Mobb Deep - Young Luv Lyrics

Fresh out some bitch pussy, hay in the middle of the barn don
Super hoe putting on a freak show
Inside the mini mansion, had bitches dancing
and a naked bitch who ain't ready
My dick is two percent head, ninety-eighty percent shaft heavy
Steadily long stroking shit
P stands for penetration while y'all parleying
I'm in the back, digging her back, got shorty hollering
Candy girl took a blast of the shit, I got her in
a pretzel, pushing her legs back, she wet too
Perverted niggas do this type of shit all day
Sodomize, modernize 'em up to my standards
1996 bitches got ran through, 1997 cancel that hoe
She blessed the god well though
Word up son, you know what I'm saying, you know how that go though
Caligula style, young love, model actress
Superstar, porno star on a mattress
Looking like Jada Pinkett, I stabbed it
The vultures grabbed it, money no date raped it
Videotaped it, handy camera record
The bitch is blowing me, my dick went soft young love
Scrubbing that crotch with Dove
Potpourri bitches get fucked and mouth plugged
So lady cop, secretarians and librarians
Midtown high-class hoes with pearl earrings
Bump into a true to life vulture like P
Beat you over the head with G, and drag you back
to the cage and let this Mobb nigga coach boo
Train that ass, put it on curfew

[Chorus: Prodigy]
Hey, young love
Hey, young love
Young love, young love
Hey, young love
Hey, young love
Hey, young love
Young love, young love

Left it in the hotel, must admit we don't love 'em
Before you consider it foul, let me put you on cousin
Eighty-eight had a vision on some rap shit
Not knowing it would happen, down the road gold status
But back then there was this one little chick
That I wanted to hit, get with, the whole shit
Fourteen, laying my G, little me
I had to have her, had a nigga like me losing Zs
No sleep, fucked up in the head over her physique
Even thought about going downtown (keep it real)
I know there's niggas out there that would've felt the same way
It was the freak in me, actually crossed my mind frequently
Finally and once again we bumped heads
A stank gesture suggested that I was dead
Like a crack-head, didn't even give a nigga rib
But fuck it, what can I say? I tried to put my little bid
and kept living, nigga move on, you a man
No matter what it take we're gonna hold the upper hand
Shuffling beats, six years later son it was done
The Infamous, Mobb Deep left you stuck off the Shook Ones
And then the funniest thing after a show backstage
I peeped chick who didn't give me play back in the day
It was all love, hold no grudge, gave her a hug
What's the drilly baby? She was like "you", nah what's up?
You know me, doing my thing tryna live
Asked if I was busy, could I chill with her in her crib
No days, but we can chill up in the Ramada
Payback is a bitch, once I get in there I got her
In the telly, E&J dick popped the cherry
Left the little hoe with no dough and got jetty
Bless the god boo, you know how we do, it's self-explainable
Un-domesticatable, but highly we capable
The turntables beat you in your own game, enough said
Another victim caught up in fame's web

Young love, young love

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Mobb Deep Young Luv Comments
  1. Jay Pippen

    rip 🙏 prodigy from mobb deep


    “Bitch u ain’t ready, my dick is 2% head...98% shaft heavy!!!” - FUCKING BAAAAAARS!!! R.I.P live on!!!❤️

  3. Derryl Walker

    This is a hard beat to sample I tried it Havoc was a beast for this one

  4. Dominic Pulliam

    A classic mix

  5. Sharieff Freeman

    Lucky to have heard this on a clue tape

  6. BigDapPacino

    I think this song was on the Free Agents mixtape...but it was also on DJ Clue mixtape...back in 1996...I think they could'nt clear the Prince sample...this is one of those songs Prince would rarely perform..he probably took offense to the raunchy lyrics...he was very conservative off stage!

  7. I Reck Beatz

    Fresh out this bitch pussy

  8. pPpPancakes

    Most romantic song ever

  9. Ron Gary

    Dj clue tapes damn

  10. tiggerman98able


  11. KenTon Thompson

    *I remember the mixtape(cassette) days when I bumped this... Today can't compare...*

  12. 18wheeler4 C

    Havoc E&J dick popped the cherry! Lmao!

  13. Doc Ghost

    Classic Pee, RIP to the god

  14. Eric B

    Scrubbin' that crotch with Dove!

