Modest Mouse - Strangers To Ourselves Lyrics

We're lucky that, we're lucky that we slept
Didn't seem like we realized we'd be stuck in traffic
We're that lucky we slept
Not to be confused the points from the purpose

We're lucky that,
We're lucky that we're so capable to forget.
How lucky we are, that we are, so easy, so easy to forget
How often we become susceptible to regret, I do regret.
How often we are confused. How honestly we have tried but we'll forget

We have designed, have designed, have designed more unusual things as yet
How often we are confused
How honestly we have tried but will forget, we'll forget.

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Modest Mouse Strangers To Ourselves Comments
  1. K.C. Cook

    I feel like i have heard this song somewhere else. i just cant figure it out. red dead?

  2. Anthony Rodriguex

    Super Mousers and the collapse of Neolithic Monoliths , a totem worthy in the German Atheist Neitzches epitaphic lithograph .

  3. Nick Lindenmeyer

    I love this so much.

  4. The Exorcist

    The old are using all seeing eye jahooty witchcraft it's time for you Dickerson to learn this shit and take out the fucken old as Fuck who are spying on our generation

  5. xxxtentacion

    Sub for a sub. I'm subscribing to your channel now. Subscribe to mine :)

  6. Biddy

    Im getting some pink floyd vibes

  7. Mr. Woof

    Considering how many views this video has, the number of comments and likes/dislikes is tiny.

  8. Jake

    I don't know why people hate this album so much... I think it's great. except pistol, pistol is absolutely terrible.

    your dad

    i think that's the point of pistol

  9. Lee Maxwell Baker

    One band that simply never seems to write any poorly conceived songwork

  10. IAM Sam

    just saw these guys live,much love to Isaac Brock.

  11. Jacob Underwood

    I am one of the weird ones that likes this band most in reverse. I like the newer stuff more and the older less. I feel like most bands make lesser music once they learn "how to make music". Not this lot, though.

  12. Brett Bewley

    This was a long wait for someone who likes Modest Mouse.

  13. SkyeRain Akasha

    My imaginary friends Modest Mouse !!! I heart you guys from India !

  14. BEANS!

    I actually really like their current music.

  15. pparsow

    wow -great stuff!!!!

  16. Kelci M

    The Tortoise and The Tourist!!!!! So Amazing.

  17. Ally Fong

    First song strangers to ourselves reminds me of MGMT

    Benjamin Billman

    yeah the jingles and the echoey guitar and the way he makes his voice sound

  18. Liam

    Musicians evolve. Some fans do not.


    +James Robert Archbald ... why the hell would you possibly think he was talking to you? Do you think every comment is about you?

    James Robert Archbald

    why would he just randomly state that?


    +James Robert Archbald It's not random at all. Whenever any band comes out with a new album, there are fans who comment that they hate the new album and say the band should just make music the fans are used to. Idk why I'm even explaining this.

    Chris Moor

    he state would randomly just why?


    No shit.

  19. Cormac Holland

    Reminds me of The Wall

    John Bishop

    Cormac Holland Yes! One of the first things I thought of when I heard this was Pink Floyd!

  20. Justin Wells

    oh, oh wow, my day just got great

    Excited to hear this legally without ads.
    (trying to stay off the pirate wagon for good this time)

  21. tim dinkel

    first time im listening to the new album. you better blow me away as much as you used to isaac.

    Durrantula *

    +tim dinkel expectations?

    tim dinkel

    Pure always

    Meat Trademark

    This is one of the most "entitled" and douche-baggy comments EVER. "You better blow me away as much as you used to?" Really? Do better or shut up, leech!

  22. Kanyelordofcats

    this album kinda sucks. not that mine is flying off of the shelves, but they dont have the whole album catch they used to...


