Mitchell, Joni - Two Grey Rooms Lyrics

Tomorrow is Sunday
Now there's only one day left to go
Till you walk by
Below my window
The weekends drive me mad
Holidays are oh too sad
'Cause you don't go
Below my window

No one knows I'm here
One day I just disappeared
And I took these two grey rooms up here
With a view
When you walk by
Below my window

You look so youthful
Time has been untruthful
Heaven knows I loved you
30 years ago
Hot days your shirt's undone
Rainy days you run
Oh and then you fade so fast
Below my window

No one knows I'm here
One day I just disappeared
And I took these two grey rooms up here
With a view
Only when you walk by
Below my window
When you walk by

Below my window
Below my window
Hey hey
Below my window
Below my window
Below my window

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Mitchell, Joni Two Grey Rooms Comments
  1. Joni Rush

    once I was housesitting and had to look after a very old dog who loved cats. if he saw a cat when he was out for a walk, he'd stop dead and stare at it lovingly. if it ran away he would sit still for ages hoping it would come back. he was a very big dog and was impossible to move, so sometimes you'd have to spend 20 minutes at a time with him in a random street just waiting for him to move on from a cat sighting. when he was home, he'd spend all day staring out this one particular window. i think he must have seen a cat he liked there once and hoped it would eventually come back. watching him reminded me of "Two Grey Rooms" and i think of him whenever i hear this song. i hope his cat comes back one day <3

  2. Anne Striezel

    Such a sad song, but truly beautiful...

  3. John OBryan

    Always loved Joni and her work. Have followed her for forty five years. This song takes me back to a time of transition in my life.

  4. Eva Rodriguez

    I love the way her smoking voice has become scratchy.

  5. tall32guy

    One of Joni's most beautiful songs overall, and probably her most beautiful piano part

  6. gary clark

    Thanks Joni

  7. Amanda Victoria Sewell

    Love you Joni!

  8. William Dickinson

    Love you Joni. You have inspired me. From an old admirer..ex Navy Medic..

  9. Lisa Palermo

    Love cuts deep.

  10. globalboy65

    Beautifull. sophisticated and talented, Fo ever Joni,

  11. Barbara Baldwin

    o4mscentrum: Hoping she can recover....and paint, and enjoy all the beauty she's brought others.... Love this, too!

  12. Jeff Pulice

    This song brought me back to my one true love. It's as simple as that. Joni, you'll never know what you did for us when we needed to be brave in the face of love.

  13. a scott

    Love you Joni....Heal..miss your inspirational interviews and songs!!

  14. Aaron Martin Wexley

    Songwriting is such a commitment.... The gifts of tinkling brass, and cymbals. Is so enchanting in this piece. "I heard a great deal of work went into this piece full of allegory!

  15. Rin Eric

    Hot tears! Love is so, there's no word for it! This is what art is for. Better than Shakespeare! There I said it! Like "Edith And The Kingpin" and "Furry Sings The Blues", and others too numerous to mention. You walked once before against odds, you will again! Love to you and healing prayers.

    Rin Eric

    It is still the greatest mystery to me why the most satisfying and wonderful experience I have ever derived from show business is to cry my fool head off to a Joni Mitchell song!

  16. Bill Lowe

    my favorite song Joni

  17. Eamonn Brereton

    Sheer perfection

  18. Robert Silva

    It's like Joni channeling Fassbinder and Piaf simultaneously. Another amazing, genderless song that I've looped for hours and not gotten tired of.

  19. zpektaQu2lar

    absolutely hauntingly beautiful! whenever I listen to this it brings on a profound feeling of melancholy and I can't help but shed a tear.

  20. Julia Richardson

    this song says things I have always felt... cuts right to the heart.. such beauty in this sadness. love you Joni.

  21. Jeff Blythe

    I love you, Joni.

  22. Soozi inCa

    Lovely...........thank you for the post.

  23. Matti V

    I am many respects...

  24. Jon Tillyard

    She really transports you to the two grey rooms,absolute genius of a singer songwriter

    Eva Rodriguez

    Jon Tillyard she does that so well! She paints beautiful pictures in so few words!! She's a word master!

  25. celticgail

    This poignant song about unrequited love reminds you of that one person in your life who never knew how you felt about them...the unattainable, impossible, secret love that only comes along once in your life whether you are twenty-six or sixty
    and leaves a forever imprint on your heart.

  26. Glen Gatin

    What a story, cuts to the heart.

  27. maha77

    Absolute Perfection

  28. Robert Johnson

    What more can I add to the many wonderful comments about this hauntingly beautiful song by someone who is in a class of her own. Thanks Joni. 

  29. Julia Hoff

    It is very hard for me to pick a favorite Joni Mitchell song, but this one is one of my favorites.  This song is so hauntingly beautiful, sad but beautiful.   Thanks for sharing this video Siquomb1

  30. privacyplease

    The story and the music...are heartbreaking ly beautiful. I pictured almost this exact story in the years ive listened to it. Before I read the description. It absolutely should be a french film.

