl
I didn't even want around
Oh baby give me one more chance
To show you that I love you
Won't you please send me back in your heart

Abuh buh buh buh
All I want!
Abuh buh buh buh
All I need!
Abuh buh buh buh

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Monáe, Janelle I Want You Back Comments
  1. Lucy K.

    My fav cover ever of this song 😍😍😍

  2. Ron DayVoo

    Good job. But I think the singer the weekend sounds exactly like the adult Michael.

  3. Joseph Q

    💜Love Janelle's version of this classic!

    YouTube: Millennium-Lance and the Open Scroll

    ~{`Blessed are they who are invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb´}~
    Jesus, "We Want You Back!"
    Keep the Faith, tell a friend...

  4. KingKhanAbz

    Her voice REALLY suits the song! Proper compliments her performance! ☺

  5. Catherine Dunne

    God. She is SO cool.

  6. iamlediane


  7. Douglas Dorman

    Thank you World Family that is beautiful, peace and love, Doug:)<3.

  8. Daniel Ensor this girl!

  9. Yolanda White

    I'm alive hehehe

  10. Cid Mesquita


  11. Hibadattebayo


  12. crimsonstar108

    Janelle Monae is such an amazing performer, musician, and artist. All that and on top of that she has a brilliant mind and compassionate heart that makes her a very socially conscious individual. She's an inspiration.

    Ngibo Mubeta Fernandes


  13. Christine

    WONDERFUL! I have tears in my eyes now. She is sounds like little MJ ♥

  14. reagan

    this is so good im cryin

  15. Serôdia Videos

    This makes me wanna smile and cry at the same time. Great artist

  16. O Criador de algo ?

    Partilhar no Google+

  17. Lolitaheyybeaut

    She sounds like michael wow

  18. RIFICA777

    Janelle Monae singing Mike Jax... Phenominal!

  19. Tara G

    Janelle Monae is awesome!! Thank you for posting. :)

  20. parris

    She sounds like a little Micheal! 

  21. Alex DeMayne

    I wish I could shuffle as good as she does @ 0:05, lol!

  22. 30thCenturyAnnalope

    Janelle "the classy visual music artist" shows great respect to little Michael Jackson and his brothers by performing their smash debut hit. Rarely duplicated, she does sound a lot like the gifted 10 year old Michael who was blessed with a powerful, and soulful voice. Thanks Janelle. Annalope out...


    Arjan Loeve continue using your insight to make this a better world.


    Mochislayer, your recognition of talented and gifted people bring joy and serenity to your life. Peace and increase to you.


    Thanks Super Star12. Stay cool and classy. Your genius will guide you to success.


    Katie Lau appreciation for the plus. You are wise, delightful, unselfish, and thoughtful. Good times and respect to you.


    nadoxone your instinct and intelligence is great. Prosperity and joy to you.

  23. Hayashi Aiko


  24. myskijn

    I'll see what i can find, but this concert is almost 2 years old, so not sure if the whole concert is still up on NRK's website.

  25. Nathan Corsini

    This is amazing. Hey, woud you mind uploading them to download in high quality, please? (@myskijn)

  26. Deandre Sherman

    Perfect Janelle

  27. Rick Alexander

    She sounds just like Little Michael

  28. SoundWavs

    The album version is on my page, which is also only on the deluxe version. Go check it out and remember to subscribe!

  29. RhythmAddictedState

    Actually she kind of sounds like Michael Jackson when he was really young! ;)

    Omar Ben

    Sounds just lime him

  30. Nkunku Komboso

    best version

  31. William P

    Was just thinking the same. Is that shit confirmed? Sorry for an answer to an old post.

  32. Chris Law

    There's something special about everything being live/tangible.
    Fantastic sound.

  33. Steven Woods

    1:03-1:11 sounds so amazing


    She finally heard you....;)

  35. Austin Bond

    She's so incredible! Although I think the orchestra drowned her out a bit...

  36. kos.vee

    She is so beautiful and talented!!

  37. StarFlower Sunz

    Michael would have LOVED her. She has Class, and her Talent speaks volumes! Not to mention she's naturally gorgeous!

  38. DaeAhzae

    Shes got the torch!

  39. chigasaki06

    REAL talent!

  40. Tyler Provence

    Well, pardon the argument interruption, I love Janelle Monáe... :-) Okay, you may return to your elementary fight.

