Mobb Deep - Backwards Lyrics

[Intro: Havoc]
Right there, yea, spin that back
[record spins back]
Drop it, drop it, yea, uhhh, straight out the lab
Chemistry made, you know, yo

[Verse 1: Havoc]
I don't wanna wild, I just wanna chill
But yet still gettin' confronted by ice grills
They learn when I hit 'em with, heat and conspicuous
Stunt, just a little bit - start, we gon' finish this shit
You little niggaz runnin' round snot nose
I laugh with a cold grin, I dead you wanna pose
You fuckin' wit a nigga, who done been through the bullshit
Niggaz die Mesabi, close friends turn to grimy
Wifey, bonin' associates hate a simple bitch
Add it all together; you know who you fuckin' wit
A nigga who can give a fuck if you broke
Give a fuck what he tote, got the drop then blow
You's a scared nigga tryna live
Yellow back and shit
You's a real good actor, your click actresses
Fact is, niggaz lose stripes for tryna match this
Havoc's a total package; knock a nigga of his axis

[Chorus: Havoc]
Twist your cap (Backwards), real niggaz handle
Beef, then it's on dunn, lick off if I have to
Niggaz scream gangsta, real niggaz play low
Play in the back, but fuck around and get smacked yo

(And I) Twist your cap (Backwards), real niggaz handle
Beef, then it's on dunn, lick off if I have to
Niggaz scream gangsta, real niggaz play low
Play in the back, but fuck around and get smacked yo

[Verse 2: Prodigy]
Yo dunn I love it when these niggaz think it's somethin' sweet wit P
Love it when people doubt me
Love it when you niggaz write songs about me, I love confrontation
Love it when a nigga that don't rap, he hatin'
I love it when they think it's only a song I'm fakin'
I love to see they face when my gun bangin'
And I would love for us to bump it to each other on a humble
Your niggaz is stabbin', my niggaz'll buck you
Y'all niggaz is flaggin', yeah we got one too
Infamous, I heard you screamin' our name, whatup with you?
Let me explain somethin', we the world's most
Y'all rap niggaz, we do this shit for real
Look, listen, I knock ya hustle down kid
You's a fall to the next nigga, I murder you bitch
I would love to watch you bleed and take ya last breath
Give you pain, and let you get acquainted with death, boy

[Chorus: Havoc]
Twist your cap (Backwards), real niggaz handle
Beef, then it's on dunn, lick off if I have to
Niggaz scream gangsta, real niggaz play low
Play in the back, but fuck around and get smacked yo

('Cause I'ma) Twist your cap (Backwards), real niggaz handle
Beef, then it's on dunn, lick off if I have to
Niggaz scream gangsta, real niggaz play low
Play in the back, but fuck around and get smacked yo

('Cause I'ma) Twist your cap (Backwards)

Niggaz sream gangsta

('Cause I'ma) Twist your cap (Backwards)

Niggaz scream gangsta, real niggaz play low
Play in the back, but fuck around and get smacked yo
('Cause I'ma) Twist your cap (Backwards)

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Mobb Deep Backwards Comments
  1. Oskar Den Tredje

    Still one of my favorite Mobb tracks

  2. 1st Class Ent.

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 Alchemist is fucking crazy!! RIP Prodigy!

  3. William Pender

    The fact that this has 37 dislikes is fucking criminal.

  4. Steven Pearson

    Crazy to even say.. havoc such a underrated producer.. all those mob bangers you bumped too are made by hav.. RIP Prodigy

    Big LeBAUSki

    But this one is made by The Alchemist.

    Steven Pearson

    Look up the credits.. hav all the way..

    Big LeBAUSki

    @Steven Pearson But it was meant for Alchemist's 1st Infantry album

  5. Mike Spyke

    Not on Apple Music smfh

    Big LeBAUSki

    Yes and it's the only song from The Cutting Room Floor which isn't on Streaming services.

  6. Avery Williams

    The greatest beat in hip hop history

  7. Elhae Carter

    Classic this Album Took over My Summer Of 2003 Good ole days I was in High School🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💪

  8. C. Griff

    Damn P!! And the beat is straight ca$h

  9. H D

    there's only a few people in the universe that can flip samples like this.....The Alchemist is one of em

  10. Sean The Baptist

    Man, what a duo, and MD sure knew how to pick beats.