  31. dave butcher

    Fabulous song, ooses class


    Beautiful film for the lovely song

  33. 70softrocker

    i got a hold night ride home in cassette and cd in 1991. the album is one of my top 5 favorite joni albums. after her excursions in jazz, this album was a breath of sunshine as it showed her in her most comfortable and accessible musical self. for me at least anyway. nothing can be done is close to a pop hit as it can get. two gray rooms sends me on a contemplative mode. such drama and emotion. 

  34. Noe Berengena

    So much loneliness in this song. She's like a spirit in the firmament, invisible to the world below her, invisible to someone she can never forget, even 30 years later.

  35. John Staggs

    It's a very sad song if you are a gay man who lived back in the days of overall oppression.... I'm 36 and only witness society's welcoming of such aspects around 1996.  If you have the time in your should wikipedia Rainer Fassbinder.  He was a pioneer filmmaker in Germany who had a heart-ache for a dude who he never could have because of the era. 

  36. kensartspage

    When I first heared this song i was SPEECHLESS. Then when i read the lyrics and its background story, it confirmed my presupposition that Joni Mitchell is a PHENOMENON BEYOND THE NATURAL!

  37. countrypaul

    Gorgeous and heartbreaking. A high point of her later output. Joni turns 70 (!) today 11/7/13. Happy birthday to a great lady and great writer and singer.

  38. Michael Davidson

    The same thing happened to Suzanne Vega, she married Mitchell Froom and her music suffered because of his bizarre production on her albums during the mid-late 90's. But even so there are some gems on those albums. I guess the moral of the story is .. if you're a female singer/songwriter don't marry someone who wants to produce your albums!

  39. Rob Meurer

    This amazing song also benefits highly from the string arrangement by the great Jeremy Lubbock.

  40. Sim Barr Fidel

    This song should be one of Joni's classics. I could hear a young artist like Fantasia or Candice Glover making a smash of this. An amazing song waiting to be discovered.

  41. Sim Barr Fidel

    This song should be one of Joni's classics. I could hear a young artist like Candice Glover making a smash of this.

  42. SomethingReal1119

    this song epitomizes "lonliness"

  43. Pete Seager

    yes I found out, thank you Sergio. Wow, I'm not sure if being that much in love is a good thing, but of course you have no say in the matter. I hate love, I love love (ugh).

  44. silvanusslaughter

    I agree with Kurt Behrmann. A song every other composer wishes they had been given to write. Just heart-breaking and lucid.

  45. sergioalpert66

    It's a true story about a gay man in germany who was still in the closest. He loved another man and when the other moved away cuz he got a new job, he followed him. Rented "two grey rooms" just so he could watch the guy go to and from work. Joni had written the music about a decade earlier and waited to use it til she found a story that moved her enough to write the lyrics.

  46. Kurt von Behrmann

    This is one of the most amazing songs ever written about love sent, and never returned. There is a poetry to this song that is just amazing, and the piano intro is just incredible. Joni Mitchell has written some incredible music, and this song proves that she still had the magic during the Geffen years. The problem with so much of the material was the production, not the actual song writing.

  47. Joe Schmoe

    Can someone clue me in? This song is about a woman having a long term relationship with a married man....correct? Sorry I'm not the sharpest knife in the draw.

  48. wil2359

    she's in heaven for almost seven years

  49. wil2359

    this song brings my woman so close unless she's in heaven

  50. Paul Thomas

    this song just makes me melt, so, so beautiful..the melancholy in her voice, the gorgeous piano and the story behind the song is so hopelessly romantic, it get sme every time..

  51. tmmmviii

    Thanks for posting this unforgettable song.

  52. cranecitytramp

    Why has the original demo of this from 1982, without the words
    been taken down?
    Its really annoying when that happens, and it was kind of unique
    with its own charm, distinct from the finished song.

  53. nimbinstu

    It's great to read that others share my love for this song. I cannot pick a favourite Joni track- but this one as others before me have written - stops me in my tracks and moves me to tears....thankyou for uploading.

  54. Maas Besser

    A song of rare and peculiar elegance

  55. tall32guy

    @NickJxuk She said it was a *friend* of Fassbinder. LOL

  56. exoxide

    is a masterpiece ,it's very emotional. Heaven only knows how much I love this song...
    Merci beaucoup Madame Joni...your music will be my friend for ever...:)

  57. The Arts & Artist Channel

    @NickJxuk Fassbinder had an unrequited love for another man and so, he suppossedly rented out a room with a view near what was his ''heart'', if only to see him pass by being unable to have his love returned anyother way.....

  58. luke Last

    Ineffable longing, intense feeling and winter melancholy fill my heart and moisten my eyes as I listen.

  59. thelasonj

    This song is so lovely. Really brings back memories. Thanks for sharing.

  60. OlymPigs2010

    ......time has been untruthful...heaven knows....

  61. Sharon Valentine Rex

    The Same Situation", "a pretty girl in your bathroom, checking out her sex appeal", "Well I told you when you said you loved me, do you think this can be real"

    The piano is somewhat reminiscent of this piece too.

  62. William MacLellan

    @Prokifiev ... glad to hear it! This song is so passionate and intense... beautiful, typical Joni Mitchell! She is a genius...

  63. Phil Kelly

    @novascotiawill mine too

  64. William MacLellan

    Beautiful... this is one of my favorite songs that Joni has ever recorded.

  65. barbh1

    Beautiful! Thank you.