  41. Bdog1277

    You spell like a fucking 5 year old you stupid fucker. LOL!

  42. Bdog1277

    Why don't you get out of your father's bed so he'll stop fucking you in the ass faggot.

  43. Bdog1277

    Stop whining like a lil bitch! You just got OWNED fool! Deal with it!

  44. Jerk chicken, expertly seasoned

    Lmao are you in third grade or just mentally retarded?

  45. Bdog1277

    "Before YOU little dumb illiterate ass was even born."

    Yeah, I'M the illiterate one because that sentence made a whole lot of sense right? LMAO! You really need to stop faggot.You're embarrassing yourself with each post! LOL! This bitch fool is to funny! Maybe you should get one of those old SPEAK & SAY toys before you post again! Want me to find you one on ebay? Because your stupid ass CLEARLY needs it!

  46. Bdog1277

    I have forgotten more about music than you could ever hope to remember you stupid ass bitch! You can't school me on shit faggot! I'll run circles around your retarded ass when it comes to music history, trust me bitch.

  47. Soul Flower

    That is not true.
    You dont necessarily have to copy someone to get inspired. MJ was also influenced by Jackie Wilson,Sammy Davis Jr but he did not copy any of their dance moves or singing style. Those entertainers inspired him to work hard at his craft and to perfect it. Your logic of what is influenced is is not necessarily accurate. That is just your opinion. Michael never admitted to that he said that he was influenced and inspired, he did not specifically say "copy"

  48. Soul Flower

    Well I disagree. Michael is held as an originator and an innovator and when you are held as those things your not known for copying other people because you set trends and you pioneer things that have not been been which Michael Jackson did. I am not trying to change your opinion I am just responding to the posts you reply back to me with with. And you still insist on cussing and making insults at me like that validatess your arguement lol
    Cuss and name call away 5 year old lol

  49. Soul Flower

    Ive tried to have a mature debate with you but you have just cussed and insulted me the entire time lol I have a right to express my opinion. I saw a comment that I disagreed with and just responded to it. I am not losing sleep over this obviously like you are. Its not that serious and I have conducted myself way more mature in this debate than you have. I have not disrespected you or called you out your name. Just because its an MJ cover does not mean the video is about MJ because it is not.

  50. Bdog1277

    Preo2, stop wasting your time with this dumb fuck! It ain't worth it anymore.

  51. Bdog1277

    First of all dumbass, the word is INFLUENCED, not INFLUNCED, and when an artist is INFLUENCED by another artist they usually COPY from them as well (see Lady Gaga & Madonna, Nicki Minaj & Lil Kim), and MJ was not only INFLUENCED by James but he bit a lot off James style, and has admitted it over the years, the man admitted it! What more fuckin proof do you need?. Damn you're dumb as a fuckin tree stump! So I guess MJ admitting it means nothing to you huh? You're a fuckin moron!

  52. Bdog1277

    You're the one that has the "I'm right and everyone else is wrong" attitude! Who the fuck are you supposed to be? You're not intelligent or mature yourself, you just THINK you are. If people wanna comment on MJ on here they have the right to do that you fuckin' idiot! Who the fuck are you to tell them that they shouldn't or can't? ESPECIALLY when she's doing an MJ COVER SONG dumbass! It is about Janelle Monae, it's also about Janelle Monae doing a MJ COVER SONG, period bitch!

  53. Soul Flower

    Also I LOVE Janelle Monae and I never accussed her of copying anybody. She does alot of James Brown moves and is inspired by MJ but she is a very creative artist compared to her peers.

    You seem to think just because MJ was influenced by James Brown that that is the same as "copying" When Michael was little in the Jackson 5 he did some of James Brown dance moves but as he grew up and developed his own artist outside his family he did own dancing that was in no way similiar to what Brown did

  54. Soul Flower

    Michael admitted that he was INFLUNCED and when he was younger he studied his dance moves but as he got older he developed his own style. Influencing and copying are two different things. Michael had his own style and James Brown has his own style

  55. Soul Flower

    Are you okay? LOL I just ask because you act like you have serious issues or problems because you continue to name call and insult me when I havent done anything to you.