  11. Infamous XD


  12. Reality Royalty

    Toshiyuki Honda - Thunderkiss

    (1978) was Sampled to make this beat I 1st heard this beat on Yukmouth - Monopoly (Daz Diss)

  13. jermaine linch

    2003 my best year year!

  14. Loyal Philly fan

    Mobb Deep killed this but Lloyd Banks also killed this beat on his song “you trying to be gangsta”.

  15. Alberto Ceccato

    In The Panchine - Stolen car 🔥

  16. GODs Rawson

    Dont fuck with a vanilla white nigga thats been through the bullshit

  17. GODs Rawson

    I dont want to wild i just want to chill

  18. GODs Rawson

    What a beat

  19. GODs Rawson

    Im truly sorry Prodigy there was just a time in my life that i had the shit backwards but its hopefully gone forever

  20. bluebird28

    This is the best beat ever recorded!

  21. Gill Okonkwo

    Trying to get this on iTunes, of course I can’t 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Mighty Healthy

    Spotify. Look up the cutting room floor by alchemist.

  22. Dont Trip



    2019 my Thunns

  24. Rich Councill

    That beat!


    The ALC my thunn

  25. NujuBIONICLE

    No disrespect towards legendary Mobb Deep, but Banks murdered the track. PLK

  26. Jonathan Carter357


  27. Rich Councill

    2018. Still 🔥.

  28. Lorenzo Mininanni

    In the restaurant... In the topless bar...

    Antonio Bardiglia

    Costante pratica like micra automatica

  29. GreekSouvlakiFtw

    eisai mounodoulos...

  30. Leon Witherow

    For anyone looking for the original sample: Toshiyuki Honda: Thunderkiss

  31. Z Block

    love this shit!!! mobb deep forever dingos......

  32. Mighty Healthy

    The female vocals in the background is the cherry on top. Just pure perfection.



    Vik B

    back when you had these dope instrumentals with dope raps. Now we have mumble autotune trash and these electronic mass production beats. SMH... this is why I digg in the crates. Fuck new school

  33. Jeffrey Afonso

    🔥 🔥 this beat crazy

  34. evan jenkins

    cant lie dipset killed this way better but props 2 hav #facts

  35. shawn Lun


  36. Tamara Stokes

    R.I.P P!!! Love the Mobb. P you will forever live on thru all of us who love you. Prodigys death affected me like Big and Pacs death did maybe even more so. Damn P!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!

  37. Infamy Infamy


  38. Julzthahotspitta

    Curren$y and Wayne spit on this too..

    Just Uno

    whats the name of their versions



  39. Clint Hollister

    I love this beat

  40. DJ4000VOLT

    R.I.P Prodigy! You live on threw the music though! Your foot has been printed deeply on this planet! Bang mobb deep daily sense i was a kid!

  41. Tony Weaver

    Don't make no sense how DOPE the Mobb is!!!!!! R.I.P PEE!!! When its this good you can't help it I LOVE HIP-HOP!!!!

    Tamara Stokes

    Tony Weaver. It really makes no sensentp be the dope. It will mever be matched. I fucking LOVE Mobb Deep the dopest hip hop act of all time. Along with Outkast, MOP, and the Lox

  42. Lazy Eye Jones

    Wayne Alchemist shit brought me here

  43. midgetloko213

    I'm an LA ese bumping t his shit

    AFG Incite

    The producer of this song is from LA he knows about that oldies shit us Angelenos grew up on

  44. Panag Tmrds

    γελαν' με σενα τα παδια των φαναριωωων!!!

  45. K. Truell

    P was getting at Jay-Z at all times.

  46. kao380

    RIP Prodigy

  47. Nells718DK

    RIP Prodigy Mobb in peace

  48. Jonni Zeal Stetsa

    love this 09 .. was those years for Me

  49. Kiel Li Mikal

    fire shit right here


    Rip my brother my nigga forever prodigy mobb deep

  50. Laray III

    R.I.P. Playboy wer da fuk the real muthafuking shout outs in this bitch...

