Modest Mouse - I've Got It All (Most) Lyrics

I've got it all, most
I've got it all almost all figured out
But always when I get there
Always when I get there all the pieces they just fall apart

I can't hear you
I can't hear you talk about your dreams involving me
I don't believe
I don't believe that they are any sort of prophecy at all

What a shock it's mister sweet and awful
Don't look so pissed off we all lose the plot occasionally

How consistent
How can someone so consistently mess up as much as
Every instance
How can someone inconsistent mess up so consistently

What a shock it's mister sweet and awful
Tell your gods I want to speak to their fathers
Look right now I'm standing on my haunches
I got caught stealing from the lost and found

Hey there mr sweet and awful
Hey there mr sweet and awful
Are you going somewhere?
Or are you just walking through my walls?

Hey there mister sweet and awful
Hey there mister sweet and awful
This is not a party this is a crowd

Hey there mister sweet and awful
You've got it easy I've got my needs
You say what you got
Wanting what you please

Hey there mister sweet and awful
Hey there mister sweet and awful
Carry yourself away with a delicious disease

I've got it all, most
I've got it all almost all figured out

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Modest Mouse I've Got It All (Most) Comments
  1. Adam

    Song of the Day
    11-03-19: I've Got It All (Most) | Modest Mouse
    also on:

  2. Christopher Barber

    i really don't know why they didn't include this on the original good news release. it's so clearly from those sessions and is amazing

  3. Julian Vision

    Modest Mouse 8. I’ve Got It All (Most)
    This Song Was
    Originally From
    Good News For People Who Love Bad News
    That’s All Folks See You Next Time

  4. Charley B

    Hey there Mr sweet and awful

  5. Jack Passmore

    I would give anything to hear sounds of Isaac as a baby to toddler... I bet those are really cool baby noises

  6. Belle P

    This. Song. Is. So. Addicting.

  7. matt nuttall

    I bloody love this song. Gives me shivers. It's tender and brutal at the same time.

  8. Alex Ate

    "Mr sweet and awful?"?
    "You've got it easy I've got my needs
    You say what you got
    Wanting what you please" ?

    Is he referring to the thought of suicide? entering his head ("walking through my walls?")every time he messes up?

    Such a beautiful song

  9. GuppyG

    Hey there Mr. sweet and awful...

  10. Adam

    Song of the Day
    11-05-18: I've Got It All (Most) | Modest Mouse​
    also on:

  11. Annabel Stafford

    Mr. Sweet and awful... relates to too many men I've known in my life lmao. One of the best underrated mm songs

  12. April Orange

    This is the kind of song that saves the day. Or at least saves the moment when you need it. Thanks for posting.

  13. snooziepiranha

    I can’t hear you

  14. Nom Monster

    "We all lose the plot occasionally"..

    Sometimes it takes a while to figure it who you are or where you are going ...

    Not sure why but that line really stood out to me. Love modest mouse, even with their level commercial success, they've always managed to remain different in their own way and it's refreshing to hear now days..

  15. Bailey V

    hey there, mister sweet and awful

  16. James Robert Archbald

    he says westernconcerns and here the asian guitar sounds

    James Robert Archbald

    also the groom was angry cuz he ate the rice

    Millennial Moto

    there are no asian guitar cords in this lol

  17. James Robert Archbald

    awful = woman......because mr sweet...and whats left is ms awful

    James Robert Archbald


  18. Thumping Thromnambular

    I remember listening to this EP as my first introduction to this band. The girl who ruined my life at the time.
    I've gone so far, but I'm still where.

  19. Frances Mesko

    How can someone inconsistent mess up so consistently?


    @Kai Kitson wassup, first recent comment i see

  20. Tarranon

    as trump ascends, i can't help but find myself coming back to this song. beautiful disease? oh well.

  21. noah2339

    I'm consistently inconsistent so I can relate to pretty much most Modest Mouse songs. Love Brock's word play; I love quoting their songs in my daily lingo(or a variation of it). People think I come up this stuff and I'm like naw bro, nothing original has ever came out my mouth ever(just being honest).


    at least something original has to come out once or twice or are ya just being modest?


    +ThrillChiller87 I'm sure every once in a while I do,but everything has pretty much has already been said or done, you just add your own twist. . . And modesty is one of the virtues I admire and strive for.

    It's like that story of Socrates when he visited the oracle of Delphi and asked who the smartest men in Greece was. The Oracle replied you are because you're the only one who admits they don't know anything.


    What does it mean to be inconsistent


    It means you occasionally don't do your job properly, but someone who does their job properly on a daily basis cannot be inconsistent.