    He did not copy people, he was influenced by people and he was his own original artist. No I am not claiming he invented all his dance moves but as an overall artist and entertainer he was original and very unique THATS MY OPINION AND IT IS NOT CHANGING and MILLIONS of people would Agree because its true. Agree to Disagree

  56. Soul Flower

    Can you have an intelligent mature conversation without insults and name calling? It just shows that your childish and not really intelligent because you think cussing and name calling valids your arguement... it doesnt it just makes you look foolish. Jus because Janelle is doing a cover doesnt mean all the comments should be about Michael Jackson and his career the video is not about Michael Jackson. It is about Janelle Monae, period.

  57. preo2

    Mike has ADMITTED that he copied a lot from James' style, so TRUE.

  58. Soul Flower

    This is about Janelle Monae why is MJ and Prince being brought up in HER video?

  59. Soul Flower

    Did Mike ripp off the kick and crotch grab and standing on the tip of his toes from James Brown as well?

    The only one that is the dumbass is you because you are trying to find things to discredit MJ with (why I dont know). MJ popularized the moonwalk and has never taken credit for inventing it. You are just mentoning dance moves I am talking about as MJ being original as an overall artist and entertainer not specifically as a dancer so your the dumbass he did invent some dance moves too

  60. Bdog1277

    Love me some Janelle Monae! Talented AND fine!

  61. Bdog1277

    You fucking kidding me? Mike and Prince ripped off James Brown and both have admitted it! Original my ass! Mike didn't even invent the moonwalk, a NY dancer taught it to him! You sound like a dumbass!

  62. Soul Flower

    Being influenced and copying someone are two different things. MJ was his own artist in his own right. He was influenced by James but he is original and came up with hiw own ideas and style... so FALSE

  63. preo2

    False? You need to do your research. Michael Jackson has stated numerous times that James was his biggest influence and that he copied James a lot, and Dre said the same thing about Prince.

  64. preo2

    Michael Jackson copied James Brown and Andre 3000 copies Prince. so what's your point?

  65. devonte' williams

    She did a really good Job.:)Keep it up Janelle!!

  66. Brody Lee Grimm

    I got goosebumps.... she did Micheal proud may he rest in peace.

  67. justlovinit1213

    A song from my ever favorite male artist performed by my ever favorite female artist kept me smiling for 2 minutes 34 seconds...i want you back MJ <3

  68. juliely Ht

    Lol she was on that commercial I love her

  69. Nickel Pack

    lol watch porn ..we dont need you

  70. jmma1612

    Michael estaría muy orgulloso

  71. Glam Jackson

    She's so beautiful and she can sing . Great performance really amazing . love her <3

  72. LighteningXT9

    Ohhh, I said that too when I saw that Tightrope video. She is Micheal Jackson in another life.

  73. Andersen Cupid

    Amazing as usual!!!

  74. BlindMansEye

    i swear if she wasn't around before MJ died, i would swear on everything i know about music than she is his reincarnation!

  75. halifaxstar

    That would be Kellindo Parker're not the first to say that though lol

  76. Nazry Isa

    Moves at 0:05 - 0:07 sooooo sick yo

  77. Renan

    Is that Andre 3000 on the guitar? lol

  78. Nygel Panasco

    what a singer...
    Love :D

  79. robert schulte

    Die Frau ist eine Wahnsinns Kanone auf der Bühne, großartig. She want back MJ, I too

  80. KTBEverlasting

    I am dying here. Janelle, when is the next album coming out?

  81. Æ'Meill S.

    Let me be like those other ppl and point out that at 0:07 the keyboard player messed up and forgot to release the C before going up to Db. It just sounds a little too dissonant. Great performance nonetheless. Monae is spectacular...first saw her on Stargate Atlantis n fell in love with her voice, energy and performance ever since. 10 stars

  82. IAmPlaysWithSquirrel

    Michael would be blown away by this.

  83. chicharrero

    not like michael, but, a great tribute!

  84. Kris Duister

    Not many artist sound that great live. Just gotta love in a time where women act like sex objects, there is a breath of fresh air like this!

  85. Cinnetjeh

    This concert ROCKED!!!! Janelle Monae is just AWESOME!!!! :-))

  86. Queen Lausanna

    @edelien...listen to her album before you call her unoriginal you have no idea what you're talking about.

  87. Amir Thompson

    She is such a one of a kind.. i love her style so much..

  88. myskijn

    @suddenmovement i will upload the other 2 songs too, but sadly YT is abit slow...

  89. suddenmovement

    aw man thanks for uploading. been waiting since saurday. is there any possibility you can upload the rest of her performance?

  90. Griselabb

    this is so awesome!