Mobb Deep - Say Something Lyrics

[Verse 1: Havoc]
I am not normal let me be the first to warn you
Paranoid as fuck, front on me; that metal on you
Tears down the face of those that most adore you
Fuck the King of New York, H been royal
Might as well quit throw the towel in
Niggas new to the game just an hour in
You wet behind the ears milk on your breath
Still on your momma's breast I embody fresh
Bottle after bottle and some sloppy sex
On my bully shit my dominance is obvious
Party after party bitch
Stick it to what got me rich
Till the casket drop
The clique is always Infamous
Infamous, hatin' ass niggas on that bitter shit
Fuck out of here I'll hit you in that liver quick
And spread through your body like a rumor
Serve these niggas like a waiter bring it to ya
Then I'm gone

[Hook: Havoc (x2)]
Fuck what niggas sayin' they ain't sayin' nothing
See me any time of day they ain't sayin' nothing
Talkin' about they let it spray they ain't sayin' nothing
Better yet I'm right here nigga say something

[Verse 2: Prodigy and Havoc]
Step inside my class I can show you how it go
Accumulate that money get that dollar in a row
Snow ball effect, got that bigger, bigger check
Life is even better, better than a nigga dreamt
President is black see you niggas still broke
Thirsty mcgirsty niggas knocking at my door
Got hoes with their hands out
Promised me their ass, mouth
Pussy ho tried to make me nut so they can cash out
And I'm like woah
Baby girl I finished trickin' long time ago
Feed you that liquor take away your pain
Son a baby father dead be and that shit don't change
And that shit don't change let me hit it again
Shawty dippin' in and out and just switchin' them lanes
Switchin' them lanes without checking the mirror
Get yourself into some bullshit make you see things clearer


[Verse 3: Prodigy]
Savage nigga out here on the cement
Pussy, money, guns grew me up and now I'm beastin'
Heathen I'm a motherfucker throw me to the wolves
Right where I belong, nigga now you lookin' shook
Shakin' in your J's you afraid
My boot on your neck pussy nigga there's no escape
I'm vicious my intentions is not in your best interest
If I was your advisor I'd advise you not to did it
But I'm not so I'm inviting you all it's my pleasure
Welcome to the horror show, your life, feel free to enter
When I was a shit stain the old heads they told me
Keep your gun on you little nigga I'm not your homie
Smokin' on a cocaine bogey
Breakfast was an OE
Ain't nobody smilin' and we treat you bitches coldly
Special breed we different type of G's
Niggas quieter than a church mouse when it's time to see
What it really is


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Mobb Deep Say Something Comments
  1. Estevan101893

    We should bring this Album to Spotify, TIDAL, & iTunes.

    Most of Prodigy's Albums were removed

    Prodigy's Albums and Mixtapes should be a TIDAL exclusive like JAY-Z's

  2. Mandela Sangster

    When they did this album, they brought it back to they original Infamous album.


    Instrumental 👀👀

  4. Gun em down Villy

    This is a play from beginning to end album

  5. Preston Sturges

    Holy shit


  6. Reel Live Films

    when I was a shit stain the ole heads they told me...

  7. Hossein Babaei

    Still in March 2019💥

  8. Adler Cintra

    BR em 2019?

  9. Brawling Style

    I blast mobb deep daily fuck my neighbours say something

  10. vhugala mafhara

    My favorite song ❤️💥

  11. franck t

    im a triple o.g didnt here that mobb album...and im a die hard fan mobb deep 4 life...i got all mobb album ..pee solo album havoc album...but im an old heads this bangers pass me away...dammm wish i was young again wanna scrap for respect..when you grown everything change a home intruder can sue you because you hit him with a bat...dammm respect these guys...