    +Totodile Treecko not true, he is making a very divisive statement: "they dont have the whole album catch"
    ok this might be might least favorite album of theirs since long drive, but that doesnt mean it "kinda sucks" - maybe if you entire world consists of only modest mouse albums, then yeah, out of those 7-9 albums this one is closer to the bottom (i'd put it at 4 or 5)

    trust me, i had doubts too. when i first listened to each song on this album, my thoughts went: "ugh, they arent as good as they used to be." -> "their old sound was really their best" -> "i'm not feeling this new sound as much as i did their classics" -> "hmm this new sound is pretty interesting" -> "man this is impressive how they keep evolving" -> "wow, what did i just listen to? i need to hear this again"

    just open your mind the same way you did when you quit listening to top40 and started listening to the types of bands (MM) that American Idol fans scoff at. it's not easy, but it's worth it. you'll love this album too... or at least you'll change your mind about how it "kinda sucks"


    +dhoumagus11 partially agreed. i believe Good News was an attempt to penetrate the mainstream / mtv2 / radio audience, yet also maintain their own sound.  It was an ok first try, but they have improved upon it with each passing album.
    gone are days of the classic albums like LCW, M&A, Building Nothing, and Everywhere. I'd include the first half of Long Drive in there (and Tundra/Desert) but the rest of that album is just not "finest" worthy. overall i'd say that Strangers is actually a better album than Long Drive, though completely different in what they are trying to do.

    your dad

    I dare any of you to do better than any of the parts you find "weak".


    I like Strangers to Ourselves, but yea, it's not as good as their other stuff.

    Dante Vanburen

    your dad is a sheep

  23. Ruud Geldhof

    I just had this feeling, that if I hadn't already listened to modest mouse for the last 10 years or so, and this would be the first song I heard of them, I would be sold all over again


    +Ruud Geldhof that statement could be true of any modest mouse song.

    Trashcan_ LEFTIST

    I like the way u think:) Almost everyone I talked to bout this album said it was shit and was disappointed, but I'm one song in and it's not as bad as ppl made it seem. just goes to show that you gotta check things out for urself and always make up ur own mind for urself. ppl said the same about "no one's first, and ur next" but I loved that album! particularly certain songs like "the whale song" and "king rat." Those two songs r fuckin brilliant and make the album just by themselves, let alone all the others. ppl just gotta get over themselves a little and come to terms with the fact that Modest Mouse has developed into something they weren't in the early years or even mid years, for that matter. I personally can find something I relate to in every album, but that's just me and I try to not be such a hipster about things:/ lolz


    @Ronald Reagan yup, and before that, everyone was complaining that "we were dead..." was a shitty album that didnt break any new ground, recycled their old hits ad naseum... and before that everyone was complaining that "good news..." was a shitty commercial sell out album, boring and generic rhythm guitar & bass.  
    i remember these comments well as after my first listen i did not know what to think either.  i recall kind of agreeing. until i listened again. now i could care less what others think, they're obviously brilliant.

    with a career arch like MM, the bar is set super high. everyone is waiting for the next "moon & antarctica" or "lonesome crowded west" - its not going to happen.  but youll still get something special, so enjoy it.

    James Robert Archbald

    +youtoob0217 to complain about modest mouse is to literally be a bird

  24. James Robert Archbald

    .kinda man to go outside after masturbating.....


    +James Robert Archbald james, is it okay if i make a time capsule with these comments? i wan't something to give to the aliens when we eradicate ourselves

    James Robert Archbald

    @Jejjojman are you saying that because we are going to eradicate ourselves that i may have something negative or stupid to do with that? or are you saying that what i'm saying is perfect and therefore aliens deserve to know what perfectness exactly.killed the population with when we sent Mozart into space in that movie or some crap.

    James Robert Archbald

    @***** i was asked how high i was when i came up with the slogan only adopt and all my misogynistic thumbesd up comments get taken away but someone like you or the illuminati protectin women all the time

    James Robert Archbald

    modest mouse would have my back and therefore why are you here.

    James Robert Archbald

    its very closely related anyway.....its all about overpopulation and global warming theories...its all womens fault for drawing us in

  25. Eric Courtemanche

    I bought the double vinyl today on RSD!