    The Dude

    Saying that you're consistently inconsistent doesn't mean you can relate to " Pretty much most modest mouse songs". Why Quote someone else when you can be you're own person

  22. Andrew Izquierdo

    I love that oriental sound before the first chorus haha

  23. L`wis

    stz flpsy salas cude


    +TheLewPhil boiiii


    aye u know ;)

  24. TheEpicCat25

    I can't stop listening to this tbh

  25. jet4212006

    why is this a B-side? this should be a single!

  26. DecayToDeath

    For those curious: It first appeared as a bonus track to the vinyl version of Good News For People Who Love Bad News, then as the B-Side to "Float On", then as the closer on this EP, No One's First, And You're Next.

  27. Andrew Gonzales

    Don't look so pissed off its Mr sweet and awful .

  28. Nicholas Jay

    I literally can't even listen to Modest Mouse most of the time because they get me so fucking emotional lol <3

    Nicholas Dunn

    lmao we have the same first and middle name, spooky

    Johnathan Doughs

    Nicholas Jay Yeah I usually listen to rap & metal but Modest Mouse just has a certain way to the soul

    Evan Urena

    I'm a rap&metal guy as well but love more of the melodic and artsy side of rock and metal, which is why I love Modest Mouse. I'd pretty awesome if their was rapper that was big fan a music like Modest Mouse and mixed that kind of style into spitting bars.

  29. brendo thedude

    We love you Isaac!

  30. Gobblin' Goblin

    "Are ya ready Kids?"


    You have just earned yourself a cookie.


    Oh god that's the best 😂


    What? I feel left out im one of the biggest mm fans there are. What so funny?


    Greg it's a reference to spongebob's intro song

  31. Matthew

    I get chills every time I listen to this song

  32. Andie

    Isn't this a b side to the float on single? No matter, I love it either way thanks for sharing!


    @Jake Hess thought so ! 


    Andie Lawrence b side?

    The Dude

    no you just found out that information somewhere else and then asked that question here so you could say "thought so!"

  33. John Trout

    The whole Moth-Spider on the cover says "This is a good album" 
    I'm so glad I listened to it. Now an MM fan. xP

    James Robert Archbald

    +John Trout right but do you hate women? and attractive people and ants?

  34. Modern Mouse

    What they said v

  35. James Gilmer

    What she said. ↓

  36. Aileen

    How consistent. How can someone so consistently mess up as much as. Every instance. How can someone inconsistent mess up so consistently

    matt nuttall

    I love those lyrics. 😉

    Jeremiah Mcmillin

    Fucking story of my life right now.

  37. ejayarts

    this is not a party this is a crowd!

  38. chinacatthrak

    love this song but i think good news flows better as an album without it.

  39. Mali81

    It's also the last track on the vinyl version.

  40. kevin linares

    Modest mouse.... Is all you need

  41. Willie Jackson

    clearly you dont know shit.

  42. Elijah Cocks

    Cant get over this song

  43. Myshkin1980

    This song is fucking win, man...

  44. Kyle Taylor

    It was written at the same time, but Issac decided no to put it on and released it as a b side.

  45. AnUnkind7

    Really? It sounds like it should be the b side to The view. Didnt know that though

  46. shank28

    I've got the Good News album on Vinyl and its the last track....

  47. ctewallwicked

    Its the b-side to float on.

  48. Oriente7

    cool so they had already written it?

  49. kgoodies008

    It's the end track off of "No one's first, and you're next." which was TECHNICALLY an EP instead of a full-length album, but it definitely carried the weight of an album. Enjoy.

  50. rafael fernandez

    wtf i love finding new old mm songs

  51. Nathan Bowles

    you are correct. i, too, own it. as well as five other cd's and one bigass can of air, OhiO mofo.

  52. Guercinator

    @cutthatcity It's only on the dual cd / dvd version of it...

  53. cutthatcity

    I have good news and this is not on my album.

  54. Ievolovel

    @warmslime It is a very old song though. It had been released long ago before that album.

  55. Guercinator

    @warmslime yeah it is. I have a good news cd with this being track 8

  56. Talking Raccoon

    I have never disliked any video on youtube, ever! could someone do it lol, I mean it doesn't benefit you any for doing it.. js

  57. ThunderThighsXL

    That one dislike really takes it up the ass

  58. Aileen

    this song just makes me so emotional for some reason <3

  59. TheJzako

    so many memories to this song

  60. Raptor Jesus

    brilliant. just fucking brilliant.