  12. Andrew Flood


  13. Nahuel Rd7


  14. SHONUFF 402

    Shaking in your J's you afraid, my boot on your neck p*ssy n*gga its no escape, im vicious my intentions is not in your best interest if i was your advisor I'd advise you not to get it.. But im not so im inviting you Whoaaa its my pleasure welcome to the horror show your life your fee to enter🔥#poetry

  15. Christian Charles


  16. Christian Charles


  17. OWL

    That's why I love this duo.

  18. MANSAF

    The beat is nice but the lyrics is fuckin bad it is not like the old mobb deep when they used to be fuckin RAW

    Loren Latino

    MANSAF ...they lost it or rather dropped several rungs after murda muzik

    Chi Rimbert

    MANSAF I got the same vibe from it too

  19. Alex Cervantes

    This beat is crazy!!!

  20. R. Wright El

    "O.G. told me keep yo gun on you Lil' Nigga I ain't yo fuckin' friend."

  21. R. Wright El

    HEEEAAATTTTT!!!! Where this fuckin' fire symbol? And that fuckin 100 with them fuckin' lines under it? Fuck outa here!!

  22. Ms. Complexbeing4life

    Still litsening in 2018

  23. Dark James Dean

    Why isn’t this album on Spotify? Major fail by them. Best Mobb Album since Hell On Earth!!!!

    SHONUFF 402

    That is why im here

    Loren Latino

    Dark James Dean ain't a real fan...heard of murda muzik..they dropped 3 str8 classics

    Dallas Cook

    hidden gold


    You be tripping or not knowing what you talking about. Infamy has some absolute bangers on it


    It used to be on there. Probably some behind the scenes legal issues. Alot of Prodigy's catalog disappeared after his death so it may be due to the family fighting for the rights to his music.

  24. Russell Harcourt

    Damn nigga!!!! Real dope record!! Mann!!! 🔥🔥🔥 best tho ever do it!!!

  25. anwjuice

    OG music. Non hustler, non gangster, or. Non bad boys\girls just don't get Mobb like us trouble makers do.

  26. anwjuice

    Robbery music here. That's a genre for me and Mobb Deep has a bunch of tracks. Only real gs will know what I'm talking about

    Booker T. Washington

    anwjuice - only real g's will have noooo ideaaaa what you're talking about


    Shout out to g.o.d.father pt 3

  28. Jack Lewellen

    this beat is cold.....

    Gun em down Villy

    As fuck

  29. Bill Thomas

    oh and I ment Rip proidgy sorry I spelled it rong I didn't now we're my head was

    Booker T. Washington

    Bill Thomas - We forgive you bro

  30. Bill Thomas

    an rip to prodgey

  31. Bill Thomas

    this hole album is sick

  32. Bill Thomas

    wanye best album is the first Carter

  33. Bill Thomas

    yo this shit is sick this is mobb Depp here

  34. ButterBwoi 13


  35. anwjuice

    RIP Prodigy. one of my favorite Mobb Deep songs here an d they had plenty of dope tracks

  36. Devontae' Pratt

    this shit was slept tf on hopefully mafuckas will appreciate the Mobb more now R.I.P P🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥#mobbforever fuck u if u ain't feeling this it's a new day Betta get a whiff like P said👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊

  37. BoKnowsTheTruth

    RIP Prodigy

  38. starscream

    Long live the legend

  39. ꜱɪʟᴠᴀ

    Mobb Deep forever the greatest duo.

  40. \ OldSchoolFreak /

    smh this comes not even close to their old stuff

  41. Josh Baker


  42. Míchele Cobré

    not a trap crunk instrumental (smh)

  43. Jake B

    To anyone out there who might be an Obama dick-rider, 1:38 is for you

  44. laronn2002

    We need this album on iTunes!

    Michael Leech

    Funny, Clever and Memorable Name Cuz they're old school man ^^

  45. D DD

    Mobb Deep still coming with that real shit and them dope ass beats!