  15. Carey Silva

    my vday jointjoint riite now

  16. big jones boys

    THIS FUCKIN BEAT IS CRAZY SO 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊💯💯💯💯🎶🎶🎶🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤✔

  17. Em Inglewood

    How did I not know about this??? L for myself, but now I got the win! Respect to H.A.V. RIP Bandanna!

  18. Delta November

    Still listening in 2019

  19. beefwearclothing Jones


  20. similybee

    For the lil Duns

  21. Tamer Khechen

    R.I.P prodigy. You were the best man .. I wish I met you bro..

  22. Tamer Khechen

    I love this song man haha

  23. Dom Trussardi

    I remember I had a grip of Mexicans at my pad smokin weed out of my hooka during 5th period. Fucker said "put on some Cypress Hill" when this song came on. I smacked him upside the head. OK, I didn't...but it should have happened.

  24. rasaan odom

    Best mobb ever

  25. superawesomeboy

    Peace to Prince and Prodigy

  26. Adul Jaraooh

    i remember this on the j love mix cd

  27. Lpotts75

    Classic here

  28. Hoss_lane Pronto

    Queens New York legends


    This shit is classic.

  29. CamVanDam

    Classic Mobb, R.I.P. Prodigy. I.M.D. for life!

  30. Jay Hookz

    One love

  31. SDS Overfiend

    Fall of 96 10 grade year.. Had this on a mixtape could never get enough of this shit. That prince sample was everyfuckingthing.

    Aaron Riley

    SDS Overfiend my g, I was bumping it around the same as you but I was a freshman

    SDS Overfiend

    @Aaron Riley You See how that Go🙏💪 Shit got me thru the 10th. My theme music

  32. Sly Coop


  33. GluexGelato1440

    Had this on a Clue tape back in 96, 97

  34. 95alive

    Still listening in 2017

  35. Rid

    Prince !!

  36. Rob John

    What y’all know about this

  37. Bryan Littleton

    Classics never get old legends never fade or pass away.

    Big p rest n enternal happiness

  38. Ken ken

    Love this joint

  39. Steven Bouchard

    goodlooking Knx playing this joint getting me hip to the game



  41. Anthony Zarlengo

    RIP Prodigy and Prince!

    Wu-Blood Kin

    Anthony Zarlengo That’s real...Facts!

  42. KenTon Thompson

    Mobb Deep will forever be imprinted in Hip-Hop... Can't say the same for most contributions

  43. 95alive

    I miss these Days! The 90's was the shit!! Back when Your name rang because of your rep not because you could stunt the hardest on the internet.

  44. YouCanNeverFeelMyPain QB




  46. NYCEFlix

    r.i.p. P

  47. NYCEFlix

    damn. I remember walking down the Ave hearing this shit bumpin. Shit was alluring.

  48. Jimmy Hoffa

    😢😢😢 rip prodigy

  49. A.J. Towin

    rip Prodigy. I'm fucking devastated

  50. babyboy22six

    r.i.p prodigy

  51. Francis A.

    Rest in QB Peace Prod.

  52. Juwan Jordan

    R.I.P PRODIGY 😰😰🙏

    Trisomy 21 Anomalies

    I still can’t believe hes gone, he was like the brother I never had

  53. Sharieff Freeman

    hard song to find lol

  54. Mz. Keia

    rest in peace P!!!!!!

  55. Jeanine Hernandez

    Found this song thanks to prince

  56. Muck City

    miss this area of mix tape and rap music. I used to play this when I was in High School back in 1996 good times good memories. The golden era.

    Ricardo gaio

    Muck City damn high school in 1996 jesus you must be in your 30's?

    David Gama

    @Ricardo gaio Yea, if you live long enough, you'll be in your 30s also, lol

  57. Antonio Gonzales


  58. Chris O'Neill

    What's the point of adding an extra 2 minutes with sound?