  51. Professor Douet

    The infamous Mobb deep forever

    MoScO Kidd

    For EVER and EVER!!

  52. AFG Incite

    REST IN PEACE, decorated GENERAL P PRODIGY!! YOu will be missed, you got me through a crazy lifestyle and the streets of L.A. during the 90s and on to this day...MOBB DEEP forever, I shed tears to this shit NOW

  53. MrGingamac

    RIP P!!!

  54. Cesar Pratt

    RIP!!! Albert Johnson aka PRODIGY!!!! HIP-HOP LEGEND!!!! Mobb Deep Forever!!!

    Malik Pearson

    @Cesar Pratt ur stupid

    Cesar Pratt

    Malik Pearson you are an imbecile lol!!! lol!!!

    Malik Pearson

    @Cesar Pratt I'm don't wanna be friends now beat it

    Cesar Pratt

    @Malik Pearson Who the fuck wants to be friends with your bitch ass! Don't write on my shit playboy. Keep your opinions and compliments to your mother fucking self.

    Richard Dessaint

    Yes sir

  55. momillzz

    R.I.P. King P

  56. Lu zam

    Thanks for this classic track. RIP Prodigy

  57. William McGee

    RIP Prodigy aka Bandana P

  58. Bruce Latimer

    RIP, Prodigy.

  59. Tiaira Harris

    Rest In Peace P

  60. DJ Method

    Damn. :(

  61. Need_Mo_Comics

    This song still kills anything on the radio


    Indeed my thunn

  62. Dwayne Ballard

    I'm representing J !!

  63. Dzo one


  64. _ llcoolpj

    yo I finally found it!!

  65. John Smith

    the best music

  66. juniornac1

    Love this instrumental

  67. JAMESPF12314

    time to relax :D)))

  68. Derek Chapman

    masterpiece know your music

  69. Torrey Turner

    I'm like the only dude in LA still bump'n this......real hip hop


    Torrey Turner LBC!

    Dont Trip


    Infamous XD

    Im the only dude on Spain listening to this real music

    King Croft

    I'm 100% the only one in all of Europe to listen to real shit.

    Troy D Wells

    I'm from L.A. & I been bangin this for like 9 yrs. I been fuccin with Havoc & P from day 1.

  70. Patrick Paul


  71. Semaj Rellim

    beat is crazy

    Loyal Philly fan

    Semaj Rellim Lloyd banks killed this beat on trying to be gangsta

    THE 911 GT3 LIFE


  72. iLLNIGMA

    Lloyd banks - tryna be a gangsta (same beat)

    oscar cabrera

    illnigma nah that's an alchemist beat Lloyd banks use the same best as mob deep


    iLLNIGMA wow nothing gets past you huh?

    Daniel DeVito

    One of the dopest Banks remixes ever

    Mike Sway

    A year later to reply to this comment, but that JR, Gravy, Juelz was a dope track!

    la winner

    Interesting I'm gonna check that out after this. I'm sure my brother has heard it, he loves g unit

  73. Kendall Jones

    In 2015 you can catch me still playing this song beat is crazy sick best alchemist beat from Mobb  Deep Queens whats up classic throwback 2003

  74. Kostas Skam

    eisai mounodoulos, eisai mounodoulos, eisai mounodoulos mounodoulos mounodoulos....

    Νικος Ντρς

    καλυτερο κομμεντ

    Kostas Skam

    Νικος Ντρς έτσι πρεπει

  75. BIG DEE

    Classik Dope man ! You know ?

  76. AnythingBoring


  77. SpamHusky

    dis my shh…….CLASSIC MATERIAL

  78. SpArK

    in the panchine!! benassa the glassa gmellow da alberone tklaaaaan

    respect from italy

  79. mrkingssizesnicker

    The Old IMD Wuz Da Shit!!!

    Hesham Allah

    Real shit please come back

  80. mrkingssizesnicker

    IMD Early Years Wuz The Shit!!!

  81. Vlad

    He's copying b-real's style!

  82. Overdose

    axax :)

  83. Dominate the weak and wicked

    jr writer's verse>mobb deep's

  84. yazbetha tresmil

    es de las mejore para puro conocedor

  85. victor hempel

    This my jam Mobb deep forever

  86. bigben1986