Mobb Deep - Taking You Off Here Lyrics

[Verse 1: Havoc]
Block the corridor, call the coroner
The drama's over can't you feel the euphoria?
A warrior, you cowards getting cornier and cornier
We don't play games never will we ever toy with ya
Camp with you niggas, so my answer to niggas
Take you for a swim throw his ass in the river
My lord, y'all bitches all fraud to me though
Never banged out, we launch torpedo
Nigga still on paper he report to P.O
Jump in the Lamb and we off to the show
Play my cards right, never go see a ho
Or catch me in the crib, compromise like Oh shit
Bitch what you got me into
My Goons will be here with the metal utensils like
Pop pop pop pop pop pop
Noodle heads scream all u hear is them shots

[Hook: Havoc]
Takin' you off here
Said you gotta get God
Nigga violate it so he gotta get got
Vaccinate me you get bodied that shot
Handle that shit off top [x2]

[Verse 2: Prodigy]
Don't play scared business around me
Nigga bleed just like us, I flood the cold street with ya'
Hot Blood, was mad now he steaming
Your soul in Limbo, right there on the cement
The ghost of a bitch ass nigga, Casper
Nigga I'm the worst demon you could ever ask for
Don't conjure me up
Burn in hell like I put a bomb to your truck
It's serious when I creep on a nigga 'nough
Machine dot green grief dot gun powder lungs
Power Ball Money off rap, baskin'
In a lime green light come and get your ass whipped
On cameras
There's no tapping out on that concrete canvas
We don't do the body locks
Fuck a sleeper hold you sleepin' from a headshot
My gun don't premature nut
It bust at the exact time it's suppose to bust


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Mobb Deep Taking You Off Here Comments
  1. Mandela Sangster

    I remember buying this album n I was bangin it like it was in style! They come back wit that hard, gritty Queens shit! Sound like they old Infamous album.

  2. Aj Graham


  3. Aj Graham


  4. shakur carter

    Dope ass record rest in peace to P


    Don't conjurn me up!

  6. Kenneth Adams

    I can picture Lloyd Banks being featured in this!

  7. space ho's

    Rest in peace.. P

  8. space ho's

    P is a monster

  9. Max Power

    The Only Good song of the album.

    Cody Luis D

    You need to get your ears checked then man

    Max Power

    @Cody Luis D It's my opinion. This is the only song in the album who has the Quality of the old golden albums. But the others are not too bad.

  10. Sly Makaveli

    Mobb Deep don't was playin'

  11. slum heem155

    If u didn't know this is a sample of Friday the 13th..part 1...ending credits

    MoScO Kidd

    Lol! What are you hearing? No it isn't

    slum heem155

    MoScO Kidd go back and check Friday the 13th ending credits...havov just looped that key board over and speed it up a little

    MoScO Kidd

    @slum heem155 Nah.. Your ear is way off....

  12. GentiF

    R.I.P Prodigy !

  13. GUCCI Mane

    the best song they ever made


    Fuck nah, its 🔥 but shit they got so much better stuff from the 90s

    K.I.D. Beats

    @huh? Agreed, their first two albums are so damn fire but this is pretty dope

  14. Kelly Rose

    Machine gun got Gun Powder Lungs...

  15. Adee Pegs

    MOBB GRIMEY Long live the infamous MOBB DEEP 🔥

  16. Andrew Flood


  17. melissaluciyana


  18. jojo dancer

    No tappin out on that concrete canvas!!!!

  19. Chris Hayle

    havoc i know u strong p always knew too when he was in and out the hospital .havoc ur a jem real .much love bro

  20. Fit TheLegend

    The best Group Ever.

  21. Gentjan Fani

    R.I.P Prodigy !!! MOBB DEEP is the best

  22. Anonymous Anonymous

    P quoted Ox from Belly- Dont bring scared business around me!!!!

  23. CyberHobbo

    Mobb Deep ♥ RIP P!!!

  24. Red1ne M

    Fuck you 2Wice you don’t like it

  25. Robert El Bey

    Only 668 likes? Get y'all asses inhere on this...Get bodied out here....!

  26. Elle P Sanchez

    MOBB.....bitch as niggasz.......