  59. Derek Chapman

    smh best mobb every i herad this on a tape in 96 im31 now my hustler bros thank you

  60. Joseph Oppong

    Where can I download this or buy it


    Joseph Oppong trying to figure it out too

    Abe Shah

    go to, and copy and paste the link

    Afro Gwada

    Mobb Deep - The Infamous Archives

  61. Keith Harleyk

    most people don't know this song exist.

    beefwearclothing Jones

    Facts this a straight classic I remember listening to this walking to high school with the Sony radio DJ clue tape blasting LoL ✌🏾

    beefwearclothing Jones

    @stoplossM4 facts 💯💯

    Jason WAlker

    I remember hearing this on the DJ clue Show me the money pt.1 😊

    Em Inglewood

    Bro. you right. I just found out about this today! Lol XM radio

    Travis Alston

    They're not real hip hop heads.I heard this on a mix tape

  62. Quake SRK

    damn. i thought this was a knxwledge remix beat because he played it at his shows.

    Alex Gray

    Thats pretty ill. You have a link for any footage?

    Quake SRK

    Knxwlegde (earl sweatshirt) is the title and ive seen him played it live.

  63. JReale

    paaass nothing compares to you"prince"!

  64. Tyson Miller

    RIP Prince

  65. Tommy Jerome harris

    Can't find prince but I found this old classic 1997 we back!!


    girlfriend is the name of the song


    R.I.P. Prince! Beautiful sample! Keep your heads up and stay strong to all of the female Prince fans at this time!

  67. Forever young

    R.I.P Prince


    Forever young R.I.P. Prodigy as well

  68. The Bulletz Gotti Show

    Prince was a visionary

  69. Skippy Tone

    damn i see a lot of people was on the same wavelength Rip Prince

  70. Kyla Sas

    rest in peace prince!

  71. friendlyonweekends

    rip prince...beast sample and combo

  72. Davon Aitkens

    rip Prince

  73. Kings County Baby

    I finally found this...I was searching for this for a minute..I remember this had a prince sample"If I was your gf"...

  74. Erick Daniels

    Classic Mobb Deep!!!! 1996 Bit$#S got ran thru, 1997 cancel that Hoe, she blessed the god well though... QB!!!

  75. mattdh12

    Havoc with one of my all-time favorite verses. The turntables beat you in your own game

    SDS Overfiend

    Turn the tables lol

  76. Reggie Moise

    Classic Mobb at their absolute best!!!! I miss these guys being on the top of the rap game, to many lame rappers out now. I think it's time for comeback Mobb Deep, Wordlife dunn!

    Fore De Capu

    @Reggie Moise "il rap non è un gioco, solo gli stupidi giocano con il rap..." cit. inokinggggggg

  77. Jon Jukes

    This probably was the Prince beat that P said Prince didn't want them to use...lmao.


    yes it was

    Chriss Wahl

    ways better than the original :D

    Sean West

    Prince should've cleared this one...


    If I Was Your of the songs he rarely performed because it was written for his girlfriend, his bassist Wendy's twin sister!

  78. Dramacydal EL

    Tupac Thugs Get Lonely Too Og

    hiram madera

    50 cent last chance

  79. SuperVideo333

    Wow mobb deep and tlc used this beat around the same time haha

    Super what is the name of the song you plaid Man

    Which tlc song would dat be

    hiram madera

    PAC and 50 cent used this same sample

  80. Rid

    Nice!! All yall young kids dont kno that this beat is a Prince beat. From the song If I Was Your Girlfriend ..


    which is also where beyonce got that from in bonnie and clyde


    Rid it was, prince didn’t clear samples when he was alive.


    @patcol82 Prince liked Beyonce...I think he was Blue Ivy's Godfather !

  81. Eminence

    crazy sexy cool

  82. Kenny Evans

    This that work... I had dis on j love best of mobb deep

  83. lakman82

    hahahaha you nailed it.....GOOD ONE

  84. wastedyom


  85. Nik Sull

    classic still bangin this right now on J.Love mixtape MOBB so ill that even there unrealsed songs are bangers!!!

  86. Rich Wheeless

    Avon Barksdale from The Wire (on the left)

  87. Barry Sanders

    Mobb banger!

  88. dekacster

    prince - if i was your girlfriend.

  89. 2xC

    I got it on tape off of a radioshow from 1997.

  90. nico dom


  91. Matthew Blake

    just discovered this today. I love mobb deep and support that real ill hip hop of the 90s.

  92. Wrestling Price Guides

    beyond amazing wow

  93. hellohello194

    this beat is so sick