  46. Dylan Newell

    Not feeling this, old mobb is way better

    Sam Vanaken

    Dylan Newell you might aswell quit and throw the towel in if u aint feelin this

    Gun em down Villy

    @Sam Vanaken fr this shit is sick

  47. CoolCat

    beat is off the chain big ups to ma nigga from another motha, Illmind mad repect breh

    Stankowitch Kowalcek

    shut the fuck u even know how dumb u sound MOBBDEEP BEEN FLAME SINCE MURDA MUSIC BREAH🔫

    Bill Thomas

    Stankowitch Kowalcek mobb deep Ben fire since the infamous in 1995

  48. Ahungry Spoon

    get yourself in some shit make you see things clearer

  49. ThermoNuclear GR


  50. Erc143 Bishop

    peaches and me divorced got married again to Carrie bee n got divorced .

  51. Bob Marley

    moob 👀 deep sounding kind of stupid word

  52. Carlos Carrera

    havoc dawg

    Jack Lewellen

    one of the best rappers and beat producers 2 ever do It 4 real

    Chi Rimbert

    Jack Lewellen FACTS

  53. Fred Legend

    Older stuff is better obviously but this is still a pretty dope track

    Sam Vanaken

    Old tracks are beastin but this is also a classic!


    Nostalgic feeling on this track. Prodigy and Havoc always have been the same. Hard with dope lyrics and dope beats. They dont give a shit bout radio play. They make that robbery music.

  54. Carlos Carrera



    Mobbin on em....this my era...90s G era. Now niggas talkin bout slidin with 30s..syrup and pills.....and think its mob 2016...but its dope fiend music. Oh yeah and they cars...and bitches....sad day for rap in this era.


    word! I'm wit' you 100%! These kids are straight up drug addicts and they don't even realize even as they shrink up like they were vacuum sealed..

    Mattia Toffoli

    rap was the voice of people , now is the voice of idiot

  56. D Mc

    mobb deep go hard

  57. Dan Dan

    Where can I download all the album?


    The Ghost Poet I only see it on Amazon.

  58. DeNtheGreatest

    they fell the fuck off...

  59. I am

    sweet mother of Mary those two lads have the gangster craic well and truly covered

  60. killahbrave

    they burned this shit and the beat stupid

    Sam Vanaken

    Beat is strait fire man. Recognize greatness

    \ OldSchoolFreak /

    +Sam Vanaken bullshit

  61. rex singh

    Holy shit.

  62. Eric Bishop99

    you bangn

  63. aDividingLineX

    omg no ...their old stuff is much better ...sry

    Nicolas Spalding

    cypress hill is the shit👊

    SHONUFF 402

    You aint saying nothing


    Nicolas Spalding the fuck does Cypress Hill got to do with this?

  64. Sam Vanaken

    Sick shit. They dropped this live yesterday and the whole place exploded

  65. Cristiano De Benedictis

    bomba de traccia fuck

  66. iSuperDuper

    P's second verse is just too fire!!!

    Sam Vanaken

    P kills shit on almost every track! Havoc is smooth but Prodigy is strait murders the beat


    Sam Vanaken true


    You damn right..vintage prodigy at an older age...he still could spit a banger like he was in the 90s still

  67. Nolai

    one of the hardest tracks from mobb deep

    Kendall Jones

    +Capital P. Mobb Deep for life guys this is hardest song out now 2015 feeling like 1995 again guys Hot 97 still all go in NY

    עדי רחמני

    It’s hard af but it don’t come close to there old shit

  68. Shyontah Clay

    This is that work

  69. Maurice Davis

    This is what im talking about real nigga Shit that hard underground hood shit

    alex reinhardt

    +Maurice Davis lol they were never underground..

    Sam Vanaken

    Am glad they published their artwork!

  70. Vid Robin

    fucking awsome

  71. Mo Hunter

    two gangsta,too gangsta!


    Mo Hunter wtf you know about gangster

  72. PurPleSuN

    uhuh yeah