  27. Ado Lauko

    They put rap into the map

  28. Cem Arslan

    Şeyhodan çalmış oç

  29. Walter White

    Şehinşah - Düşünmemek

  30. Messix

    R.I.P. Prodigy

  31. Blake Ward

    Why cant this be found on any streaming services anymore?

    Loren Latino

    Blake Ward thts what I'm sayin

    Loren Latino

    Black cocaine also

    Mtdub Da Champ

    Maaan i knew I wasn't trippin smh.

  32. Jake B

    "We don't do the bodylocks...fuck a sleeper hold you sleeping from a headshot"

  33. John Williams

    I feel this song

  34. ron blessed

    I was only 15 when my homie Mac Dee handed me a taped marked Mobb Deep.From the moment I bumped Infamous in my walkman I was blown away by Prodigy's lyricism.Prodigy had me rocking bandanas,sippin Henny (coke mixed with Russian Tsar lol),speaking the Dun languages talking about getting bent etc Man I used to try to rap like Prodigy (rapping like Pee helped me impressed the chicks).Eish if you not a hip hop head you won't understand what Pee meant to us. Thanks,Pee for being a part of my teens and for writing some of the best raps. Imma bump Infamous,Hell On Earth,Murda Muzik and HNIC in your honour and pour out a liquor, knowing God took a good nigga...RIP Prodigy

    Jake B

    oh man said know that's old skool. respect, dun


    Henny is Hennessy cognac not the name of a mixed drink my man

    Will Bribiescas

    ron blessed prodigy on apostles warning. Best verse arguably ever to me.

  35. ron blessed




  37. Yezmir Sheppard-Halika

    love this beat....dope track.

    pretty nice

    Akilah Trammell 🔥

    Justin Coombes

    Classic Mobb Deep shit !

  38. Jeff Lott

    Thumbs up if ur here because of learning of the death of prodigy

  39. Eric Andrews

    R.I.P Prodigy!!!!!

    Alexis Odita

    P double I blow a hole in ya couple bubble. My best rapper of all time Mecca Hackney East London

    Anthony Chavis

    Rip prodigy QBs finest Love u Dun 4 Ever!! REDMAN Bmore

  40. Osman Güney

    Düşünmemek ne zevkli şey

  41. ꜱɪʟᴠᴀ

    THE BEAT 😱😱

  42. Freshdachs

    "nigga, im the worst demon you could ever ask for!"

  43. laronn2002

    We need this album on iTunes

    Psycho Pomp

    laronn2002 yeah ns brother

  44. MoScO Kidd

    I bet niggaz wont really respect this until years later... "yall bitches all fraud to me tho, never banged out we launch torpedo"
    mobb deep still waving the flag!

  45. Gibbs Freddie

    This beat is weak. P lost it.


    screw you


    Gibbs Freddie fuck off

    l Omerta l

    I disagree. On this 2014 album this has to be their best song. Prodigy had a great verse in this one.

    Nick Show

    Haha haha that’s so fukn funny my balls dropped

    Michael Kaldani

    U buggin

  46. shoqwave

    listen to hell rellz version, its called man of respect xxxdope!!

  47. Sam Vanaken

    This beat though.. P still got his shit on lock!

  48. Roger S

    há há. .

  49. MegaGolgo13

    Dope. RAP is not real anymore....THIS is real rap.

    Cameron Mac

    Funny, Clever and Memorable Name I think you have to re-read what he wrote he said rap isn't real anymore , this is Real

    Robert El Bey


  50. Don Niko


  51. Jordan s

    niga violated so he gotta get got!

  52. Prometh Beats

    in this prodigy's voice very diffrent than shook ones and other 90's tracks


    only natural as he's a lot older now


    Age and he was sick. RIP Prodigy ♥

  53. Joseph Wilson

    Hav bodied this joint.....


    Joseph Wilson both did

  54. khalidntokozo

    taking you off here

    corey minor


  55. Wordupmiman

    Still dope

  56. Ganzy Darrick

    mobb deep 4life

    Kendall Jones

    Real hip hop RIP P QB 4LIFE Prodigy one love


  58. Sheu Gwata

    mabelreign hip hop